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During the First World War the Shuttle was an invaluable means to get messages from families at home to the soldiers on the battlefields, and also stories and pictures of men at war were published. This war effort compelled the purchase of a double-demy cylinder machine and the introduction of the point system of printing, along with Lanston monotype type setting.

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At the end of the war and coming into the s the Shuttle which was still chiefly run by Edward Parry and William Wimbury, but Wimbury became ill and died in Also Edward Parry became unable to run the business so it was passed over to his two sons, Clive Parry and Arthur Parry. They were supported from Fred W. Yates , who started as a printer's devil and worked his way up the organisation.

The responsibilities were split between the two brothers; Clive Parry looked after the printing side of the business while Arthur Parry concerned himself with the newspaper and journalistic side of the business. In the s the Shuttle seemed to be in jeopardy. In , Edward Parry died at the age of 98, and so ended his 56 years of commitment to the newspaper. His son, Arthur Parry became ill from the stress of running the newspaper and the death of his father.

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During the s a rival newspaper, the County Express from Stourbridge , wanted to extend their circulation to the Kidderminster area and even produced a Kidderminster edition of his newspaper. However, in the same year that Edward Parry died, Lt.

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Moody , proprietor of the County Express, also died. His widow kept on his wish for expansion into Kidderminster and so on 11 July the County Express bought the Shuttle. The County Express decided to keep the two newspapers to run separately and appointed Fred W.

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Yates as editor. This acquisition accounted for big changes in The Shuttle , printing of the newspaper was moved from the flat-bed machinery in Kidderminster to the County Express' s rotary press in Stourbridge. Most of the type setting was also moved from Kidderminster to Stourbridge. The style of the newspaper was totally revamped, and London agents were used to handle advertising aspect of the business. The change was seen as a success as the number of advertisers rose rapidly and the popularity of the newspaper improved.

The change was set back, however, with the Second World War , availability of paper and ink were in short supply and strict censorship was applied to all newspaper at this time. The paper was cut down in size and in staff. It took five years after the end of the war for the newspaper to recover. Additional Newsquest Newspaper titles with online presence around the Kidderminster area. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. For the novel, see The Shuttle novel. For the film, see The Shuttle film.

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The Shuttle

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