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This can be added as a general label, so that it categorizes the term into CAT:Russian nonliterary terms. Benwing2 talk , 27 December UTC. Brown , Guldrelokk , Fay Freak , Tetromino , Per utramque cavernam : I wrote a script to auto-bracket terms inside of usexes and quotes, e. A few years ago, I ran a simpler version of this script. I personally don't see the value of such a restriction, and Wikitiki hasn't been seen in awhile.

What does everyone think? Is it OK to add accents and brackets inside of hidden quotes? Benwing2 talk , 1 February UTC. I have noticed that your auto-accenting and auto-bracketing often fails in pre quotes because the pre forms are not created. Brown , Guldrelokk , Tetromino , Per utramque cavernam :. If we were to give this period a language header indeed, I think we could call it "Middle Russian":.

Also pinging -sche. Per utramque cavernam , 16 February UTC. And where are the linguistic arguments? To me it seems there are only enough differences to distinguish two stages, not three. And Old Church Slavonic is a synonym to Old Bulgarian and at the same time on Wiktionary covers all kinds of literary Slavic languages. Middle Bulgarian as on Wikipedia is yet to be shown as worth the distinction. Similarly ask yourself if from the texts you know of you can discern two or three languages.

So we have Ukrainian and Belarusian because some sound developments and systematic spelling decisions and some ending differences and differences in basic words like conjunctions and pronouns in addition to generally detached development of the lexicon justify treating it under other headers. But what detaches Old Russian from New Russian, and can you find two major lines in it wherein a Middle Russian could find place? I've come to the conclusion that we should adopt the same analysis. I wrote a script to convert existing entries that use the "combining form" analysis to use the "interfix" analysis, and I'm going to run it unless someone has a good reason not to do so.

Benwing2 talk , 27 February UTC.

So before people spend more of their time on this, let's take a pause and talk about what rhymes work in Russian. Here follow some observations off the top of my head which perhaps contradict what you learned about rhyme in English language poetry :. Before adding more rhyme info, we need to come up with a structure that accounts for these and other features of Russian poetry. Tetromino talk , 27 February UTC.

I suggest the following:. Benwing2 talk , 28 February UTC. We currently don't have a systematic way of presenting that kind of information, and we do it very sparsely at any rate. Wouldn't it be a good idea to document that too? Per utramque cavernam , 12 March UTC. Definition from Wiktionary, the free dictionary. See also: Wiktionary talk:Russian transliteration. Namespaces Project page Discussion. In other languages.

Full text of "Armenia and her people; or, The story of Armenia by an Armenian"

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THE FIRST 100 YEARS 1893–1993

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Josef Calasanz Poestion.

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Hans Christian Andersen. New Fairy Tales Jeanne-Marie Leprince de Beaumont. John Francis Campbell. Popular Tales of the West Highlands. The Grey Fairy Book. Brothers Grimm. Henriette-Julie de Murat. Wolfram Eberhard.

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Gabrielle-Suzanne Barbot de Villeneuve. Italian Folktales. Laura Gonzenbach. Her story goes much deeper, however, when its revealed she is on duty to spy and collect sensitive information for a Syrian-Russian intelligence job.

Through her work, Katyusha falls in love with Pitt, who plays a waiter at her work place, and the mutual attraction sets the tone for an interesting plot. Her athleticism and strength qualified her for the physically demanding role, Nawa3em added.

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