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As we move across the upper rows of the table, electrons fill up shells in a sequence of so-called orbitals, waiting until the innermost shell is full before entering the next. By element 57, lanthanum, the electrons begin to enter a new type of orbital, an f-orbital. To account for this, most periodic tables hive off the elements making up this f-block, putting it below the table, leaving a gap in group 3. Fair enough. But there is debate over which of the elements in the f-block should come first. Some chemists maintain that the decision should come down to electron configuration, which would leave the table as it is, with lanthanum and actinium at the left-hand end of the f-block.

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Others point out that chemical properties such as atomic radius and melting point make lutetium and lawrencium, currently at the right end, a better bet. In , the International Union of Pure and Applied Chemistry assembled a task group to settle the argument. But no one expects a decision soon. All these niggles have persuaded some chemists that we need to redraw the periodic table invented by Dmitri Mendeleev — and there is no shortage of ideas. Mark Leach at Manchester Metropolitan University, UK, keeps the internet database of periodic tables , which contains hundreds of versions.

In an attempt to better represent the continuity where one row currently ends, retired Canadian chemist Fernando Dufour developed a 3D periodic system that looks like a Christmas tree, with the elements radiating from a trunk in circles that get larger closer to the bottom. An alternative is the spiral developed by Theodor Benfey, which allows the f-block to bulge outwards see main image, above.

Having two phones are a lifesaver. Let me spell it out for you:

Eric Scerri at the University of California, Los Angeles, is among those who has argued for more fundamental changes. This allows the atomic number to run in an uninterrupted sequence. He has explored whether chemical similarity of elements in the same columns still holds as well as it did years ago, given our increased knowledge of chemical reactivity. His conclusion is that lanthanum belongs in group 3 — that is, out of sequence. Redesigning the periodic table might seem a quixotic quest, but it could soon take on a new urgency.

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We are already on the trail of element Where it will go, and how the table will morph to make space for it, remains to be seen. This reimagining of the periodic table, proposed by chemist Theodor Benfey in , emphasises the continuity of the elements rather than imposing artificial breaks. This 'secret' hang out would have been the not-so-secret talk of the school. So, maybe Justin's lying about his involvement with The Clubhouse?

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Not likely, since time is of the essence when it comes to Clay finding the box of photos aka the evidence to get Bryce convicted , and had Justin been lying, he'd have sent Clay — and later, himself — on a wild, er, Polaroid chase. Plus, when The Clubhouse is eventually located and the duo break in to steal the box of incriminating photos, Justin looks around in disgust, like he's genuinely never been there before, and says: "You think they'd know better than to leave this shit lying around.

There's also a later scene where Justin, Clay and Sheri Holland who discovered the photo box after pretending she wanted to get high with the baseball guys in order to investigate The Clubhouse sit around picking through the Polaroids, and Justin genuinely looks like he's never seen them before. Someone else who claims not to know about The Clubhouse but should is ghost Hannah Baker. Earlier on in the season, when Clay is still trying to figure out the full story behind the Polaroids, he shows the second one of Bryce assaulting the passed-out girl on the couch to Hannah.

She says she doesn't recognise the couch and tells Clay he needs to find the room it's in. But when Clay does that, and retrieves the photo box, there's one in there of Hannah, sitting on that very couch.

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But, of course, it turns out that Hannah is just a figment of Clay's imagination, so it makes sense that she doesn't know about it, because Clay doesn't. Justin, on the other hand, has no excuse…. If you've been affected by any of the topics and themes raised in the series, a dedicated website with resources, information and support lines has been set up at 13reasonswhy. Not getting enough water can also affect your mood. Dehydration may result in fatigue and confusion as well as anxiety.

Adequate water intake will help keep your skin hydrated and may promote collagen production. This process is also connected to your genes and overall sun protection. Dehydration is the result of your body not having enough water. And because water is imperative to so many bodily functions, dehydration can be very dangerous. Being attentive to the amount of water you drink each day is important for optimal health.

People get about 20 percent of their daily water intake from food. The rest is dependent on drinking water and water-based beverages.

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So, ideally men would consume about ounces 3. Other ways to assess hydration include your thirst and the color of your urine. Feeling thirsty indicates your body is not receiving adequate hydration. Urine that is dark or colored indicates dehydration.

Pale or non-colored urine typically indicates proper hydration. Water is important to nearly every part of your body.

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Not only will hitting your daily recommended intake help you maintain your current state of being, it may even improve your overall health. Food and water consumption are essential components to life.

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So how long can you go without water before the effects of dehydration kick in? What can drinking hot water do for your health? Learn how to get the optimal benefits. What are the benefits of drinking hot water? Relieving nasal…. Proper hydration isn't just about keeping thirst at bay. There are essential health benefits that come from downing enough water.

We looked for the…. Does the temperature of the beverages you drink affect your health? We'll explain the risks and benefits of drinking cold water. Learn about benefits, risks, and uses of ginger water, plus directions on how to make it. We'll tell you what the best pH levels for your drinking water are and how you can know if your water is unsafe. And what's the deal with alkaline…. Drinking water before bed can keep you hydrated, but it can also interrupt your sleep cycle and cause mood changes.

Here's the pros and cons. If you don't mind the taste and you get enough minerals from a well-balanced diet, then the answer is yes.