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It was therefore a true prophecy. If the witches, wizards, necromancers and familiar spirits, placed under the ban of the law, did not sometimes foretell the truth there would have been no need to warn the people against consulting them.

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If the devil never told the truth he would not be able to deceive mankind by his falsehoods. The powers of darkness would never prevail without the use of some light.

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A little truth mixed with plausible error is one of the means by which they lead mankind astray. There is nothing, then, in the history of the interview between Saul and the woman of Endor which, rationally or doctrinally, establishes the opinion that she was a prophetess of the Lord or that Samuel actually appeared on that occasion. I have to agree with orangganjil on this one. There is a lot of Iron Age superstition going on here. However, later Jews and Christians would hold to what Christ said in Mark So I have a real hard time believing that God is going to obey a witch and send Samuel to Saul when a house divided cannot stand.

It makes no theological priesthood sense at all. I appreciate Ranae bringing up the JST to the story. Interesting to bring up Joseph Fielding Smith. Just fast and pray and Help always comes, right? And thanks for trying.

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I enjoy these posts on scriptures, even if there are no devotionally satisfying answers, and I appreciate you chiming in on a good post on the scriptures Jared. It seems these types of posts get ignored and discounted far too often. In the Joseph Smith translation there is a note at the bottom regarding this saying that this cannot be a bona fide situation where a revelation is received through a spiritualist medium. It was fun.

Currently, my life is unusually busy. Clarification about my earlier statement on fasting and prayer.

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I never intended to convey the idea that every time I fast and prayer I receive help. I should have said, every time I fast and pray about trails, afflictions, and difficulties that weigh me down I have received help. Heavenly Father is merciful. If we will do what we can to draw close to Him, he will support us in our trials, troubles, and afflictions.

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I see the same thing in scripture. However, this verse by itself is misleading. My rule to properly understand scripture is to not read a verse in isolation. There generally is a companion scripture that provides greater understanding to the subject at hand. I agree that books by prophets and GA have errors and incomplete information in them.

That is a given. They do the best that can at the time, but being fallible, occasionally fall short. The doctrine of fallibility is essential part of Mormonism. But, we need to be careful about throwing the baby out with the bath water. It would be nice for you to be more humble in your prescription for others. There was absolutely no hedging there. Why would God respond to a female witch possibly under the influence of Satan? Sometimes, it is best to read a story as a story. Just remember Smith was wrong about other things in the book. So, I think that we hold fast to the things which are good, and reject those things that are bad such as his explanations on the race based ban.

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It may also have been changed over time. I have little doubt that those who carried this story in oral tradition, then wrote it down and transcrbed it, believed the vision to be valid.

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There are several interesting things about this story. Saul had essentially lost all legitimate avenues of communication with Jehovah, so he resorted to a method that he previously banned. As for the intermediary being a woman, the bible makes clear this was an unapproved method there are other women listed as legitimate intermediaries elsewhere — Deborah and Huldah, though they do not practice necromancy.

Would God allow a woman to communicate with a dead prophet that way? The witch of Endor story is far from the weirdest. I have to admit this is one of many stories in the Old Testament that I cannot accept as written. And there are many other things in the scriptures to focus on for me. This is my weakness. I pick and choose, or proof-text what is meaningful, and just accept it is what most of us do. It is like saying: 1. The scripture is perfect but according to the understanding of prophets to receive and write the scripture which may lead to human error. The devil is sometimes mixing in untruths with truths and can never be trusted.

The human errors are by design from the evil one. They are philosophies of men, mingled with scripture. Because if you stand back and look at it objectively…. I accept that we do not not have all answers to the scriptures, and the versions we have now are problematic at times. It allows for study and personal revelations, and I have let go of notions that everything is meaningful to me and my relationship to God. The witch of Endor might as well be on the planet of Endor in my mind, and the spirit of Anakin speaks to the living Jedi Luke in hopes of good fighting evil.

They are stories. In all honesty…I think this one is kinda cool to me. You are commenting using your WordPress. You are commenting using your Google account. You are commenting using your Twitter account. The devil created the appearance of serpents for Pharaoh in 2 Corinthians So the devil is using a medium, which was also strictly forbidden. It really seems like the devil is kicking Saul for the last time while he was down.

The Witch of Endor

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