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She is currently working as a counselor for expats in Chengdu, China. She helped many expats and their families move and settle in The Netherlands. Angela recently launched ' Every Mother Knows. Angela is a mother of two boys and taps into yoga to regain energy after a busy working week.

Suggested Book List for Parenting and Living Abroad

Her travel columns have been featured in travel magazines worldwide. Her non-fiction pieces have appeared in multiple editions of the Chicken Soup series. Her short fiction and poetry have been published in anthologies in more than four continents. She also created and runs The Times Of Amma that features true stories of and interviews with inspirational expat mothers. Shweta has lived in five countries and traveled to twenty-one. She currently lives in Budapest with her two TCKs and husband. Read more about her work at www.

She moved to Germany with her husband and three children in , and since then she's been committed to bringing her heritage and language to her new community while learning and absorbing the diversity found in Europe. As a successful Latina abroad, she guides other women and their families to prepare themselves for the challenges of globalization.

He has over thirty years of experience living, working and traveling throughout Europe, the Middle East, and South Asia. He and his wife, Marilyn, have five children born on three continents. Raised as an Air Force Brat, he is currently living in his 33rd home. She has a broad depth of knowledge in resolving family law issues for international families and is ranked as a Leading Individual in Family Law in the Legal Lucy and IFLG advise regularly upon complicated international cases, involving jurisdiction issues, finances and children issues including child maintenance and its enforcement.

Lucy writes for websites and legal journals and presents professional seminars and webinar updates for the legal profession and lay clients in the UK and abroad. She is also a member of various professional groups which look after the interests of international families. Having lived in four continents, Claudine is passionate about fostering well-balanced and inclusive international communities.

Alaine is now a global digital nomad and freelance dance educator in Singapore and Europe. She tells her story and the experiences of TCKs through her dance project, "Chameleon", has performed in festivals throughout North America, and was invited as a guest artist to recreate Chameleon with international school students in Asia.

She has a Masters Degree in Social Work and 15 years experience working with individuals living outside of their home cultures. She works with diverse clients all over the world through one-on-one coaching, group coaching, and facilitation. She specializes in reminding her internationally mobile clients how capable and amazing they are and supports people in finding a sense of home no matter where they go.

Her website is World Tree Coaching. Naomi Hattaway Naomi Hattaway is the founder of I Am A Triangle, an international social network with thousands of global members who share in common a life lived away from their passport countries. After living in several locations in the United States, her family moved to India where she learned to thrive in the midst of chaos.

Following one year in Singapore, they moved back to the United States, and traipsed from Florida to Virginia and now, Ohio. Naomi is passionate about community building and empowering others to thrive, not just survive, in the places they call home. Over his 16 year career as an international school counselor, Ryan has enjoyed assisting students and families through the transition process.

Rebecca Grace Hill Rebecca Grace Hill is an American interdisciplinary artist, sculpture, jeweler, poet, and gift-giver. Her work focuses on reframing personal narratives, especially ones of grief, pain, or loss. Rebecca's creative ethos draws from a variety of craft values, including the DIY ethic and anti-consumerism.

She regularly engages in creative reuse and strives towards a zero-waste practice. This is expressed through collage and the use of ephemera and found objects. These items are imbued with meaning built up from past experiences. As an expatiate New Zealander, Rebecca and her work are located in a dynamic global context. Both Rebecca's studio work and her scholarly work are rooted in Southern Theory and continue to be informed by the contemporary New Zealand jewelry movement. View her work at Industrial Grace Restoration. He is a highly experienced family law dispute resolution specialist, especially involving international elements or complex assets.

David writes extensively on family law and speaks at conferences internationally. She serves on the board of the San Diego Military Family Collaborative and is an advocate for military families and children. Her area of study is the education of highly mobile children, particularly military children, who have experienced cross-cultural moves.

However, both her parents were Afghan refugees. She is a David C Pollock Scholar. Elisabetta joyfully adapted her career following her husband in Kosovo for eight years, providing psychological support to both international and national individuals. She worked in community settings to promote diversity, non-discrimination, gender equality and human rights, to build communication skills and intercultural understanding with youth belonging to different ethnicities. She passionately embraces the psychodynamic approach to understanding complex experiences, comprehending their societal and collective dimension.

Her private practice website is The Argonaut. She can be reached at www. Jerry Jones Jerry Jones is an American cross-cultural trainer, speaker, writer and coach whose life goal is to encourage and equip people in cultural transition. He lives with his wife and two children in Qingdao, China where he works as a Transition Specialist with Leadership Development International. As an MK-TCK she learned early to navigate and integrate cultural values of Minnesota farms, California cities, Ghanaian villages, and the international missions community.

She conducts qualitative and rhetorical research and writes about intercultural communication from a multi-hemisphere and liminal perspective. She daily brainwashes her CCK kids with Tintin and Asterix comics, culture-specific percussion instruments, and a variety of paradoxical paradigms that emerged from and shaped her quirky life. Her area of expertise is the field of Third Culture Kids in US military-connected communities overseas. She began her career in Singapore using a unique holistic health and physical approach.

Her website is www. Her website is The Connect Concept. Recent projects include: set up of HR structure for a start-up in the USA, transferring an international company vision in a Belgian trade organization, and implementing a cross-culture communication model in a merger for three industrial businesses. Over the past twenty years, she has worked with global companies, teams, and individuals while living in different countries. Dr Lusk holds a PhD. Her areas of teaching and academic scholarship survey research methodology, global gender studies, environment and consumption, and deviant behavior.

In addition to her academic career, she has also conducted client-based qualitative and quantitative research and analysis for corporations in Atlanta and Central Texas. Jeniece is a David C Pollock Scholar. He was a teacher of TCKs for seven years and has since moved into a position within Odyssey - a student life development program within the International Schools Consortium network. His work and passion are to promote the growth of students in more than just the academic realm by leading retreats, mentoring students, using experiential education to develop student life, and providing social-emotional educational opportunities.

Uwe Maurer Uwe Maurer is the director of Taiwan Sunshine , a non-profit that supports and encourages families that have children with special needs. A German, born and raised in Taiwan, American school educated, and the father of a child with special needs and another adopted child, he understands the pressures that families face in moving and educating their children overseas. Uwe spent ten years teaching and being the principal of several international schools in China. In , he returned to Taiwan as the principal of an American school in Taipei.

In he started a study center in Taipei for children with special needs. Currently, Uwe lives in Taitung, Taiwan where one daughter attends a local special education school, while the others are homeschooled. He is a David C Pollock Scholar. Before we liked each other on Facebook, before we became a number on someone's mailing list, Emmy was helping humans connect to humans. She sees patterns where others see chaos. She uses those patterns to connect the dots and develop strengths-based solutions that grow communities and help small businesses thrive.

By getting clear, getting focused and taking action, she knows that together we can make small changes to create big impact. She believes that we all have the ability to build the business we truly want to run and to create the communities we want to live in while still making the impact and income we deserve. Patti McCarthy Patti McCarthy has been an expat for over 30 years and is committed to helping expatriates and their families have successful, enjoyable and rewarding assignments.

Her service is a highly personalized combination of coaching and training that allows clients to proceed with confidence and competence. In she published a book called "Cultural Chemistry: Simple Strategies for Bridging Cultural Gaps" and she is a regular media commentator on cross-cultural issues.

She volunteers with people seeking asylum. Her website is Cultural Chemistry. Olga Mecking Olga Mecking is a writer and translator living in the Netherlands. When not writing or thinking about writing, Olga can be found reading, drinking tea, and reading some more. She blogs at The European Mama. Dominika Miernik Over 15 years of living, studying and working internationally, in Rome, Milan, Manchester, and London, Dominika Miernik is an award winning international career coach and business Idea generator for women.

Her website is DM Coaching. She specializes in helping expat women seeking to make an international career change to navigate the challenges and opportunities associated with discovering their dream career and then adapting to a new country. For self-employment-minded women, she expertly guides them to connect the dots between what they love to do and how they can design a business that matches their desired lifestyle. She has taught English to returnee students in Japan for over ten years, and currently is a university lecturer in Tokyo, teaching English for academic purposes and research methods.

Her research interests are identity trajectories of TCKs and adult TCKs, language education and multilingualism, and teacher education. Her life goal is to empower TCKs in Japan through education. Adam Mosley Adam Mosley is a former pastor and missionary who has channeled his passion for the global poor into an effort to bring clean water to over 2. As the Director of Global Business Development for UZima Filters , Adam builds bridges between expats and locals, between businesses, governments, and NGOs, and between felt needs and financial realities.

Adam and his family recently relocated from Kenya to Atlanta, Georgia, a city full of families in global transition and future expats in the making. Having grown up in a military family like his mother and grandmother, he spent a portion of his childhood outside his country of origin. He was born in California and moved to the UK at age seven. At age fourteen, his family returned to the US.

He currently lives in Nebraska and has a career in the automotive aftermarket industry but has spent time in Massachusetts, where he studied the Persian language. Though he's lived in some places for extended periods of time, he's never felt a sense of permanence in, even today.

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He attributes this to a third culture childhood. Born in southern California, she spent many of her developmental years in Suffolk, England. At the age of fifteen, she and her family returned to the United States. She received a Bachelor of Science degree in Communicative Arts. She worked in Advertising and continued her studies in Fine Art.

Her online portfolio is at www. She began her career as a Technical Writer. She is currently living in Columbus, Nebraska technical writing, and painting. We did not know if he w. TKCs and Telemarketers. The phone rang at an inopportune time. I was trying to make dinner before the famished family crowd descended upon me. The only thing more annoying than the timing of the call was the fact the insistent party at the other end of the line was a telemarketer with T-mobile. Yeah, yeah I thought to myself as the woman babbled on in Hungarian.

Finally she stopped for breath and I was able to edge in a quick "Sorry, I don't speak Hungarian. To Live Like Ben Lived. They longed for spiritual renewal and prayed for it. As I sat back enjoying their enthusiasm and vision, a thought popped in my mind: revival comes with a cost. I really wasn't sure where the thought came from and I certainly did not voice it aloud.

I didn't want to put a damper on such good.

Easter Monday. Easter in a Hungarian village has little to do with bunnies. It started with the blood-curdling squeal of the pig being slaughtered next door on Good Friday, followed by the obligatory burning of hair and gushing of guts. Then a similar sound echoed through the village on Saturday. On the big day, Easter Sunday, we celebrated the resurrection of Christ with church and a tasty ham. Friends and family surrounded the table and it was the kind of Easter I grew up with compl.

Spiritual Therapy. I looked at her and responded, "Uh Nothing too serious. I am NO athlete by any stretch of the imagination. But I remembered when my father was in an car accident last year how the physical therapists had him do. I've seen a lot of lists of "you know you're a third culture kid when But I've come up with my own little list of how you know that you're the parent of a third culture kid in Hungary, based on my own experiences. Here's what I came up with: You know you are a parent of third culture kids in Hungary when: 1. You see a sign on the autobahn that reads "Ausfahrt" and nobo.

The Power of Parental Presence. She is usually a very diligent student who generally makes good grades, but on Sunday she was just one big whiny mess. Her brother had finished his homework in twenty minutes. But she refused to buckle down and get hers done. My daughter learns in Hungarian. That basically means I can be of little help to her when it comes to homework -- a situ. What Time is It? You'd think time would be a simple thing.

All kids learn how to tell time either at home or at school at some point in their elementary years. But in a house full of third culture kids, time is not such a simple thing. If the clock reads Niki, our daughter who is homeschooled according to the American system, would tell you, "It's three-thirty.

Andi has gone to Hungarian. The Fallacy of the "Love God". To tell you the truth, I largely missed it this year. My husband, being the amazing man he is, remembered it in all its glory. But I was so caught up in day-to-day challenges that until he whipped out the candy and cards, I forgot all about it. I think Valentine's day is overrated. It plays into the tendency of our modern age to deify human attraction, romance, in a nutshell the secular idea of love. Western society today likes to laugh at any concept of God, categorizing such as silly superstition, uneducated, and certainly unscientific.

So the point of this commandment is moot, right? Ironically, as averse as society is to God, we are all to eager to build gods for ourselves: the primary god being the self. We seek Brats of Grace. The law. It's gotten a bum wrap in our day and age. Modern western society tends to see it as oppressive, authoritarian, an enemy of true freedom. And, unfortunately, the sentiment has seeped into how we understand faith and God as well as how we raise our children.

Granted, both nations and religions have abused "law" in many ways over the human h. How Evil Could You Be? Does it bear the rectangular mustache of Hitler or does it hide behind the long, bristly beard of Bin Laden? Or can evil lurk in that image we see each morning in the bathroom mirror? How evil might each one of us be -- given the right circumstances?

For a major in the US Army to be passed over three times for promotion to Lt.

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Colonel, stung with a bitterness that was not unlike death. Yes, it was a death, the death mark to a military career that had otherwise appeared quite successful. Everyone who knew him and had worked with him were aghast. If ever there was a major who deserved promotion, it was Major. The Laughing Monsters and others. Khan, Uzma Aslam. The Geometry of God. Kuegler, Sabine. Kurtz, Jane. Children's lit explicitly about TCK and transition issues. L'Esperance, Mari. Lee, Don. Lessing, Doris.

Many novels Lewis, Susan Kiernan. MB upbringing; murder mysetries in international settings. CCK issues, Scots-Ghanaian. Manyika, Sarah Ladipo. In Dependence Novel , Short stories, Academic writing. The Life of Pi other novels less internationalized. Skinny Dipping and Other Stories. Moyer, Kermit. Short Stories, MB focus. Meyers, Margaret. Swimming in the Congo MK. The Leper Compound. Linked Short Stories. Nothomb, Amelie. French language, but fairly available in translation.

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Obreht, Tea. Omotoso, Yewande. Ondaatje, Michael. Many novels, and many collections of poetry—most, but not all, international in scope. Orr, Elaine Neil. A Different Sun. Parfitt, Jo. Sunshine Soup.

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  7. Parssinen, Keija. The Ruins of Us. The Happy Room and many romance novels not as internationalized. Phoenix, Michele. Novels and blog. Active MK. Porte, Joyce Baker. Stormbird of the Serengeti. Rashkovich, Zvezdana. Revoyr, Nina. The Age of Dreaming. Riley, Lucinda. The Orchid House and lots of others. Rinsai, Rosetti. Novels, 12 in French, 3 in English. Rispin, Karen. African settings for romance novels. Scott, Jack. Turkey Street and others Scudamore, James. Scholes, Katherine. The Rain Queen and other novels.

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    Fox, Kate. Watching the English non-fiction, social anthropology French, Tana. Crime Graham, Frederick Cork. Ghosh, Amitav. Novels, some set in India, Ecocrit Haddad, Saleem. Novels--war, coming of age, sort of TCK ish in theme, definitely so in biographical terms Hamid, Moshin. Hawkins, Paula. Non fiction works about Iran--diplomatic parents. Grandson of Ay. Khomeini Houellebecq, Michel. Afghani novels eg The Kite Runner , childhood years in France. Jaquiery, Anna.

    Crime fiction.