Guide Atlante delle mafie (vol 1): Storia, economia, società, cultura (Italian Edition)

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Our main publications are listed below. More will appear soon. Collaborative projects The history of archives - ERC funded project. Scribal culture. Venice and England, Micanzio, Cavendish and Hobbes. This will appear in a volume, co-edited with Noel Malcolm Oxford , of the Clarendon edition of the works of Hobbes.

I have supervised and co-supervised PhD students working on the inquisition in medieval Italy, medicine and botany in sixteenth-century Florence, archival practices and historiography in early modern Venice, the chancery culture of sixteenth-century Milan, and archival practices in the medieval Middle East. I welcome research proposals concerning the social, political and cultural history of early modern Italy and of the territories of the Republic of Venice; the history of the book, print, manuscript and oral culture, mainly of Italy but also of France and the Iberian peninsula; the history of late-medieval and early modern archives and chanceries or secretary offices.

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