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A Year Of Divrei Torah

On the following day, Solomon observed that the Angel of Death was in good spirits. Does this mean that I am opposed to exercise and diets? Not at all. Jewish lawcommands us to take care of our bodies and preserve our health. But ultimately, Judaism cares much more about what we do with our lives than about whether we live to be Thus far I have rejected four of the goals that people run after. But does this mean that we should stop running?

Does this mean there are no goals in life worth pursuing? Of course not. But we must emulate the Cushite runner and set for ourselves a clearly defined task. But which things in life are worth running after?

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There are no hard and fast answers, but almost four thousand years of Jewish tradition have furnished us with three major goals worth pursuing:. Byrunning after the commandments. They strengthen our commitment to God and ensure the survival of the Jewish people. Our mission is clear. We must clothe the naked and feed the hungry, fight discrimination and preach tolerance, and help Jews in distress throughout the world. It is not enough to sit back and wait for these things to happen. In the words of the Psalmist which we recite every Shabbat morning Psalms :.

As you know, nothing is more elusive than Shalom. We must pursue it at home and run after it at the office. We must strive for Shalom in Canada, in Israel and throughout the world. We should set clear goals in life and pursue them. We should stop running after money , parnassah , honor, power and longevity. We should, rather, run after mitzvot, strive for tzedek, and seek peace and pursue it.

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If we do so, we shall all be winners in the race of life. Search for: Search.

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Rabbi Prof. David Golinkin. However, I wasnt yet satisfied. The recipients were limited to those who were on my e-mail list, and I didnt feel that reading a two minute dvar Torah once a week was enough. Firstly, I wanted to greatly expand the range of availability of my weekly divrei Torah. The number of people who could read and benefit from a weekly dvar Torah is limitless so I didnt want the availability of interesting and understandable words of Torah to have a limit. By writing this book, Im attempting to do everything in my power to ensure that anyone on any level has something that they can learn from, be fascinated by, and then teach to others.

Divrei Torah

By closing every dvar Torah with a lesson taken from the Parsha, I hope that this book will not only be educationally enriching but morally enriching as well. En lire plus En lire moins. The Danger of Religious Fanaticism. Responsibility and the Hardened Heart. Jewish Continuity and the origins of "Ben Hur". Crossing the Sea in Every Generation. Filling the Earth with God's Presence.

Blueprint for a Full Jewish Life. The Torah as Puzzle: Rearranging the Parts.

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Journeying from the Personal to the Communal. The Spiritual Tools of Leviticus. Tzav: The Haftarah as Commentary.

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