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If you break a bone, pull a tendon, etc.

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So take your time to transition, and be active and helpful to yourself during the transition. That complaining is a note to self on where you are. You feel stuck and are saying no to options that could help you become unstuck without even giving them real consideration. We may change jobs, spouses, homes, etc. It takes an enormous amount of prayer, energy, and discipline to change. These changes while difficult, develop you.

You literally discover something new about you. Before getting lost, my dream in my mind was an easy clear path, in fact it was probably too specific and narrow. My thinking had become boxed in as to which doors were open, closed, or possible.

I Am A Warrior - Part 1

He wants you to trust Him. If a man has hundred sheep, and one has gone astray, does he not leave the ninety-nine on the mountain and go in search of the one who went astray? And if he finds it, truly, I say to you, he rejoices over it more than the ninety-nine that never went astray. August 22, at pm. Hello Ms, Courtney! It has been a while since I searched for your inspiring words. Change is truly a fact of life. If I fall, I am not going down all by myself!

Keep being you, Ms.

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You have such an optimistic way about you. You are truly loved in every aspect of life — wonderfully adventurous parents, supportive family and friends. Your life is one that I truly admire!

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May you continue to be blessed, and a blessing to others through your words of inspiration and wisdom. The Lord knows the plans He has for you. Reply Trade Tagaloa August 22, at pm. I used to have shoulder length hair and I now have maybe an inch of it left, lol. This was a drastic but necessary change for me as it forced me to be accepting of the perfectly imperfect features of my face. In the beginning it was a challenge because it was and is so different! He's still in school!

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They have two daughters in school and two much younger children at home. It would be possible to use at in both of these examples, but it would serve to emphasise the physicality of being at school rather than engagement in the process. At for territory When we opt to use at, it helps us shift the focus from processes, rooms, and buildings to the idea of a wider environment, one which might include sports fields, car parks, bike sheds, and dinner halls. I made some enemies at school when I set fire to the chapel.

Where am I? Let me get on with my life. The emphasis in these example sentences is very clearly on something existing or taking place within the territory of the school. At frees us from having to specify physical buildings or engagement in processes. So, in asks us to be more precise with buildings, and also helps us to refer to our involvement in a process. At, on the other hand, allows one to speak about a territory in more vague terms.

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This is a useful thing if your child is prone to skipping lessons by hiding out on the roof, kissing other students behind the bike sheds, or sunbathing on the school playing fields. What more do you want from them? Mark favorite.

Who Am I? Part 1 - Discover Yourself In God's Mirror

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