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Easily ignited material, such as dry sticks of wood, used to start a fire. Also called regionally fatwood , lightwood. Switch to new thesaurus. I kindled a fire using twigs and grass; The fire kindled easily; His speech kindled the anger of the crowd. Mentioned in?

Accendibility Accendible animate anneal arouse ask for awake awaken awakening bruise Bunyanesque burning clowder Cludder combustion conflagrate crossways discomfit discompose.

"kindling" in American English

Goddard and others later demonstrated that it was possible to induce kindling chemically as well. The name "kindling" was chosen because the process was likened to a log fire.

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The log itself, while it might be a suitable fuel for a fire, is very hard to set ablaze in the first place. But surround it with smaller, easy to light pieces of wood—kindling—and set those alight first, and soon the log itself will catch fire. Robert M. Post of the U.

Thus, to put it simply, brain cells that have been involved in an episode are thought to be more likely to do so again, and more cells may become sensitized over time. The theory also holds that it's possible to stop the process through aggressive treatment. Some researchers have speculated that kindling contributes to both rapid cycling and treatment-resistant bipolar disorder, and this theory also could be consistent with cases where cycling began with definite mood triggers, stressful or exciting events, and later became spontaneous.

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In addition, it has been shown that substances such as cocaine and alcohol have their own kindling effects, which could, in turn, contribute to bipolar kindling. In fact, it was the knowledge that cocaine causes seizures that led Dr. Post to connect kindling in epilepsy with mood disorders after he had studied the unexpected effects of cocaine on severely depressed patients. The kindling theory has been borne out by some research observations. For example, the more mood episodes someone has, the more difficult it is to treat each subsequent episode, possibly because more brain cells are sensitized and involved.

However, the best-designed studies in the field of bipolar disorder don't provide strong backing for the kindling theory. Still, regardless of what future research finds about the kindling theory of bipolar disorder, it's clear that early diagnosis and prompt, appropriate treatment are key to improving outcomes for those with the condition.

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