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Her real name is Gabrielle Lemos Garcia. She is also a star for illegal head kicks, superb submissions, a tremendous display of power, steroid accusations, and soldier mentality. Now her fighting style controversies — she is a BJJ black belt and the former grappling champion of the world. It looks like a beginner who spams punches, and her right high kick is everything but a kickboxing or Muay Thai technique. Luckily, Gabi Garcia , 1 NC can overcome this shortcoming with a tremendous power and strength.

But take a look at the position of her hands in the guard. As soon as Gabi attacks she is wide open! Yeah, you read well, this is a street bully attack which Gabi Garcia did. And Gabi knocked her down with a right hand previously, what a childish mistake! You know what is the strangest thing?

Despite Gabi Garcia was pure Goliath compared to Oksana Gagloeva at Rizin World Grand Prix on July 30, , the fight was stopped after only 16 seconds due to an illegal eye poke! The fight was overturned to no contest before it even started! And for the end, in the fight versus Yumiko Hotta at Rizin 4 on December 31, , Gabi Garcia looked like a cop chasing thief around the ring. She even grabbed Hotta off her back. According to Joe, Gabi was fighting year-old women who looked so scared and paid for a trip from Hollywood to Japan.

WTF Japan? Gabi Garcia had the most epic weight fail… probably in the whole history of female MMA. She had lbs for her lbs fight versus year-old Shinobu Kandori in December I figure that means we are all still alive. Peter is a delight and someone to watch out for. The last artist for Wednesday was Al Lorenz. Al studied architecture undergraduate and a masters at Columbia. After three years of working in the business, left to do illustration. Check out his site for the work he did. He is also a very proud teacher who, in addition to showing us his work, showed us slides of his students at Pratt.

Al is very direct and blunt--but endearing in his directness, his love of the work he does, the people he works with and his students. His projects are often multi year and he will have teams of folks his wife, former students etc. He has a stack of books, puzzles, college maps, and architectural drawings that showcase a long and varied career. A group of us had a nice and very lively dinner with Murray and Carol Tinkleman at a nice italian restaurant around the corner from the SOI, Brio.

The Hartford program sounds like it's going great guns with a lot of hard tweaks from that of the Syracuse program in it's curriculum and support from the University. They both are delighted with their change, the students and faculty and the new places they are visiting as part of their travel portion of the program. The Beautiful Baby Show was a hit with a huge turn-out for the opening--also to both of their pleasure. It was great seeing them as it gave me some perspective, gave me the Hartford program to reflect and think about and put a lot of my thinking in a new context which is good.

I will give you Thursday and Friday tomorrow.

Gabi Garcia – Positive Things

The candlelight is dimming here, and I need to get back on the work train to keep it going and not get hit with it all at one time. Wishing all of you a very happy Thanksgiving--This poor bird certainly wishes it was over! The wild turkeys are everywhere here However, if the word of the week was deer--no problem and they stand still! I am trying out scratchboard and you poor devils are the recipients of this trial. I love it there There is the Children's book illustration show with some inspiring but attainable imagery.

It doesnt blow my mind as much But, I just need to do a book or ten. She was wonderful, straight-up, no kidding about working with illustrators, the expectations, deadlines etc. She is responsible for well over book jackets over in 12 mos. It was far more the voice of reality than the illustrators who have spoken about book work, childrens books etc. She was followed by our critique by Greg Manchess.

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There was a huge range of work--some people really leaning into the work, others falling back on excuses and the need for them to get more illustration at Illustration Academy. Greg's critiques were generous and yet pointed--and I think I gained a lot from each image critiqued. Lunch was at the Society they offer a buffet daily that was very convivial and fun. We then had Barry Blitt!!

He is very funny and self depricating--with his illustrations following his patter. More than once he said "I have fear before I draw A little comforting. We all laughed and laughed over his dry remarks and wonderfully funny images "The greatedst bad hair day of Larry King", The Presidential Allergies, and no end to wildly funny Michael Jackson stuff.

George Bush is upfront and center in the pantheon of people he loves to hate. And we are right with him. They were amazing, disturbing and beautifully designed. They were shocking. Google it. You might see a few. It is worth the trip. Brilliant, articulate and a dealmaker. While in undergraduate school, he acquired the distribution rights to many of the comic companies for the South Asian Market. Since then, he has parlayed that into a partnership with Shakhar Kapur, Richard Branson and Deepak Chopra to create in India comics specifically designed by and for the Indian market.

They hire creatives painters, graffiti artists, etc. It all seems pretty cool and pretty nascent--def something to watch. He is also partnering with film makers etc. I will go into this further later. We had Steve Stroud , an Art Center trained illustrator whose work has evolved to his being a landscape painter. Nice work.

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He positively glows with pride and happiness in the work he has migrated to. Brian Ajhar spoke and showed his work. He is a kind person who has done some children's books, editorial work etc. More later. I met with John on my thesis. He likes my work but was positively blown out of his chair with my burka illustration.

He thinks its SOI show material etc. He wants me to start entering it into shows etc So its all good but unexpected. He rejected the birds in place of my taking the burka further--as he said that my rendering and imagery have developed to the point that now we need to take it to another level. Not too paralyzing but 10 new images. One step at a time. We have crits planned. Thesis meetings planned.

Annie Davidson

Should be good. There are two slots still to be filled--so lets see who the surprise speakers are. Off schedule there is drawing etc. So, eating is not a problem And a garlic doggie at Grey's Papaya. Will be out of pocket no technology except for phone and ipod --but R. Trying to get my act in gear for next week. Slogged through a bunch of stuff yesterday and I am moving This picture is inspired by these the Date Farmers-- brilliant, very graphic and original illustrators I saw in Juxtapoz.

They just opened a show at the Upper Playground.

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I think there might be an outlet for them with my new client Racing to get a bunch of stuff done before next week's entertainment in NYC. Had a nice chat with fellow classmate, Mr. Williams and tried to get some planning together about things we would like to do. Need to pull up Juxtapose and see what galleries are advertising there Watched television last night and came to the conclusion I always do when I watch t. Unless, its something you know you want to watch, forget it. I got sucked into some really awful show about 2 or 3 women who "couldn't function" unless they got plastic surgery so they could be even more like barbie dolls than they were.

They weren't hideously stupid And the plastic surgeons were waaaaaay into how fabulous they were. It really is shocking that this is something there must be a demand for, and an appetite for this sort of programming. We, Americans, must be the stupidest people on earth to feed into and support this sort of crap. The only thing I could glean from this show is 1. Feed your brain profitably during your down time Do you think a great reality show might include a family with no health insurance trying to get help for a sick child The sketch above is just me messing around with drawing images and tinting them in photoshop--fooling around with filters such as difference, luminosity, linear light.

Always something interesting to learn. Too bad there are filters like transmigration, illiteration, morphic luminary. From Donald Rumsfeld's mouth to our ears:. On Democracy People elected Those people to office. That's what they think, and That's life. From his readings he finds poetry by Donald Rumsfeld in these papers--rising unbidden as a vapor.

Oficina Teatrando | Aquasport

It is thought provoking writing. To quote Robbie, " it kinda makes you think". The Unknown As we know, There are known knowns. There are things we know we know. We also know There are known unknowns.

Japan v Scotland - FIFA Women’s World Cup France 2019™

That is to say We know there are some things We do not know. She had lbs for her lbs fight versus year-old Shinobu Kandori in December Their fight was canceled only a few hours before the fight and might be rescheduled for Everybody can miss few pounds, but 28?! What the hell was Gabi thinking of? Brazilian BJJ superstar offered an apology after she failed weight cut process. She said that she had to stop because it nearly killed her. In every training session, her nose was bleeding, and her vision went dark once she started shedding pounds.

Apology or not, Gabi holds a negative record! And what would have been the controversy without Joe Rogan? Joe has no proof but he based his statements on the signs of steroid abuse and his own experience with performance-enhancing drugs. His job is to talk and promote his organization. My job is to beat someone else. She looked more than dominant in the match versus Futina at Road FC on May 12, , mounting her back and securing the submission victory.

This BJJ specialist knows to choke you out or trap your limb. We hope this giant will eventually get a chance to be called the King of Heavyweight division sometimes. But she has to put her striking to the next level, reconsider her weight, and try to find some real opponent. I mean, Gabi Garcia is a very good friend with Cris Cyborg , who is probably the best female striker in the world, she could start learning from her!

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