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Pen was using the transcendental quality of the true artist to use culture to consciously build peaceful overlaps between conflictive elements within one people. Like wild fire Punta Rock caught and raged throughout Belize during the s and afterwards, although most people did not know about its genesis.

In Pen migrated to Germany, the birthplace of his wife Ingrid, together with their two boys Ibo and Beni, and daughter Mali. The challenges all of them faced were overwhelming and demanded quick and methodological response. There was a thirst for Afro-Caribbean painting and music within groups in the artistic communities that Ingrid and Pen joined.

But it was the children, who most would benefit from the wide ranging opportunities that surrounded them within their new environment. All three took basic music lessons in school and later had individual lessons in the recorder, guitar, singing, and drumming. Simultaneously Pen and Ingrid consolidated the grounding of their children in Garifuna music and painting. Not many artists accomplish this feat of self-regeneration and Pen has certainly done so quite well. This again is a mark of the true and universal artist.

During this third period of his life Pen has restlessly continued with his cultural metamorphosis. This time he has widened the scope to include opening an excellent art gallery. Together with Ingrid he teaches youth art, music, dance, and textile. Jean Paul Zermelo. Poetry - Volume Four.

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