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I got a nod of approval from the otherwise stern Korean lady, or perhaps it was a nervous twitch. To go with it I had Omelette, fried green beans and shrimps, normal kimchi and a spicier version. About 5 minutes later my stern lady also served me up a owl of glutinous rice just in case I might get hungry. It was enough for 3 people in all honestly, but being polite I tried to put as bigger dent as possible but I failed miserably.

Transport in Seoul is punctual, reliable, plentiful and cheap. The T-Money card you can buy in newspaper kiosks in all the underground stations and then you top them up from the multiple terminals in the stations. You get charged a flat rate of 1, won about 60p per 10km and then won per each extra 5km you travel.

Signs for everything are in both Korean and English.

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Train announcements are in Korean, English, Japanese and Mandarin. They even play a little musical jingle when the train is about to arrive. If you get bored of this, go on the buses instead. Powder Blue coloured buses are the most frequent and connect suburbs via the city centre. Yellow buses connect all the main tourist sights.

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These are even more of a bargain. If all else fails there are thousands of bright orange coloured taxis. But for my first real day in Seoul I decided to play it safe and get the open top city tour to try and get some idea of orientation. I got on at Dongdaemun Design Plaza which was a couple of stops from my hotel. First stop, after a full loop around Seoul , was Gwangjang market which is a textile market but with a massive corridor full up of food vendors.

For me I wanted Sundae. I found a vendor off the main drag with an old Korean granny tucking into the black korean delight. I pointed and smiled a lot and I was rewarded with this little lot. The old dear running the stall also let me try a couple of slices of pigs trotter. It was a river, but was then covered over by an elevated highway. The decision was then taken to knock down the highway and create a urban space. People crave protein and if the only protein available at the time is a dog, then dog goes on the menu.

Annually around 2. Having said that of course there is a fairly cruel element to how they kill the dogs. Apparently the meat tastes better when the dog is full of adrenalin so frequently the dogs are either beaten or electrocuted in a pool of water, which to me is a bowl of Kimchi too far. The following day saw me get the Metro out to the west of Seoul and over the Han River to one of the more off the beaten track market. I wandered around the market standing out like a big sore thumb.

A big boned Westerner in a country of not so big people. The main sellers appeared to be women in there late 40s and 50s who were tough as old boots.

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I got jumped on by two of them who rubbed my belly to raucous laughter from the other tough looking old ladies. There are so many different species of fish, shell fish and crustacians.

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  • Some are familiar to the western eye and some are not. After Noryangjin I took the decision to head towards Itaewon which is the district of Seoul most frequented by foreigners.

    See a Problem?

    I found out about it when I got back to London but I did wonder American Service Personnel were frequenting juice bars with young local girls. So what do you do at night in Seoul? I have four great loves in life. Food, Travel, Photography and Football. A draw. But the supporters at least made some noise and looked interested in the game. We even had K-Pop singers! The last day in Seoul saw me visit a few additional markets. Seoul is made of many districts that all seem to specialise in certain products.

    The area near the hotel seemed to consist solely of shops selling Lights. Further down the road was Chungbu market which is full of dried fish and other dried products. Before this transformation there used to be both a football stadium and a baseball stadium. Now its home to a wonderful modern complex which is now the cultural centre of Seoul. Yep, it tastes as good as it sounds. Crispy covering, warm doughy pillow and then a metled Baklava filling.

    They serve them in a paper cup, slightly rolled up which is a very handy way to eat them. I went back to the hotel for a snooze and then it was back in Incheon Airport via the convenient and cheap Limousine bus service. I think that you probably need a minimum of a full week in this great city in order to fit it a lot of it but I think I covered what I wanted to see in the 4 days I had there. Again it depends on what you want to see. For food lovers it offers some wonderful opportunities to taste great food.

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    What really strikes me is how reasonable the prices are for food, transport and accommodation. My advice is to go if you ever get the chance. Besonders schwer trifft es …. In Souled Out , award-winning journalist and commentator E.

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    Dionne explains why the era of the Religious Right--and the crude exploitation of faith for political advantage--is over. Based on years of research and writing, Souled Out shows that the end of the Religious Right doesn't signal the decline of evangelical Christianity but rather its disentanglement from a political machine that sold it out to a narrow electoral agenda of such causes as opposition to gay marriage and abortion.

    With insightful portraits of leading contemporary religious figures from Rick Warren and Richard Cizik to John Paul II and Benedict XVI, Dionne shows that our great religions have always preached a broad message of hope for more just human arrangements and refused to be mere props for the powers that be. Dionne also argues that the new atheist writers should be seen as a gift to believers, a demand that they live up to their proclaimed values and embrace scientific and philosophical inquiry in a spirit of "intellectual solidarity.

    Written in the tradition of Reinhold and H. Richard Niebuhr, Souled Out will help change how we think and talk about religion and politics in the post-Bush era. Like E. Dionne, I am a liberal Catholic, so the heart of this book, his two chapters on Catholicism, moved me. But I liked all of what he had to say about the role of faith in American politics and Read full review. Account Options Sign in. My library Help Advanced Book Search.