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It is crucial that the material does not contain foreign objects such as stones, iron, soil or gravel. To ensure handling takes place as simply and correctly as possible it is best if sorting commences when the sack or drum is emptied or when the bale is first opened. We feel this is the best way of creating a system that is efficient, environmentally adapted and simple for everyone concerned.

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Proceed as follows Collection information A simple solution. For more ecofriendly agriculture. Society is making increasingly stringent demands with regard to recycling, including stricter legislation.

Burning plastic is illegal, as is burying it. A solution that is both simple and cost-effective and at the same time facilitates important environmental adaptation. Plastic is a resource. Behind the demand for recycling is not only the environmental aspect but also long-term resource management. I can match the numbers to their attendance number!

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And again. It had to be in a spot which keeps people flowing through the classroom. Our original spot caused traffic. I needed it to be close to where I would be often so I would remember to use it! Square Magnets. The Shutterfly app offers 10 free magnets if they are the same type and size some limitations, of course. One design included a frame, which I made our school color, a line for font, and room for an image. In , my students redesigned our classroom and it was made quite clear they wanted a more business-like environment, without the expected what they called "claustrophobia-inducing" decor, motivating quotes, etc.

But I love quotes. This became a nice compromise. Want to see what it's like with students? These became the images for our 40 magnets. The font line kept the numbers clear and uniform. Circle Magnets. The circle glass magnets were a summer art project for me and my daughter.

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A coat of white paint allowed the glitter to show instead of the soon-to-be-added magnet. Modge Podge secured the magnet to the glass. Does it sound like too much? Make it a quick class project!

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Everyone makes one. You'll be finished at the end of one school day at the beginning of the year.

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A Simple Routine. The 40 square magnets are in two vertical rows on the edge of my sliding whiteboard near my computer. The students make a loop; they have to walk all the way into the room, move their circle magnet, and then keep moving to grab their laptop before heading to their seat of choice. We really have practiced moving with the flow of traffic for efficiency. One class moves their circle magnets onto their assigned squares.

Here's a simple solution to the green growth / degrowth debate — Jason Hickel

The next class moves the circle off of their assigned squares to show they are in class. Some Tips. The spreadsheet is always open. The random number helps when a student drops or adds my class. Since the numbers do not align to the roster, I do not have to have students change and memorize a new magnet number if my roster changes. And that's it.