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The story was fairly well presented, with a strong lead-up and segments of the trial, in which Barrister and Lockwood do what they can to keep Alex Mason from facing death row, but cannot discount the evidence. While things did go well, as I mentioned above, the vast array of characters served sometimes to dilute the effectiveness of the story, as the reader is forced to recollect who belongs where and what they have said up to this point. That being said, things did all fall into place at just the right moment and Margolin shows how effective he can be in his writing.

Kudos, Mr Margolin, for another wonderful legal thriller. I love the move away from the bright lights of big city stories and hope Oregon will remain where you set future stories. View all 3 comments. The Third Victim by Phillip Margolin is a new legal thriller that takes off from the opening pages and keeps the action coming. The story is told from multiple points of view as it unfolds from the victim being found all the way through the investigation and trial of the case.

As a driver heads down a country road Meredith Fenner appears out of the forest in front of him. Beaten, bruised and bloody Meredith has obviou The Third Victim by Phillip Margolin is a new legal thriller that takes off from the opening pages and keeps the action coming. Beaten, bruised and bloody Meredith has obviously been attacked so the police are called in to try to find what had happened to her. The Portland Police are called in to the investigation when it appears that Meredith injuries seem to be similar to the bodies of two young women they have been investigating.

Meredith leads them to the cabin where she escaped from and it belongs to none other than attorney Alex Mason who is arrested for the crimes and hires the legendary Regina Barrister and her new assistant Robin Lockwood to defend him. There is a lot going on in The Third Victim all through the book but it was always easy to follow and kept the pages turning. I found it interesting no matter if out hunting for clues and evidence or in the courtroom battling the case. I did however guess the big twist early on myself so not a full five stars for this one but would definitely pick up more from this author in the future.

I received an advance copy from the publisher via NetGalley. View all 6 comments. Jan 01, Barbara rated it liked it. A sadistic serial killer is at work in Portland, Oregon.

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The murderer's first two victims were prostitutes - unfortunate women who were burned, beaten, and starved before being snuffed out. The third victim - a pretty young barista named Meredith Fenner - was lucky enough to escape, but she's physically and psychologically damaged. Meredith's winsome neediness touches the heart of unmarried Sheriff's Deputy Harry White, who shepherds Meredith through her first hours of freedom and helps her s A sadistic serial killer is at work in Portland, Oregon. Meredith's winsome neediness touches the heart of unmarried Sheriff's Deputy Harry White, who shepherds Meredith through her first hours of freedom and helps her search for the cabin where she was tortured.

The cabin Meredith identifies belongs to Portland lawyer Alex Mason - a wealthy, rude, unpopular loudmouth whom no one likes - not even his trophy wife Allison. Allison tells detectives that her husband likes 'kinky sex' that involves burning and restraints, which is a milder form of the torture inflicted on the dead hookers and poor Meredith. The cops figure they have their man and arrest Mason, who promptly hires legendary criminal defense attorney Regina Barrister - a brilliant, litigator who rarely loses.

Regina's been feeling a bit unwell lately, but tries to brush it off as stress. Thus Lockwood is dismayed when Barrister shows signs of being less sharp than usual, with occasional bouts of confusion and memory loss. In any case, Lockwood teams up with the law firm's investigator, Jeff Hodges, to look for an alternative suspect to Alex Mason. The duo hit on a likely candidate, Police Detective Arnold Prater, a vicious dirty cop who's known to beat up prostitutes for sexual pleasure.

Barrister refuses to point the finger at Prater though, because he's a former client Barrister thinks she can get Mason off without mentioning the corrupt cop. Astute readers may think they're a step ahead of the defense team in figuring things out, but they shouldn't get too cocky. Recommended to mystery fans. View 2 comments. Oct 21, ABookwormWithWine rated it really liked it Shelves: contemporary , from-the-publisher , physical-arc , made-me-chuckle , male-authors , whodunnit , adult-fiction , crime , drama , crime-and-detective-fiction.

First of all, thank you so much to Minotaur Books for sending me a review copy of this book! All opinions are my own. This was my first time reading a novel by Phillip Margolin and I have to say I was very impressed. The Third Victim sucked me in immediately, and I thought it kept up a very good pace throughout the novel. Some people didn't like how direct the character descriptions were, but I didn't really mind that. I mean I know you would expect an experienced writer not to do that, but I would much rather have "Tom has black hair, blue eyes, and a strong jaw" than no description at all.

So that didn't take away from the book for me. The Third Victim jumps from a bunch of different perspectives, sometimes quite a bit throughout chapters, but Margolin somehow kept it from getting confusing. I actually found this very interesting, but I don't think a lot of people would think of it as a fast-paced thriller. I don't want to say a whole lot about the plot, or the different plotlines; but the book mainly focuses on what happens after a woman is found in the middle of a road wearing nothing but a shirt and underwear, and sporting a bunch of cigarette burns and facial contusions.

I didn't actually think the big reveal was all that surprising, but I still really enjoyed this book. Final Thought: This is going to be another book that isn't for everyone; note very straightforward character descriptions and some descriptions of abuse. However, I was so interested in the story, and it ended up being quite informational in the way the author explains things.

It also has short chapters which is something that's always big on my list, plus it read SO quickly. I definitely think it is a book worth checking out, and I cannot wait to read more from Margolin. View all 10 comments. Mar 28, Faith rated it really liked it Shelves: reviewed , audio , overdrive , netgalley. This was a good, twisty legal thriller with an abundance of suspects, red herrings and surprising courtroom reveals. Set in rural Hammond County, Oregon, Meredith Fenner manages to escape after being kidnapped and tortured by a masked assailant, but 2 other women did not escape.

The prostitutes Patricia Rawls and Tonya Benson had previously been found murdered and all three crimes were very similar. Based on evidence supplied by Meredith, attorney Alex Mason is soon arrested for the 3 attacks an This was a good, twisty legal thriller with an abundance of suspects, red herrings and surprising courtroom reveals. Based on evidence supplied by Meredith, attorney Alex Mason is soon arrested for the 3 attacks and appears to be guilty based on both forensic evidence and the testimony of his wife.

However, also in the picture are a sadistic cop, a pimp and a defense attorney who may not be up to the job of defending Mason. I like courtroom dramas and I've read and enjoyed other books by this author. My favorite parts of this book were the trial scenes. I would have preferred less detail about the problems of the chief defense attorney but overall I liked this book. I received a free copy of this book from the publisher. View all 4 comments. Although the story was entertaining it still was somewhat predictable. It kept me guessing and kept me reading.

SUMMARY Robin, a recent law school grad, has landed her dream job as an associate with a very prestigious law firm led by Regina, a legendary, tough defense attorney. With Regina as her mentor, her future seems to be set. The first case she assists with looks like a slamdunk for the prosecution. To make matters worse, Regina seems to be having memory loss issues. Lots of small things keep slipping through the cracks, and now it looks like big things maybe beginning to slip as well.

What is really going on with Regina? Is their client really as guilty as he looks? I thought I had it figured out several times but was only partially right. It was so incredibly readable! It flowed well and there never a place where I wanted to stop. It was almost trite in some places. Seems like there could be potential for a series. Aug 09, Jeanie rated it it was amazing Shelves: publisher-reviews. Fast paced thriller with heart in dealing with dementia and wickedness dealing with greed.

It is difficult for me to read a regular book anymore. I love reading on my kindle so I can underline key phrases and come back to them when I review but this one was fast and kept you on track. Detailed but not over detailed that you get lost. I have not read Margolin but if I was to compare his writing style to another it would have to be Linwood Barclay that being said, Margolin is easier to follow. Two Fast paced thriller with heart in dealing with dementia and wickedness dealing with greed. Two prostitutes found dead in the Seattle area and a third victim found at the side of a country road who escaped with a horrific tale to tell.

The victim has identified a well known lawyer Alex Mason in the Seattle area and the cards against him. Mason has hired Regina Barrister is a legendary criminal defense attorney with the help of her newly hired assistant Robin Lockwood. The defense team must now cast doubt on Mason's case and do that they must find the real killer.

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Robin has always looked up to Regina and the way she handles her cases. Regina now into her 60's can outwit and out do any lawyer in the area. Her quick mind is always on the go. But what happens when the mind starts to go. Regina begins to notice how things do not come to her as they once did however she continues on because that is all she knows.

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Robin being the newby struggles with confronting Regina and begins to look into Alzheimer's and the affects and what she can do. As long as Regina is the head of this case, will a innocent man be sentenced to death for a crime he did not commit. With a connecting the dots, this thriller keeps you at the edge of your seat as the real killer is revealed. I loved it!

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I would like thank the author for the signed ARC and the publisher Minotaur Books for requesting a honest review. Mar 25, Tim rated it it was ok. There are some brutal scenes, along with some stereotyping in this less than best effort from Margolin. Feb 12, RM Alwaysdaddygirl Griffin alwaysdaddyprincess rated it liked it. Not one of his best. Aug 13, Aristotle rated it liked it.

An elementary read my dear goodreaders. A straightforward and uncomplicated book. A prominent attorney is accused of murdering two women and raping another. His defense attorney is Regina Barrister a top criminal defense attorney with a deep dark secret. She is suffering from early onset of Alzheimer's.

A very interesting story line but turned out to be an overly simple read. Watching Regina's mind slowly deteriorate and start to affect her defense of her client, a death penalty case, was compellin An elementary read my dear goodreaders. Watching Regina's mind slowly deteriorate and start to affect her defense of her client, a death penalty case, was compelling but underplayed. A missed opportunity. View 1 comment. Mar 22, Jean rated it liked it Shelves: fiction , audio-book , legal , mystery. Most of them take place in Oregon as does this book. Margolin frequently has the hero as a female defense attorney as is the case in this book.

Our protagonist is Robin Lockwood. Regina is defending a fellow local attorney, Alex Mason, who is charged with kidnapping, torture and battery. Robin Lockwood is second chair to Barrister in this case. The book is mostly well written with a multiple twisting plot. This book is not for everyone because of the descriptions of torture and abuse.

Margolin provides not only detective work but courtroom drama. I do not believe this book is up to the usual standards of Margolin, as in my opinion, it is jerky in the flow of the multiple plot lines. But over all I did enjoy the book. I enjoyed the interview with the author at the end of the book. I read this as an audiobook downloaded from Audible. The book is eight and a half hours. Therese Plummer does a good job narrating the story. Plummer is an actress, voice-over artist and an award-winning audiobook narrator.

Apr 16, Patrice Hoffman rated it liked it Shelves: provided-by-netgalley. Before diving into my review of Phillip Margolin's The Third Victim , I'd like to talk about my "process" as if you care-insert eye roll here. How presumptuous to assume you give a crap about my "process". As some may know, I write book reviews. I love writing book reviews because I love reading books. Admittedly, my reviews are far from any literary masterful analysis that is in abundance here on this site. I love reading those types of re Before diving into my review of Phillip Margolin's The Third Victim , I'd like to talk about my "process" as if you care-insert eye roll here.

I love reading those types of reviews and aspire to someday change someones life with my intellectual, insightful review. That ain't happening no time soon. I'm already off subject. I'm supposed to talk about my process. I often find myself between books and it's usually because I have so many to choose from. After writing a review for a novel I thoroughly enjoyed, I began reading three books. This happened to be one of them. But since I feel my Goodreads currently-reading shelf is full at 4 or 5 books. I decided to do a couple soft starts. Soft starts are the ones I begin but don't commit to just yet on my currently reading shelf.

Reviewers and book polygamist know what I mean. This is how I began The Third Victim. Ironically it was the third book I chose to soft start before committing to one. That's my process in a nutshell. Although I didn't intend to commit to this novel next, I ultimately finished this book over the weekend which is unprecedented in my current life. Balancing full-time work, part-time student life, and just trying to live in between those moments, it takes me forever to read a book. Margolin's The Third Victim is an easy read. It's seriously uncomplicated and my 3-star rating might be generous.

It's more of a 2. Why you ask? She's taken to the hospital and tells her story. Meanwhile, Robin Lockwood has been hired after finished her clerkship to work for one of the toughest, most successful lawyers in Oregon. Regina Barrister is at the top of her craft and is named "The Sorceress" by those she slaughters in court. Robin couldn't be happier to be second chair in a huge murder trial. Before long, that happiness turns to trepidation due to Regina's strange behavior. With a man's life on the line, Robin struggles with how to approach her boss' issues.

To me, it's no-brainer but there's gotta be some sort of tension there. Sure I read this book in a few hours and I admit it was entertaining enough but I felt like I was reading a book by someone like me. Someone who's unable to craft a masterful tale or just has too little time to devote to the project. This is not the first Margolin novel so I'm quite surprised at how dumbed down The Third Victim seemed. As I write this review, I'm rethinking the generosity of my 3-stars. There is nothing complicated here.

To be more precise, there's nothing new here. Every moment leads to another predictable moment, topped off with another helping of that same predictable flow. To make matters worse, the characters were as thin as I'm no lyricist. I don't require that the books I read be complicated either. I swear I'm no book snob but I expect my legal thrillers to be just a tab bit more thrilling. Either way it goes I'll leave The Third Victim with 3-stars because it is an easy read.

It's great as an in-between book. Something that can be read quickly and is entertaining enough to see through to the end. Although I wasn't thrilled with this novel, reading it didn't make me a long suffering victim nor deter me from reading more by this author. Copy provided by St.

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Martin's Press via Netgalley Oh shit! I almost forgot to mention there's a huge other story line going on that sort of just ends. I don't know what happened to it. My review was going to follow along the same lines. It could be that I kinda just skimmed the last 20 pages but seriously?

What happened to the Prater story? View all 9 comments. Well there went a good night of sleep!

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I started this one late in the evening and did not put it down until after 3 am -- definitely a "read in one sitting" type of legal thriller that I hope is the first in a new series by this talented author. The plot is described in the blurb but essentially it is full of twists, turns and surprises that begs the question -- who is the real victim?

No spoilers, but when a tortured and starved woman is found at the edge of a road in Whisper Lake -- one whose h Well there went a good night of sleep! No spoilers, but when a tortured and starved woman is found at the edge of a road in Whisper Lake -- one whose horrible treatment bears similarities to two other cases of dead women -- many different groups of law enforcement and justice kick into action.

The prime suspect is a prominent attorney and the prosecutor goes for the death penalty. A large cast of characters and interesting detail about their lives provide a sidebar to the legal maneuvering. I found all of it quite absorbing and, though I guessed where it all might be going, I love to see the process of how the truth is revealed despite the red herrings. I really would like to see more of Robin Lockwood and the legal team. I'm worried about Regina Barrister. I liked the Oregon setting.

I do enjoy a good legal thriller and this fit the bill. Bring it on! It was a refreshing change for me. Sep 25, Devi Nair rated it it was amazing Shelves: thrillers , library. One of those very few moments where wishes come true. All through reading the thriller, I wished for a particular character to be the culprit so that the thriller would truly be mind blowing But other times he responded that there must be something wrong with him. I could see his confidence wither as abuse fueled his doubts.

According to statistics, approximately 77 percent of students have been physically or verbally bullied. But it was hard to tell if Josh was being targeted, exaggerating, or if this aggressive behavior was normal for sixth grade boys. A sensitive kid who is intelligent, handsome, and has always been a head taller than his classmates, Josh is often timid with other youths.

He constantly asked for advice on how to feel.

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Sometimes he seemed to stick with kids who were mean to him, waiting for acceptance that would never come. I wondered if Josh was too comfortable in the victim role. Even if only part of what he told us was true, it was awful. I know now that certain kids are more likely to be bullied. The irony is that kids who bully often experience the same emotions and some 20 percent of kids who are bullied also bully others.

Josh started eating lunch with a group of eighth graders, doing their homework, and giving them his lunch in exchange for protection. One afternoon in our kitchen, Josh described lying on the hall floor and being repeatedly kicked while other kids watched. According to statistics, more than half of the time, bullying stops if another kid intervenes , but no one stepped in to help Josh.

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We were all angry with the school, and our frustration seeped into our relationships with each other. Should we threaten these kids, tell Josh to fight, go to the police? At the end of a long day of working and parenting, my partner and I worriedly compared notes, decided who to call and what to ask for.

Deep down, we all just wanted it to go away. Also, we felt bad about ourselves as parents. Had we raised Josh badly? Every morning, it felt like we were sending him into a war zone with no protection. One day, Josh said a boy called Omar knocked him down and started punching and kicking him in the face and body. A crowd of kids gathered and screamed at Omar, aggressively egging him on. The next day, he told me he had fantasies about stabbing his bullies. At almost 6 feet tall, Josh was far bigger than these kids. I was afraid for him, afraid of him being hurt, but even more afraid of what he was internalizing about himself.

When Emily Bazelon, author of Sticks and Stones: Defeating the Culture of Bullying and Rediscovering the Power of Character and Empathy , interviewed adults who had been bullied, she found their experiences were still raw and painful, even years later. In early March, a kid punched Josh in the face in gym class. The vice principal and counselor met with Josh, developed safety plans and places for him during lunch, but the verbal and physical abuse continued. Two weeks later, two friends of the expelled boy cornered Josh in a stairwell and attacked him.

I had finally had enough.

False memory charm

I sat down and wrote up a timeline of all the abuse Josh had experienced since September and our attempts to get support from the school. We were finally united as a team with the single goal of protecting Josh. We met with the superintendent, who was shocked by the abuse and lack of response we described, and requested an emergency safety transfer to a new middle school, which was granted.

We learned that every school has a police officer assigned to it, and that those officers exist to help in these sorts of situations. Our fear of authority, concerns that Josh was lying or should toughen up, and lack of knowledge about his school life all contributed to our delay. We waited too long to intervene and allowed our own insecurities, poor communication, and confusion to get in the way. These days, many schools have systems and regulations in place that demand they act quickly, especially when bullying is physical.

States and local lawmakers have enacted laws, usually through the education code, to protect children. In general, in-person bullying seems to be decreasing although other forms of harassment, such as cyberbullying, may be increasing. Last week, he told us about a kid taunting him, making obscene remarks about what Josh and a friend liked to do with each other.

My mind went to the worst case scenario.