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Brian says: 8 Oct PM This article is seriously deficient, utterly ignoring the key role played by the 2nd and 99th ID, assisted by the 30th and the 1st ID, in completely stopping the German advance in the northern sector. Had the Germans succeeded in capturing Elsenborn Ridge, the would have potentially captured thousands of gallons of fuel and other supplies at the vast depots around Spa, and gained access to good roads all the way to Antwerp.

He never actually received the metal and because of a fire their aren't any records of him receiving the metal. I thought maybe I could get hospital records to prove his injury but I don't know where to begin. Anonymous says: 26 Oct AM i was wondering if someone might have any pics of my great-grandfather hilmer dalton timm.

Anonymous says: 26 Oct AM does anyone know how the fire stared. The house in Leige had been bombed and they had no food or shelter. It was Jan They ended up caught up in the end of the Battle of the Bulge. My mom says that's when she realized she was gonna marry an American Soldier. Well on the road to family my Grandmere and mom ran into a German deserting he held a gun to my Grandmere's head wanting her bicycle.

My Grandmere told him you've taken enough from me you aren't getting my bicycle. My mom begged the German not to kill her mom. He left without the bicycle. My mom has many stories but this one always hit home. My mom married that American Soldier in and had 4 children. This time of year I give thanks and special remembrance to those soldiers who fought with their lives to save those occupied and oppressed by the Germans!

Williams, from South Dakota, who participated in the Battle of the Bulge, and was given several metals. Anonymous says: 17 Dec AM To my father he served his country and fought bravely in the Battle of the Buldge. Without men like him none of this would be possible. He was in the 3rd Army served General Patton and Was a anti aircraft specialist. Daddy in heaven thank you. Anonymous says: 23 Dec AM Looking for info on 2nd cousin. George Patterson served as a tank crew member with 3rd Army under General Patton. He was killed in action during Battle of the Bulge Dec.

Gina gross says: 23 Dec PM I'm looking for anyone that knew my father he fought in the battle of the bulge and world war 2 his name was russell elmer gross. Anonymous says: 13 Feb PM looking for a book that my grandfather had from his tour in the battle of the bulge. Joel W. Woods missing in action Battle of Bulge, France. I'm looking for information on the movement of the Field Artillery HQ battery. My grandfather was part of this unit. As with many other inquiries, records were lost in a fire. He was recommended for honors that were never received.

Anonymous says: 25 May PM My dad was a paratrooper in the st. He was wounded in the Battle of the Bulge. He tells some horrific stories about his time there. He is 91 years old. His name is Thomas F. I would love to find some pictures of him. Can anyone help point me in the right direction. Forrest Nickles was a Pathfinder, and killed during the Battle of the Bulge, at least that's what my father remembers. I would like to find some information for a family history. Any help would be greatly appreciated. He was one of the survivors. He was found in the river an taken prisoner of war.

His head was half blown off. Covered with lice. The Germans patched him up. After he returned he had extensive surgery. He never talked much about this to us. At his funeral my husband looked at me, his eyes wide, an said His funeral was the most amazing thing I've ever seen. Like a presidential funeral It was such a tribute to him. Anonymous says: 22 Aug AM my uncle martin favor was killed during battle of bulge he died 26 dec.

Buchta, Jr. He was injured in the Battle of the Bulge. Anonymous says: 19 Dec PM looking for anyone who knew my grandfather.. Cpl,Richard Biss Klamath Native American who served in the Battle of Bulge.. I am looking for more information about his services and would love to see any picture that there may be out there. Stefanelli, a Staff Sergeant originally with 95th, who was in 3rd Army in Bastogne. Kevin says: 21 Apr AM Looking for information on my Grandfather who passed when I was several month old.

Some of his friends called him Mat.

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Von Manteuffel, commander of the Fifth Panzer Army, said that Montgomery prevented yet more unsuccessful piecemeal American attacks, and enabled a defence that frustrated German attempts to extend their breakthrough. By all means dislike Monty for his manner and his egotism, but he was no different in that respect to Patton - and he never slapped soldiers suffering from battle fatigue.

He was with the 3rd army 80th infantry. He arrived in Europe September The last letter was April 28, from Germany. He was writing to my mother in law and abruptly stopped. She has since passed and we have found these letters from him along with pictures. Was wondering if anyone knew him and what happened to him. He was my father's brother. My dad's whole family has passed.

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Anonymous says: 15 Jun PM after my grandmother died I was looking through her pictures and I found a memorial service for joseph Columbus usery who was my mothers coisin. I think he was killed in this battle but can find no record of him.

Anonymous says: 19 Jun AM Many times only first or nicknames were used. May have been Burdge. If so was killed around St Vith by mortar fire.

Battle of the Bulge

He was well liked by the guys. During the retreat from the area bodies were left where they had frozen. He would have been hard to identify. If this is him I am sorry for your loss. Anonymous says: 11 Oct PM My great grandpa was captured during this fight, he would remain in a POW camp for much of the rest of the war, if it wasn't for general Patton, my great grandpa could have died in the camp.

Anonymous says: 7 Nov PM My father, John Weilert was a surgical tech and volunteered to remain behind with patients that could not be moved as the troops withdrew. The other person that stayed at the hospital was a Jewish Doctor. They knew it would not be good as my father had a German name and spoke German. If you have any information, please contact me.

Iacocca was a tank commander. I was told he died at the Battle of the Bulge. Anonymous says: 23 Dec PM The article failed to mention that the US 1st and 9th armies were put under Montgomery's command. The 9th Army was under British control until the end of the war.

The road from Luxembourg to Bastogne was largely devoid of German forces, as Bastogne was on the very southern German periphery. Only when Patton got near to Bastogne did he face 'some' German armour but it wasn't a great deal of armour. The Fuhrer Grenadier Brigade wasn't one of the best armoured units, while 26th Volks-Grenadier only had a dozen Hetzers, and the tiny element of Panzer Lehr Kampfgruppe left behind only had a small number of tanks operational. Its not as if Patton had to smash through full panzer divisions or Tiger battalions on his way to Bastogne.

Patton's armoured forces outnumbered the Germans by at least 6 to 1. Patton faced comparatively very little German armour when he broke through to Bastogne because the vast majority of the German 5th Panzer Army had already left Bastogne in the rear and moved westwards to the River Meuse, where they were still engaging forces under Montgomery's 21st Army Group. Leading elements were engaging the Americans and British under Montgomery's command near Dinant by the Meuse.

It was Patton's failure to concentrate his forces on a narrow front and his own decision to commit two green divisions to battle without adequate reconnaissance that were the reasons for his stall. Coningham, gave Patton massive US ground attack plane support and he still stalled. Patton rarely took any responsibility for his own failures. It was always somebody else at fault, including his subordinates.

He passed away when I was 4. Burdge was killed in action.

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He was in a tank. He was 19 years old.

...to Those Who Served

If anyone knew him or has any pictures of him I would love to know. Anonymous says: 30 Mar AM My great uncles Finnish born American citizens fought at the bulge and other engagements.


Does anyone know how I obtain his service records to go with the genealogy book I'm putting together. Xandro Lambrechts says: 21 Jun AM i have found a picture on the ground here in belgium mechelen i knew someone lost it but i didnt decide to throw it away it say january in on the backside and a name called "jimmy loadoleke " i'm not sure about the last name but its definetely jimmy. He passed in but among his possessions was a photograph of him and a fellow soldier taken in September with the name of his fellow soldier John Neweg?

Sylvester Sipe, Loretto, Minnesota. He signed a captured flag with many other military personnel. My friend's relative. Anonymous says: 6 Jun PM are there any battle of the bulge reunions for the veterans still alive. Lucas was active at Battle Of the Bulge and survived. Anyone who may remember him or can give other details of their experience would be appreciated.

Thank You. About the Site. Most Popular. Adolf Hitler held a meeting with top German military commanders at the Adlerhorst headquarters in Wetterau, Germany, stressing the importance of the upcoming Ardennes Offensive. A German officer carrying several copies of Operation Greif the codename for Otto Skorzeny's infiltration of "fake Americans" to cause confusion ahead of the Ardennes Offensive was taken prisoner and the treacherous plan was revealed.

Only 43 survived. The German offensive in the Ardennes Forest in Belgium began to stall after Americans began to fight back. Armored elements of German 6. In Germany, Rundstedt suggested a tactical withdrawal, but the suggestion was refused by Hitler. Soldiers rushing to pull away debris found themselves also machine gunned by the low-flying bombers. Panzer Division just 4 miles from the Meuse River in Belgium. US troops began pushing German troops back in the Ardennes region, thus ending the German offensive. American troops began gaining ground in their counteroffensive in the Battle of the Bulge.

Adolf Hitler ordered renewed offensives in Alsace and Ardennes regions against the advice of his generals. Germans again attacked in the Bastogne corridor in Belgium. Meanwhile, British troops attacked Houffalize, Belgium, but they were stopped by fierce German defense. German troops began a withdrawal from the Ardennes Forest in the Belgian-German border region.

In the air, the German Luftwaffe launched Unternehmen Bodenplatte, which consisted of aircraft conducting low-level strikes against snow-bound Allied airfields in the Netherlands and Belgium. They destroyed aircraft, mainly on the ground, but lost aircraft of their own, as well as many experienced pilots who could not be replaced. This operation failed to achieve its goal of wiping out Allied air power based in the region.

Hitler's intention was to drive through Antwerp and cut off and annihilate the British 21st Army Group and the U. First and Ninth Armies north of the Ardennes. Aided by stormy weather which grounded Allied planes and restricted observation, the Germans achieved surprise and made rapid gains at first, but firm resistance by various isolated units provided time for the U.

First and Ninth Armies to shift against the northern flank of the penetration, for the British to send reserves to secure the line to the Meuse, and for Patton's Third Army to hit the salient from the south. They achieved complete surprise and pushed westwards through the middle of the American line, creating the 'bulge' that gave the battle its name. But this success was short-lived. The quick arrival of Allied reinforcements and the Americans' tenacious defence of the vital road junctions at Bastogne and St Vith slowed the German advance.

The offensive also required men and resources that Germany did not have. Fuel shortages were made worse by bad weather, which disrupted German supply lines. The weather, which had previously restricted Allied air support, eventually cleared and air attacks resumed. By the end of December, the German advance had ground to a halt.

On 1 January , the German air force caused serious damage to Allied air bases in north-west Europe, but it sustained losses from which it could not recover. The Allied counterattack in early January succeeded in pushing the Germans back and by the end of the month the Allies had regained the positions they held six weeks earlier.