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Hidden to self, for itself…. Gems of prose are weaved throughout each piece, like his ancestors baskets, and stories. Not wanting to be all about the great American Cowboy heroes, I am glad he consented to sharing his voice within Cowboy Poetry Press. Not because I feel the cowboy and Indian need to stand side by side, but because the culture is rich and should be shared, and in that way stand side by side.

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We can all learn from past mistakes to blessings. Photo on bottom, above, is proof the author Elizabeth Akin Stelling , managing editor of Cowboy Poetry Press, whom read this book; if you notice, my computer corner and bed coverings could not be totally edited, the book finds no rest on my nightstand. You are commenting using your WordPress.

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  3. Two Hoosiers and a Whisper: In the land of basketball giants, how two young men became Wolverines.

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Unlimited One-Day Delivery and more. There's a problem loading this menu at the moment. I get off the highway and start driving down a two-lane road before turning right onto a small street lined with houses and small businesses.

I pass a small church on my left before coming upon an enormous athletic complex. They were able to witness the development of a player that changed the way Chesterton loved basketball. He motions to the sidelines and talks about the intensity Zack brought to the bench when he, very rarely, had to be there. Zack not only made the team but started as a freshman on varsity averaging Zack quickly became well known and respected on his team as both the best player and the hardest worker. Nearby Valparaiso University quickly noticed Zack's talent and potential and offered him a scholarship.

By his senior year he was averaging He was the third-highest scorer in the state of Indiana that season.

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Valparaiso had given away the scholarships to other players who committed more quickly and told Zack that he could play one year as a walk-on and secure a scholarship as a sophomore. He considered walking away from his dream of playing college basketball until Tom Peller got a call from Michigan basketball coach John Beilein, who wanted to see Zack play. Beilein showed up at a Chesterton High School practice one day and asked Zack to take a step behind the three-point line and shoot 10 shots.

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  • Like Stu, Zack spent last summer reworking his shot into a more compact style and prepared himself to return as a starting guard, which for at least one Big Ten forward, is a positive thing. On film they always talk about how every year he's got a couple rebounds over me. He plays better than he is. Kids ask Peller, what do I need to do to be as good as Zack? And while being a Hoosier separates them from others in some ways — they're not the kids who grew up playing in the streets of enormous cities — in a much bigger way, being a Hoosier bonds them to those who came before them and led as great players and coaches.

    Players like Larry Bird, who grew up in rural Indiana, playing on unpaved driveways, shooting baskets when the rim was crooked and attached to a garage. A man who faced adversity only to become known as one of the greatest shooters ever in the NBA. Michael Jordan was the epitome of flashy court play. Bird was never that, he never jumped the highest or ran the fastest. And by the time Larry Bird left for the East Coast in , a new face had taken over Indiana basketball and what it stood for. While Bobby Knight was an Ohio native, he embodied the passion and drive — in his early years — that Hoosier basketball desired to be.

    But most important, they come from the home of the late John Wooden. A man who revolutionized what it meant to be a collegiate basketball coach — a man who held true to his Indiana values when he was in the middle of Los Angeles.

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    He told his players: Be more concerned with your character than your reputation, because your character is what you really are, while your reputation is merely what others think you are. And for Zack and Stu, maybe the whispers remind them of that. The whispers they hear every summer when they return home. It is this humility and passion that will, like their Hoosier background, bind them and separate them from the leaders who have come before them in Crisler Arena.