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This is a really great contemporary romance…a story about friendship, family, self-identity, and happiness. The writing is precise. The plot is smart, flirty, laugh-out-loud funny, and full of spirited hijinks and mishaps.

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But most remarkable of all is the extraordinary characterization. The characters are unique, quirky, lovable, and the witty banter and dialogue between them is exceptional. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed. Robert Bryndza's Author Page. Skip to content. Leave a Reply Cancel reply.

By continuing to use this website, you agree to their use. Finding Mr. The success led to the release of a sequel released in , Finding Mr.

Right 2. Wen Jiajia is pregnant with the child of her boyfriend, a corrupt businessman in Beijing who is already married.

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She flies to Seattle so she can have her child in an illegal maternity center because of legal issues with giving birth to the baby in China. At Seattle-Tacoma International Airport she is picked up by Frank, a taxi driver who was a doctor in China, but came to Seattle in order to take care of his daughter, while his ex-wife, who works as a manager for a pharmaceutical company, has plans to immigrate to the United States. Later on Jiajia, listening to Frank's story, remembers the time when her father had a heart problem and recognizes him as a famous cardiologist. Off to a rocky start, she will gradually grow closer to Frank, his daughter and the women in the maternity center.

Jiajia's boyfriend is involved in a lawsuit and his assets are frozen, so she has to live without his money. She and Frank gradually become closer, developing feelings for each other. However, they go their separate ways when her boyfriend, after getting out of the lawsuit and leaving his wife, sends his driver to bring Jiajia and the baby back to China.

The relationship doesn't work: her life is filled with luxury, but also lacking the care and affection she experienced with Frank, who she finds herself thinking back to. Realizing she doesn't love her boyfriend, she breaks up with him and starts a cooking website to earn the money to take care of herself and the baby, while her ex, who has no intention of supporting them, ends up going back to his wife.

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In the meantime, Frank puts his life back together and eventually starts working as a doctor again. Two years after parting, Frank and his daughter take a photo on top of the Empire State building and send it to Jiajia, who replies with a photo of her and her son.

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Realizing they are in the same place, they meet on top of the Empire State building a la Sleepless in Seattle and join hands, beginning a relationship. Except for the opening credits, the entirety of the film was shot in Vancouver. The film premiered in Hong Kong on February 14, In November the film was released in selected United States theaters.

Jeff Shannon of the Seattle Times gave the film two stars out of four. Shannon wrote that the film is "blandly generic and predictable from the get-go", has a "boring" English title and that it has a "never less than obvious" setup.

>>> Mr. Right is the. best. date. movie. ever.

Derek Elley of Film Business Asia gave the film a six out of ten rating, referring to it as an "Okay but unspecial rom-com is driven more by technique than its script or lead chemistry. The film's release caused an increase in Chinese tourism to Seattle, despite the entire movie being filmed in Vancouver, BC. Janet Christopher, the vice president of the tourism department of "Visit Seattle", stated "The phones started ringing and it hasn't stopped. We have been amazed at the response. This is bigger than 'Sleepless in Seattle.