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To be clear, GodMode doesn't add functionality. But it helps administrators work more efficiently by collecting all these tweaks and controls in one place. Create a new folder wherever you want the GodMode folder to be. Right-click in Windows Explorer, select New, then click Folder. Next, rename the folder. The folder icon should be replaced by the Control Panel icon, and the folder should now be filled with a variety of tweaks and tools see figure at lower right.

The Bottom Line

The GodMode folder provides access to a variety of tools and tweaks. Click for larger image. But, wait.

  1. What Is GodMode?.
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  3. Set up GodMode!

There's more! The truth is, there isn't just one "GodMode. A post in a Microsoft forum by Auri Rahimzadeh provides a short script that will quickly create the GodMode folders.

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Copy and paste the following text immediately below this paragraph into Notepad. Name the file "godmodes. Running this script will create a new folder called Special Folders that will contain all of the developer shortcut folders as shown in the clickable thumbnail figure below. Also, by changing the text where it says "Special Folders" in the first two lines of the script, you could rename the new folder anything you'd like.

The collection of developer shortcut folders created by the Special Folders script.

How to Activate GodMode in Windows 10, 8, & 7

Okay, so now you have a bunch of folders filled with tools and tweaks that you already had access to. The question to consider is whether or not these GodMode folders serve any purpose. Do they make it easier to work with and configure Windows 7? Do they make your life as an IT administrator easier? Well, let's see. Let's say you want to defragment a hard drive.

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However, that is a fair amount of clicking, and it assumes that you remember where the Disk Defragmenter tool is located. Or, you can open the GodMode folder, go to the Administrative Tools section, and click on Defragment your hard drive. Another example is adjusting the display settings--perhaps to mirror or extend the display landscape onto a second monitor. It is known that this functionality crashes the Explorer in the bit version of Windows Vista.

Although not intended for use by general users, God Mode or Master Control Panel functionality in Windows is implemented by creating a base folder with a special extension.

The ultimate 'God Mode' list: 39 secret Windows 7 shortcuts

The format used is:. ApplicationName entry in the Windows Registry. Users can now create a control panel called GodMode that allows them easy access to almost all the administrative tasks in Windows. In fact, GodMode is so named as users have complete access to all aspects of the management of Windows at their fingertips and in one location. That makes it very convenient to configure the hardware or windows settings quickly from a single screen.

Activating God Mode

You access GodMode by creating a special folder on the desktop. Arrive at the Windows desktop by closing all the open windows. Right-click on an empty part of the desktop or hold your finger there. Figure 1. Creating a New Folder.

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