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Seemingly nuanced word choices can be significant. In our profession there is no more striking example than the word security. We work in Information Security groups. We are security professionals.

CISSP - Security and Risk Management Tutorial

Therefore our jobs must be to secure our organizations. I sure hope not. Anyone out there work for a secure organization? Have that sucker all locked down?

The Board’s Role in Cyber Risk Management

Confidentiality, integrity, and availability all covered? As ridiculous as the idea of absolute security may seem, laypeople everywhere take it very seriously. We utilize state-of-the art technology and applications that stay ahead of the industry in security, loss prevention, and investigations. Because we invest in the technology we are able to significantly improve your security and protection with video, GPS tracking, digital forms and reporting, wireless communication, client support systems, and more.

When it comes to assessing your risk and protective factors, we will assist you with investigations, background checks, polygraph exams, and more.

Is “More Than Security”

We will also help you develop plans and procedures such as emergency response plans and business continuity development plans. If you have a daily situation, a high profile event, or a one-time event needing security oversight and protective services, Risk Management of Atlanta welcomes the opportunity to discuss security solutions and protective services that can be tailored specifically to your situation.

CISSP Domain - Part 1

Explore our Food Defense Regulatory Compliance Services factsheet to learn more about our experience and capabilities. Unarmed, and in some cases armed, proprietary security officers are found in many organizational environments.

With trends leaning toward outsourcing this security function, the use of contract officers is growing. ABS Group can help organizations evaluate the level of effectiveness, capabilities and training for this security solution as well as understand the dynamic security challenges facing the organizations. A well-written security plan is a living document that provides the basis for effective implementation and management of any security program.

Increasingly, these plans are becoming a regulatory necessity and a trend that will likely increase as security is increasingly scrutinized and regulated worldwide. Let us work with you to develop practical and useful security plans that meet the demands of today's security environment and ensure that your organization is in compliance with applicable regulatory requirements.

Security and Risk Management Tutorial | Simplilearn

Our training staff has amassed a wide variety of international experience in security risk management. We have assisted a number of high-level governmental organizations with the development of comprehensive, high-quality, risk management training programs for security and law enforcement professionals. Through these experiences, we have become a global resource for instruction in a wide variety of risk management topics, including terrorism risk, physical and cyber security, crime prevention, loss prevention and control, technical countermeasures operations, and security and blast engineering.

We have comfortable, affordable, classroom and breakout room areas to facilitate learning through interesting, hands-on and practical instructional experiences. Our extensive background in security systems design and operations benefits our clients through testing and evaluation of security technologies, helping to ensure security system and program reliability.

Security management policies, procedures, technologies, manpower and training should all be evaluated through a multi-faceted approach for testing to be effective. We can provide this service, as well as a full program of ongoing security systems evaluations to meet changing threats, regulations and needs.

Since ABS Group does not represent a specific security technology vendor or service provider, we can provide third-party independent evaluation of bids already received from vendors.