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Question: Is there any type of cat toy that is made to reduce stress and help promote exercise? Answer: YES!!! But unfortunately, not one that we have ever found in stores so we started making our own signature ones.

Persian Cat Information and Personality Traits

What if there were such a thing as a cat toy that not only stimulated your cat to get up and exercise but also doubled as a relaxant? Now there is! We handmake them here ourselves, with homegrown organic herbs that are evenly mixed to bring the best of both worlds to your furry feline friend!

Unlike any other catnip toy on the market, these amazing little bows are super potent and free from any harmful chemicals. These are great to toss in the pet carrier when traveling to reduce stress or hand out during impending thunderstorms. You are sure to find these darling bows will quickly become your cats all time new favorite toy! Size: Approx. You may still have a little arching of the older cats back and or a hiss or two, but that will fade in no time.

Soon they will be snuggling up together, and you will wonder how they ever lived without each other. Number one, do not attempt to own a long-haired cat without a Safari Cat Shedding Comb!!! It is a Must Have! Question: What is the best product to clean their eyes with? Answer: There are three very popular eye care products specifically formulated and marketed for Persians eye care. Just an all-around awesome kit!! And here is a different approach to tackling tear stains! It starts working even before tear stains can begin!

We have never had one kitty, not like this brand!! Answer: YES! They love them so much and spend hours swinging around and being goofy on them. Here is a place on the web that has a wonderful selection of them. Cozy Cat Furniture. Answer: Haha! Winter time re-homing is much harder on the fur babies so please help keep stress to a minimum. Do not change their diet or type of litter. Keep plenty of warm blankets in the pet carrier when transferring kitty outdoors.

We recommend using the ThermaPet Cat Mat inside the carrier, this unique mat transfers your cats own natural body heat back to them. Always give your kitty Rescue Remedy drops before traveling. Drape a throw over the carrier so it is not exposed to the wintertime outside elements. Both of these methods work great. Kitty will learn after once or twice that behavior is a no-no! Question: Do all kittens have blue eyes? Question: How do I know which ones will have different colored eyes by the time they are adults? Answer: Below we have created an eye color chart for you to view which explains eye color.

Question: Are blue-eyed white Persians deaf? You call their name by your sheer presence rather than a verbal name so they come running to you the moment they see you.

Caring for a Persian Cat

Anyone who has ever owned a deaf kitty would never even consider owning a cat with its hearing in tack because of the intensely affectionate personality. Are any other types of white cats deaf? Answer: A small percentage of copper eyed white cats can be deaf. Some white cats who have one copper eye and one blue eye may be deaf in the ear on the side of the blue eye.

Question: Are white cats blind? Answer: No, there is absolutely no truth to this rumor. It is merely a hoax and nothing more. What is a Himalayan? The Himalayan acquired the color points from the Siamese; therefore the Himalayans are a tad bit more vocal and high energy than the Persians. Both are very sweet-tempered, intelligent and very social.

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Like Persians, Himalayans are very loyal and devoted to their owners. They prefer to be near humans for ongoing companionship. All Himalayans have blue eyes. Persians and Himalayans are considered to be the same breed. As with most long-haired cats, Himalayans need to be brushed daily to keep their coats looking their best.

Caring for a Persian Cat

The body fur on of a Himalayan is white or ivory, but the points come in many different colors: seal or black , blue, lilac, chocolate, red flame , and cream. The points can also be tabby or tortoiseshell-patterned. Like Persians, Himalayans are indoor cats only and should never be allowed outside. You can find them at home improvement stores and farm supply stores.

How To Care For Persian Cats - Things to Know About Persian Cats

These pellets are not labelled as cat litter but work perfectly. This is the most expensive and time-consuming part owning a Persian cat. Brushing is the most important part of grooming which will prevent matting. Mats are not simply a bad hairdo but they the mats pull on the skin and can be very painful for the cat. Having different brushes is necessary.

See my post here for my favorite brushes. If you do not invest the time to groom your cat regularly you will have to take her to the groomers much more often.

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There are many products and food on the market that claim that they prevent hairballs. While any cats can have hairballs, long-haired cats are more prone to them. I believe a healthy diet and consistent grooming is the best prevention. For me that healthy diet is a homemade raw meat diet. I have found coconut oil to work very well as a natural and healthy alternative to petroleum jelly. I feed my cats a homemade raw meat diet. This is the most nutritional and moisture rich diet they are biologically designed to eat.

Persian cats that have the extreme face or peeked face have problems with eye drainage and stains. The amount and frequency of care varies greatly from cat to cat. Depending on the size of the nose, flatness of the face and just the cat itself. Some will need to be cleaned several times a day and others once a week or not at all. Can you give me some some tips and advices on how to take care of it? One month old though, what happened to its mother? Cats should never be removed from their mother until minimum 2 months but 3 months is even better.

I find she still ends up with food everywhere surrounding the bowl. Any ideas how to stop this? Specific bowls for flat faced cats? My cats too like to pick up the food and eat it next to the bowl. I use a mat under their bowls which helps a lot with cleanup. This is the one I use. Hello I am wondering if you could help me.

What can I do to prevent this or is it something I am doing wrong. I use those pads with warm water.

Breed Characteristics

And dry them afterwards. My persian 10months old is so picky when it comes to food. Before she eats pellets for the past 7 months, afterwhich i introduced wet food but she is starting to lose weight yet she eat well. Apetite for dry food becomes pale and she prefers more of wet food. How can i make my pet go back somehow to at least eat dry or pellet food once in awhile. Wet stuff are quite pricey. Even the cheapest wet food is better for her than any dry food. Feeding dry food once in a while is okay but feeding her mostly wet food will benefit her health greatly in the long-run.

Feeding cats only dry food keeps them in a constant state of dehydration which will cause long-term damage on her organs. Thanks for reading and commenting! I have just seen this I have had a nightmare with my persian with foods, He will not eat any wet food whatsoever. I have tried all sorts. When he was a kitten he used too. Now he will only eat certain dry foods. But I have seen it is a health problem. What can I do?? I am curious about your suggestion for using pellets in the litter box.

One of my boys is very messy and tracks litter out of the box. It is a full-time job keeping that area clean. But…how do the pellets work with urine? I assume, you can easily remove the solids, but having trouble figuring out what happens with liquid.