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On the work surface create a fountain with sifted flour and salt and add in the center, sugar, lightly beaten eggs and the yeast.

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Once you get a very soft dough, start adding the softened butter one piece at a time, adding the next one when the previous one is completely absorbed. Obtain a soft and homogenous dough, place it in a bowl coated with butter, cover it with a damp cloth and let it stand in the oven — at off with the light on- until the volume has doubled about 60 minutes.

At this point, form the brioche with the dough. Put the brioche on a baking tray previously buttered, well distant from each other. Allow them to rest for about half an hour and before baking, coat them with a beaten egg. Then, let it cool at room temperature. Finally, enjoy your brioche col tuppo accompanied by a cappuccino or ice cream. Per preparare le brioche, iniziate a sciogliere il lievito di birra nel latte a temperatura ambiente; intanto tagliate il burro a pezzetti e lasciatelo ammorbidire sempre a temperatura ambiente.

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Sul piano di lavoro create una fontana con la farina setacciata e il sale ed al centro inserite lo zucchero, le uova leggermente sbattute e il lievito sciolto nel latte. Ottenuto un impasto molto morbido ed omogeneo, mettetelo in una ciotola imburrata, copritelo con un canovaccio umido e lasciatelo lievitare in forno spento con la luce accesa fino al raddoppio del volume circa 60 minuti.

A questo punto riprendete il vostro impasto e formate le brioche. A cottura ultimata, sfornate le brioche e lasciatele intiepidire. Join our newsletter in order to receive all news and offers.

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Cappuccino alla schiuma di latte con zucchero bianco e cacao amaro.

Delete Definitively. A few notes:. Traditionally we drink our coffee on the run, that is standing at the bar. A little note on customs: if you order a cappuccino or a caffelatte or latte macchiato after 11 am, you will be immediately recognized as foreigners, even if you speak Italian perfectly! When many years ago I went to Naples for the first time, I went in a bar and ordered an espresso.

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It was very nice and creamy, but… so sweet! In Naples they serve it with sugar by default.


I must admit that I like my coffee bitter with no sugar, so the next time I ordered un espresso senza zucchero without sugar. A stunned silence followed, and I could feel that everybody was staring at me. The best drink on a hot summers day! Ciao Neima, grazie per il tuo commento in italiano, mi fa molto piacere quando qualcuno scrive in italiano.

They are so interesting and educational at the same time. I am American born but all of my people are from Monreale in Sicily. When you talk about customs such as with coffee, or Christmas cards, I realize, having visited my relatives in Sicily that that is exactly how they do it. Please keep up the blogs especially the language ones. I am trying to learn Italian so when I visit my folks in Sicily I can at least make myself undestood. In between visits I have to constantly review or I forget what I have learned not having anyone to practice speaking with.