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She's not the one keeping secrets though. Her new brothers are living a very dangerous lifestyle. I think it was a good story. Some editing issues and couple timeline errors but the Tory was strong enough to withstand it. Oct 12, Jennifer G rated it really liked it. Izzy's mom died a few years back leaving her in the foster system. Life has not been great since then, but it could be worse and she's getting by. This all changes with one call to the school office.

Turns out she has family! Her oldest brother has been searching for her. He now has custody and takes her home to live with him and her other three brothers. Imagine, on Monday you are all alone in the world; on Tuesday instant family with four very large, very protective brothers. This is the famil Izzy's mom died a few years back leaving her in the foster system. This is the family that Izzy has been missing.

Now she has family, money, and a possible love interest, her brothers' best friend Blake. However, this family has secrets, dangerous secrets and Izzy fears that not only does she not have her brother's trust, but that they will make her leave if she upsets them too much. Izzy is a great girl in many ways. She's smart, artistic, loving, and beautiful.

I do think that she is too accepting of Blake in the beginning, but we will get to that. I liked her sense of insecurity since it seemed natural after her mother's death and foster care. She's a bit immature at times in the beginning, if you don't like beer, say no thanks, don't overreact with your brothers over nothing, but forgive Blake for real issues but her reactions get better as the book progresses.

Her brothers are yummy. Harley, the oldest is the family leader, Sebastian is nursing a broken heart with meaningless sex, his twin Elliot is quiet, has a distant girlfriend, but seems to want someone else. And the Baby Luke is a tattooed, fun loving guy. All of the brothers are damaged goods thanks to their awful father. Their best friend Blake is a gorgeous man-whore. He changed his ways once he meets Izzy, his beauty, but she still has to deal with his past and crazy girls. Not a fan of this behavior. I wish that Izzy had made Blake work harder to win her over.

She gave him her trust and her affection long before he deserved it. Insta-love cheapened their relationship and it took me longer to get invested. By the end I did love them together. I enjoyed the characters tremendously and liked the story. It was full of fun, action, passion, and drama. The writing was inconsistent; at times what I expect from G Bailey, at times less. Overall, this was a fun, entertaining story that hooked me from the beginning. I look forward to reading about Sebastian and Maisy. Mar 27, Lynn rated it really liked it. I like this read.

It kept me reading. I feel it was a good kindle read. I am going to read the brothers story. Izzy has four brothers, And I only found 4 books in the whole series. One book is Izzy's book. So I do not think all the brothers have a book. I notice this author has some paranormal romance, I am not a fan of that. I do like this novel. This is my first read of this author. I am not sure if I would read more, If it is not no paranormal romance, I would read it. I am going to read the I like this read. I am going to read the rest of the books in this series.

I do hope all the King brothers have a novel, I doubt it though. It is an okay read, I think the younger people would like it. Izzy falls inlove with her brothers best friend. Harley found out about Izzy and got her out of foster care , and she moved in with her brothers. I like the relationship between Blake and Izzy, I wish the characters were older, so it would have been more hot, more spice.

It is a lot of sneaking around. There is another situation, I do not want to say what, and ruin it for you. Then when the truth comes out about Blake and Izzy, All the other things happen and the story explodes, and it gets real interesting. It is not a strong plot. It was mainly just the 2 sneaking around, And then about chapter 24 some drama finally picked up. I think I would recommend this for maybe young-sters. Although I liked it, IT was not really much to it.

There were some boring parts. And not a strong plot. The details are okay, And keep in mind while reading the characters ages are young, some parts or things said sound immature. I was stuck between stars. I am just going to go with 4. Great start to a new series! I absolutely love Izzy! She's so sweet, but strong. Izzy's mom passed away a few years ago and she found herself in foster care as she did not know her father or of any other family.

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She's in her last year of high school and all of a sudden she has 4 half brothers and the oldest has come to take custody of her and bring her home. The King brothers are like royalty in their town, but there are many secrets to their world and they desperately want to keep Izzy out of th Great start to a new series! The King brothers are like royalty in their town, but there are many secrets to their world and they desperately want to keep Izzy out of them and safe. And then there's Blake.

Best friend to the brothers, player and, of course, the one guy Izzy wants and he wants her too. They decide to keep it a secret for a little while, but when it's out This was a great book. I've read several different series with this type of secret life can't say as it will give it away , but really enjoyed the way the G. Bailey constructed this one. All in all, I will be reading this again as new books come out. Sep 22, Alisha Thompson rated it really liked it. This review has been hidden because it contains spoilers. To view it, click here.

Other than a few spelling and grammar mistakes I loved this book and will continue to read the rest of the books in the series. Izzy who is in foster care, is surprised to find out that she has not one but four half brothers and they plan on taking care of her like any normal family should. After their fathers passing King brothers are left with a sizeable estate that keeps them comfortable affording them to splurge on their new little sister.

But Other than a few spelling and grammar mistakes I loved this book and will continue to read the rest of the books in the series. Obviously they try hiding this from Izzy but she soon finds out and gets entangled nonetheless. Then there is Blake, attraction is instant and love blooms. Will Blake stop being a playboy and be the man she needs, will Izzy jeopardise her new family to be with a man she barely knows? Sep 18, Beth C. Great love story in every sense! I thoroughly enjoyed this story, but it needs some serious editing!

It was quite a distraction trying to read past all the typographical and spelling errors. Generally I love this author's work, but this was just sloppy. She finds a family again as well as new friends and love. But nothing comes easy and her new family has dangerous secrets. Thankfully, they seem to Great love story in every sense! Thankfully, they seem to be able to work through them. Looking forward to the next book. Just hope it's been edited better than this one. Nov 21, Sandra rated it liked it Shelves: ebooks , own-it. Desperately in need of a competent proof reader though so if typos and the like bother you be warned.

What a great book! Absolutely loved it! How amazing would it be to have four older brothers just walk into your life and with them the love of your life? I love all the brothers, can't decide which one is my favourite. Looking forward to books about all the bros and getting to see their characters develop! Sep 06, Laura87 rated it it was amazing. I really enjoyed this book and the twists and turns it has. Looking forward to reading the next book to see where it takes everyone and what happens next! Eh Could be better They act like children but jeez they sleep around like honestly no words for that it's kind of disgusting basically any female that comes into view Oct 28, Amy Naylor rated it it was amazing.

Izzy is in foster care but finds out she has four half brothers. They take her in and she soon realizes they are hiding something from her. She also has a secret, she's in love with their best friend. I really enjoyed this book and can't wait to read her brothers stories too. After reading some of G. I wasn't a huge fan of the MC, though I rather liked the King brothers. But it not being an RH and knowing it was a different brother for each female MC Nov 20, Lucia rated it liked it. It would be a really good book if there weren't so many grammar mistakes in it. You can see it's place in the Izzy-verse timeline photo below.

Check it out, Izzyites! The award recognizes book publishing excellence and creativity in design, content and production for North American authors and publishers! It is written in Danish, but well worth the purchase for the images and pictures alone. Stop by and check us out. You'll even get to see excerpts from future episodes of The Izzy Story! Its history dates back to medieval times. Duayne is on site for catalysis consulting work. I spend the days at the keyboard in spite of the temptation to tour these unique environs.

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It gives you a clue as to what will soon be a fun addition to your experience on our website. It's in just the right place with just the right atmosphere to provide just the right lodging for our opening character, Thorf Serendopolis. He's a young Ph. As you read Chapter 1 Part 2 you will find that Thorf has little time to enjoy the beautiful view from the balcony.

Sometimes, there is a business that no longer exists, but has made an impact on many people throughout the years. The building is still there, you must descend to enter the new restaurant, as we used to do to enter the Annex, and one of the current owners is a relative of the Annex family. We found, in the place that once was the Annex, a restaurant and pub that still retains that local, comfortable feeling.

We, ddwlem, do not know how many locals still visit or how many of the profs find themselves relaxing during a meal, but what a memory we have of such times. That is why Thorf and his fellow archaeology majors found Thor Heyerdahl at the Annex. Check out that part of the story and see if you get 'the same feeling.

Chapter 1 Part 2 scroll down to the paragraph that begins, "Reassured by his last thought, Roses are red and Ursula's blue Give her your blood And she'll love you. Our hidden gem just had an addition to the narrative relating to an archaeological method recently used in a discovery at Stonehenge. Go to Hidden Gems and scroll down to 'ground penetrating radar' and also the word 'petrography. We are thrilled to have these contributions. Welcome to a New Adventure in Reading Gore speaks to his pal, Buster.

Chico praises her surgerons. Cimi bolsters Chico. Cimi gives Chico a pep talk. Chico Quwattle is strapped in for safety. Chico wants to know when the fun starts. Chico Quwattle flies through crystals. Phed experiences a "love grip. Cave Jet 1. Chico Quwattle careens through chaos.

Mud ants in Chico's boots A briny mist greeted Chico. Chico Quwattle faces a watery channel. Off the route Phed and Chico battle the current. The wings of a dragonfly. Chico Quwattle wipes a tear.

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Chico Quwattle capsizes. Good King Vasistdas Ballad :: added February 23, Bobcat's Death Cry. Spy Drones Cirlced Like Vultures. The Vastness of Beauty. Sequence in Prision. Rough rapids.

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