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Cite Citation. Permissions Icon Permissions. The secretary of state had a delegation and could issue them at his own discretion, without the King knowing anything about them. By the 18th century it was even quite common to issue them blank, meaning without the name of the person against whom they were directed. Of course, there was plenty of protesting against the issuing of lettres de cachet , because they were abused regularly.

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  • They were abolished after the French Revolution by the Constituent Assembly, but Napoleon reestablished their penal equivalent by a political measure in And there were plenty of other prominent victims: Like the playwright Charles Simon Favart, because a nobleman was interested in his wife. The Comte de Mirabeau, on behest of his father, and as protection against creditors, also once to escape death penalty for kidnapping and making merry with a married woman. The most prominent one might be the Marquis de Sade, for rape and torture.

    In case of Voltaire, it was once for slander, and a second time for violent menaces.

    Lettre à mon peuple - Louis XVI & ses réformes

    The Comte de Sanois was sent to a lunatic asylum by his wife, who claimed he was insane when he was not. Notify me of follow-up comments by email. Father Bignon fearing this work finished, the situation of the academy not yet fixed, not likely released nor even dissipated, and even then considered assuring its state, making a proposal to his majesty.

    Lettres sur la cour de Louis XIV, 1667-1670

    And the king, having tasted of this proposition, made by his royal order, a determination sent to the company shortly after. This determination among others states "that the academy shall be under the same protection of the King as the sciences, that it shall be composed of fourteen academicians, ten honoraries of which one shall be president; two may be foreigners and ten pupils; that one of the pensioners shall be secretary, and one shall be treasurer, that the assemblies will be held at the Louvre on Tuesdays and Fridays each week from three in the afternoon until five, etc.

    This determination began to be executed the 19th of the same month, as the academy held its first private assembly in its prescribed form. This establishment was confirmed in by patent letters given to Marly in the month of February and which were registered in parliament and in the Court of Finances. The academy takes for its seal of arms of France with a medal of gold in the center, in which the head of his majesty is engraved. A jeton of this same company represents a muse, holding in her hand a crown of laurels, and having behind her cippi and obelisks, and for substance, the following saying of Horace: Vetat Mori.

    In this same halting of service, the king suppressed a class of pupils for which their names repelled those of certain merit, and his majesty ordered that this class of associates be augmented by ten subjects, who would be presented to him by the Academy in normal fashion.

    Lettre à Louis XIV by François de Salignac de La Mothe- Fénelon

    Finally, after March 23rd, another cut-off of the state council had been made, ordering that the title of veteran could only be nevertheless accorded to currently installed academicians, who, after having usefully labored under the academy for at least ten years, found themselves out of state by a kind of impossibility of continuing their labors.

    We have twenty-seven thick volumes in quarto of history and memoirs of this academy already, the rest published by the royal press from which much of what has appeared comes after Monsieur president Durey de Noinville, has established an annual prize, which must be distributed to those who, according to the judgement of the academy, have better succeeded in the proposed subject. The initial distribution of this prize was made in the session following Passover in Girin et B.