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Occasionally the digitization process introduces transcription errors or other problems. Alfred A. The two previous installments of Anne Rice's ''vampire chronicles'' were fairly conventional Bildungsromans featuring fairly unconventional heroes. Though both these vampires make return appearances here, Ms. Rice's new novel, ''The Queen of the Damned,'' is an altogether more wide-ranging and ambitious work.

Instead of tracing the shifting fortunes of a single hero, it attempts to give us a complete vampire mythology. It wants to be a sort of ''Paradise Lost'' of the vampire kingdom, detailing the genesis of these creatures, their fall from grace and their precarious fate in the world at large, in the past, the present and the future.

As Ms.

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Rice tells it, the story of vampires begins some 6, years ago in the Middle East, and it begins with the birth of twin girls: red-haired, green-eyed girls named Maharet and Mekare, who are blessed with a mystical ability to commune with otherworldly spirits. These girls belong to a tribe of flesh-eaters who believe in consuming the bodies of deceased family members, a belief that inspires the wrath of King Enkil and Queen Akasha of Egypt.

These powerful rulers, who are jealous of the twins' powers, abduct the girls and have them raped and humiliated. A bloody showdown - in which spirits invoked by the twins display their awesome abilities - ends with the King and Queen being killed and mysteriously reborn as vampires. They thus become the Mother and Father of all blood-drinkers, initiating their friends and enemies into the curse and pleasure of eternal life.

The twins, who have also become vampires, declare they will get even with the Queen. Although the events that comprise this prehistory of vampire life are often ludicrous, Ms. Rice relates them with authority, verve and a well-developed sense of fun. By filtering staple mythic conventions - orphaned children, corrupt rulers, stark confrontations between innocence and evil - through her own gothic sensibility, she is able to create an entertaining legend of her own.

It's a campy, somewhat tongue-in-cheek legend, but like all successful legends it defines a coherent world that remains faithful to its own peculiar rules and logic. In the process, Ms. Rice also concocts or assembles all sorts of vampire lore. We learn that vampires boast small fanglike teeth and beautiful, whitish skin; that they can be destroyed by fire or sunlight; that they're capable of reading the minds of both mortals and fellow blood-drinkers. We also learn that their guarantee of eternal life is tied to the well-being of their progenitor, Queen Akasha ''The Queen of the Damned'' , who has recently awakened from a several-centurylong sleep to wreak vengeance on the world.

Indeed we learn that she plans to use Lestat -whom she has adopted as her son and lover - to carry out a diabolical plot to remake civilization. Look on the little town below, and on this ruined castle.

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This could be Bethlehem, my prince, my savior. And together we shall realize all the world's most enduring dreams. View all New York Times newsletters. What the Queen apparently wants to do is ''put an end to war, to rape, to violence'' by killing 90 percent of all males and creating a kingdom ruled by women.

Although Lestat is disturbed by this plan, and the other vampires including Louis, Armand and Marius, whom we've met in the earlier books vow to thwart her, they know that they risk forfeiting their own lives if they kill the evil Queen. In relating these events, Ms.

Rice cuts back and forth in time, back and forth between the stories of assorted vampires and mortals. Very entertaining. Could not wait to get this book, the entire series has been very enjoyable for me. I read an early copy of the third book in this series just before it released, and I really enjoyed where the author took the storyline, so I was looking forward to reading this book and seeing where it went next!

I then received an early copy of this book and I started reading it as soon as I could! After reading, I can say that I enjoyed this book just as much as the others! The plot developed at the perfect pace and I zoomed through it! I did think that this book was slightly longer than some of the others in the series, so it did take me a little longer to get through it! The plot also went in a direction that I wasn't really expecting, but I loved where the author took it and it did go in a direction that suited the story and characters! The plot also had a few twist and turns too and these really changed the plot!

The romance was back in this book too, which I loved! There wasn't a lot of romance in the last two books, so I was really happy that it was back in this book! The characters were again amazing and made this book for me! Annika was again the main female character, and in this book there was a part of me that felt very sorry for her! She discovered more about herself and about what she was and this must have been very difficult for her!

Annika did try her best to absorb this information and to embrace what she was and this made me respect her a lot! She was also very strong and she had come a long way from the girl introduced at the beginning of the first book! I also connected with Annika all the way through this book too and I didn't lose that connection with her! Jacen was again the main male character and love interest of Annika! I loved Jacen a lot in this book! He did try and be a bit sneaky with some of the characters, but it was to protect Annika and to give him the chance to find her!

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Jacen also never stopped trusting Annika and he showed her this by agreeing to go on a dangerous mission with her, even though they were going into the unknown! It was also easy to see that Jacen still had strong feelings for Annika and he definitely showed her just how much he missed her lol! This book was written from multiple point of views! I was obviously expecting this because the other books in the series were written from multiple point of views too! This book was mainly written from Annika's point of view, which was completely understandable, but some chapters were written from Jacen, Karina, Camelia and Thomas' point of views too!

I really enjoyed this book being written from a few different point of views because it added more to the story and allowed for more things to happen in the plot! It helped me connect more with all the characters too! The ending of this book was also left at the perfect place to lead into the next book and it's left me excited for the next book! I also think that the next book is the final book, which does make me really sad, but I can't wait to find out how Annika's journey is going to end!

I'm hoping that the next book releases in a few months time, so that I don't have to wait ages for it to release lol!

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