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Her vision is to inspire individuals to create opportunities that enable underserved women and children to rise to their potential. Opened in , the school serves more than 1, boys and girls and is a model for teaching and learning throughout Africa. Aflac is a Fortune company that insures more than 50 million people worldwide.

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The company was founded in in Columbus, Georgia, by three brothers from Enterprise, Alabama. They were raised in the Methodist Church, and they applied the Christian principles they learned there in starting and building their company. They knew that doing the right thing would be critically important to their success in business. Dan Amos is chairman and chief executive officer of Aflac Incorporated. During Mr. Today, Aflac is the leading provider of individual insurance policies offered at the worksite in the United States and is the largest life insurer in Japan in terms of individual policies in force.

Although Aflac is not a religious company or trying to bring religion into the workplace, faith plays an important role in the company as it was founded and built upon principles rooted in Christianity. Paul S. Amos, a former board of directors member who resigned in June to join a private equity firm, believes that the teachings of Jesus absolutely create the right principles for the right way to treat other people and that you bring people into the culture and emphasize these principles from day one on how they provide guidance for how you behave in meetings and how you behave both inwardly and outwardly.

And when leaders are doing the right things they are also teaching their people how to do the right things. As the market leader in the supplemental insurance industry, Aflac leaders are committed to making business decisions that balance the needs of their policyholders, employees, sales force, and shareholders, while recognizing the obligation they have to the global community. As such, they have embedded a commitment to sustainability into their triple bottom line by striving to balance effective and efficient management of operations with caring for their people and responsible environmental stewardship, including promoting awareness among their employees and interested stakeholders of their shared responsibility towards protection of the environment.

Aflac also carefully considers the impact of their actions—not only today, but in the years to come. As a large, publicly-traded company, Aflac recognizes its responsibility for leading the way in eco-friendly business initiatives. The company became the first insurance company in the United States to be ISO Energy Management System registered, which represents the latest best-practice thinking in energy management.

For several reasons, the path for embedding sustainability in the triple bottom line is not easy, nor is it a given that all leaders have the capacity to perceive or walk it. First, leadership that emphasizes sustainability reflects an emerging consensus for leaders to live their lives and lead their organizations in ways that account for their impact on the earth, society, and the health of local and global economies. Thus, the very definition of leadership is extended to those who seek sustainable change, regardless of role or position; to build the kind of world that we want to live in and that we want our children and grandchildren to inherit.

Second, this requires leaders with extraordinary abilities, as sustainability and sustainable development call for organizations to operate within complex interconnected and dynamic environmental, economic, and social systems that require conscious moral decision-making and complex problem solving. Third, leaders must engage in an inward journey of discovery whereby innate human selfishness is transformed or becomes centered in deeper empathy, compassion, understanding of oneself as well as colleagues, organizations, communities, the environment, and how all these factors interrelate.

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Finally, four interrelated objectives must be realized in order to embed sustainability in the triple bottom line through spiritual leadership:. The basic assumption underlying these objectives is that, although building the organization is desirable in itself, its main purpose for sustainable development is to make it better equipped to meet the other three objectives. Building leadership requires the development of core competencies to be able to understand and demonstrate leadership for sustainability, which is often described as sustainability literacy.

By building practice, organizations committed to sustainability would build leadership for sustainability with spiritual leadership as its foundation. Leaders, organizations, and their partners could then work to implement sustainable strategies that influence learning, learners, leaders, organizations, and the communities they serve to nurture sustainable development.

In conclusion, we have proposed that the personal and organizational spiritual leadership models can be used for embedding sustainability into the triple bottom line. This is a leadership paradigm within which we can all experience meaning and purpose connected to something greater than ourselves, a world in which we can flourish today as well as provide for the generations of those to come.

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Will I make the moral commitment and choose to accept the challenge of co-creating a conscious, sustainable world that works for everyone through spiritual leadership? In over our heads: The mental demands of modern life. Harvard University Press, Triandis, Harry C. Management Education for the World. Flourishing enterprise: The New Spirit of Business.

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Giacalone and C. Jurkiewicz eds. New York: M.

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Sharp, Amos: This is not who we are. Louis W. He has published articles in numerous scholarly journals, past editor of the Journal of Management Spirituality and Religion, and the editor for Information Age Publishing of a book series, Advances in Workplace Spirituality: Theory, Research, and Application. The author of two books, Maximizing the Triple Bottom Line Through Spiritual Leadership, and Spiritual Leadership on Action: The CEL Story, his present research, consulting and executive development interests are focused on maximizing the triple bottom line through spiritual leadership to co-create a conscious, sustainable world that works for everyone.

Email: lwfry tamuct. Her research interests center on workplace spirituality; in particular, on how spirituality can create the foundation for global leadership, sustainability and enhance harmony in multicultural organizational environments that include Muslim employees. She has held positions as adjunct professor at the International University of Monaco www.

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Their goal is to assist organizations to maximize their triple bottom line through the implementation of a specific model of spiritual leadership, the Spiritual Leadership Model SLM. Living in a complex world and moving into the smart machine age, the need for good leadership is even greater; spiritual leadership provides a compass to navigate through difficult decisions. Research and teaching in the field will help future managers and organization leaders cope with the stress and anxiety and sometimes rancor that organizations may be experiencing. Spiritual convictions may help business leaders to develop ecological consciousness required for achieving sustainability in business functioning.

Jesus of Nazareth manifests character traits in His speech and actions that transcend time and culture and offer insights into leadership practices and priorities worth serious consideration. Wolpert examines 12 prayer practices and connects each to an aspect of spiritual leadership. He discusses how to use and apply prayer in church settings, showing how each component of leadership fits together with the life of prayer.

Each chapter uses a biblical figure as a traveling companion for the reader. Details if other :. Thanks for telling us about the problem. Return to Book Page. Leading a Life with God shows how personal practice evolves into leadership practice.

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