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That, in a nutshell, is the guiding philosophy of a movement that has swept the West in the past two decades. Amanda Rootsey and Jess Ainscough, for instance, both began blogs in that poured scorn on conventional medicine while documenting their quests to beat cancer naturally. In mid she was admitted to hospital in Brisbane to begin a course of chemotherapy which resulted in her cancer going into remission.

Rootsey still has a blog, and offers her services as a holistic life coach, but demurs when asked to comment on her abandonment of all-natural healing. Jess Ainscough proved to be a far more resolute advocate of natural healing, in part because the alternatives she faced were so awful. Ainscough opted for the latter but it failed to stymie the cancer and damaged the mobility of her arm. Within 18 months of starting it in , she was claiming miraculous results.

I thank Facebook, Twitter and the mass inundation of awesome blogs out there for this. But those early posts generated the intense interest which led more than 2. In the wellness movement, people find comforts that are often lacking in conventional medicine.

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Where doctors can be cautious and emotionally reserved, bloggers engage in the high emotions of gushing praise, tearful sympathy and boundless positivity. Where oncology and radiology offer mere increments of hope — survival for five years; a chance at remission — alternative treatments often promise nothing less than a total cure, complete with testimonials as proof. But wellness has become a lucrative business thanks to social media, as Jess Ainscough herself candidly admitted. Keeping the fridge stocked with fresh organic produce is pricey; let alone my penchant for nice clothes.

As well as selling her own products — e-books, jewellery, online life-coaching — she earned money spruiking the products of others, and enthused on her blog about cosmetics, clothing and other merchandise sent to her for free. Jess and Sharyn Ainscough appeared on the cover of this magazine in September , as part of a story on cancer sufferers who have declined conventional treatment. Thirteen months later she died, aged 57, prompting medical commentators to lament that she had put herself through a punishing regimen while declining treatment that might have saved her life. In subsequent messages she revealed that a fungating tumour in her shoulder had begun constantly bleeding as early as February By then, however, the wellness movement in Australia had a new star with an even more extraordinary story.

In one of her earliest messages on Instagram in May , Belle Gibson introduced herself as a young mother with a background in marketing who had moved to Melbourne in search of treatment for a malignant terminal brain tumour. Four years earlier, she said, a doctor had delivered her the devastating news that she had only four months to live.

Like Jess Ainscough, she wrote darkly of conventional cancer treatment, saying she turned to natural therapies after collapsing and vomiting in a park from the effects of chemotherapy. Like Ainscough, she said she used organic nutrition and Gerson Therapy to heal herself, although she added craniosacral, Ayurvedic and oxygen treatments to the mix. In outpourings of mutual adoration, Gibson assured her followers they were revolutionising the world, even if she might not be around to see it, and they in turn told her she was amazing, inspiring, breathtaking, beautiful, genuine, courageous and angelic.

As Gibson jetted to and from California in late , working on her Apple Watch app and arranging international publication of her book, Jess Ainscough disappeared from public view. Bedridden with cancer for the last quarter of , she resumed her blog in December to reveal she was in the care of an oncologist. Mia Reply Cancel. It is never too late and your words mean so much to me; thank you, thank you! Job sharing, email, cell phones and telecommunting were not options back then.

Over the years, volunteering and dabbling in vintage furniture and of course raising my kids has kept me busy. But as my kids have gotten older — I have found myself — yearning to get back into the race.. But something has been holding me back from taking that 1st step. Fear of failure? I rarely — if ever — post a comment on someones blog. It truly resonated with me. It makes my day to hear that!

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And while it may not appear so, I believe that those are universal feelings experienced by all. You can do this! Just be careful who you get help from. Its very brave of you to publicly admit failures. I always have admired your confidence and appreciate all you share of yourself, your wisdom and your talent. I have a somewhat different style but very much enjoy seeing what and how you pull things together.

Best of luck on all your upcoming ventures. One question: do you find that affirmations work for you? I think that positive thinking ie: affirmations are helpful. Heart, passion, courage, talent, faith, inspiration, honest vulnerable, strong, generous, beautiful. All words that describe you, Laurel. Happy New Year! I do try to live by them even when times are tough. I am the next in a long line of readers who read your blog religiously but do not comment. I found your blog some months ago while looking for a color consultant for my customers. I have owned a painting company in the midwest for less than a year and was frequently asked what color should the customer paint the interior of their home.

I previously used color consultants through our paint supplier and was less than pleased with the results. While doing the search, lo and behold I found your blog and I have been hooked every since. THEN they can give me a call! Thank you for being here for those of us who are not blessed with your special talent but we can borrow and buy yours! How incredibly kind you are! Thanks for such a wonderful note. It definitely goes in my special file! You communicate so authentically, I feel as if you are a friend giving advice.

I so enjoy getting your blogs its always something to look forward to and I take my time and pour over the advice and images. Keep up the great work! Thank you so much Susan for your sweet words. It spurs me on! OK, I am a lurker, never a poster nor commenter, but you have left me no choice. You, Laurel Bern, are amazing. Not only do you have fabulous taste — you also have a gift for communicating your design advice with both wit and wisdom. You have a knack for being approachable yet authoritative when it comes to design.

I have also searched your blog archives in my personal home-remodeling adventures. You have never steered me wrong. Thanks for being you, being fabulous, and being brave enough to keep trying! Third time was the charm for you — and a gift for us!!

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Oh wow Brooke! So many congratulations! I so enjoy reading your blog; you totally deserve all the good things coming your way! Thank you also for your generosity in sharing sources! All the best in the new year! Thanks so much Shelby and all the best in your new endeavor! I am also in the process of putting together a blogging guide.

My guide is going to be different. I find when someone is talking about something I know little if anything about, too much choice makes it all the more confusing and then all systems break down. Thank you! You are a genius, you are beyond entertaining, and your language is fine AND hilarious!!! Congrats on your accolades and to the lucky people who get to see you and hear you speak. Your blog is my porn. Oh, how I would love to sit with you and hear how you finally stopped allowing someone to crush your soul!

You are an inspiration and have given the world a joy! A beautiful thing!! Oh my! That is just beyond kind! I have a file for messages like this that I save for a not-so-great day. Succinctly, I realized after several years that it was never going to get any better; I figured a way out and I left. The adjustment was very difficult and just when I was beginning to feel better about 10 months later, I got the news that my BFF was dying.

But it felt right and I enjoyed it. Thank you again for such a lovely, lovely note! I heart you to pieces! Thank you so much honey! I love you too! This just warms my heart! Congratulations my dear! You create so much beauty in so many ways and to so many people. May be the best adventure ever! Thanks for all Karen! And the same to you as well! I love your blog ever since I found it about 2 months ago. Your blog pages are filled with beautiful rooms, great advice and your fun personality.

I look forward to your posts in the year ahead and beyond. Thanks so much Lynn. All the best to you as well! Thank you , Laurel, for sharing your talent through the blog. I throughly enjoy reading each post! My daughter had spinal muscular atrophy as well and he is a true inspiration. Happy New Year, Laurel! Thanks for introducing his remarkable story and then amplifying your story in this post. Congratulations on these wonderful upcoming events! So glad for your personal and professional achievements and success! Thank you so much! And all the best to you as well!!!

Congratulations on your well-earned success. Thanks so much Ellen! Your awesome personality drew me into following your blog, and your informative, knowledge rich content has kept excitedly waiting for each new post. Thanks so much for what you do. Your post today has given me extra confidence. All best wishes for your new endeavor!

And thanks so much for your kind words. Laurel, I think that you are immensely talented and generous to boot. Your story is very inspirational. Keep up the good work. Thanks so much Amy! I really appreciate that. I plan to continue that mindset because it sure feels a lot better than being negative about myself. Besides, I am excited for you and feel that you truly deserve it!

Thanks so much for that Christina. I feel that way too! I get excited for others, especially when I know that they worked hard to get there. It makes it seem possible. All best to you dear Diva! Happy New Year and thanks for this wonderful post! I never comment but always enjoy your humor and talent! Congratulations on a great year. Thanks so much Jen and all the best to you as well! Oh Laurel, you are such an inspiration to all of us. I admire your incredible spirit. And yes, alphabetical is the only way to go. Thanks so much Mary!

Find it funny that Nate Berkus is in all caps. Just my opinion, and who am I? I appreciate, beyond, this post. It is timely and honest and vulnerable — the ingredients to making a difference! I did not attend college of any sort for a host of reasons, but mostly socio-economical and have always felt the shame and lack of self-confidence that effect has had on my life. The wonderful, strong woman who owns the studio took me under her wing and began to show me the ropes.

You are more than good enough.

Thank you for the laugh — but more importantly, thank you for your words! They mean an almost embarrassing amount to me. I get the feeling embarrassed over kindness too. Like, thank you for telling me how wonderful I am? Am I really? I am really? Happy New Year Laurel, I wish you many blessings. Thank you for introducing me to Jon, by doing that you have helped me to decide what my New Year resolution will be!

Lots of love, Kim Reply Cancel. Jon is bright star amongst the brightest stars! All the best to you in all of your endeavors! Laurel, we are on the same wavelength in so many ways! We moved. We hired a very cool designer who really listens and comes up with great suggestions! I enjoy everything you share and I wish you all the best for health, happiness and prosperity in this wonderful year to come!

That sounds so exciting and fabulous! I felt that way with my clients too! Frustration for all parties. Hi Laurel: Loved this post. I have been following your blog for a long time and I am thrilled with your success. I have learned so much from you. I started my little home design blog a couple of years ago and in one of my first posts I linked to one of your posts regarding trends. I was so flattered! Well my little blog has been completely neglected and ignored since last March due to many of the factors you discuss: low drive, self-doubt etc etc.

I am just starting to feel ready to start diving in again so your post is very timely for me. Thanks as always for your kindness, grace and willingness to share your gifts with all of us. No worries that you took the time off. When I moved, in , I was very sporadic. I was right. When I started to see the results of my efforts, it spurred me on and then you guys started showing up and that propelled me further. I continued to learn what I needed to do… and here we are. Your blog is always a favorite. So many blogs including my own!

Cheers, and happy new year!!!! Thank you so much Stephanie! There are techniques and strategies that no one ever talks about or rarely talks about in the design world. Bloggers it appears follow the mistakes that other bloggers are making. Below is what I always see and my thoughts about that.

What newsletter? Laurel, thank you … this is just what I needed. Congrats on your upcoming engagements and the success of your own blog, I truly think we are all here to support and cheer each other on! When I was a child in southern Indiana, the hottest place on earth except for death valley , we used to live at our swim club in the summer.

I remember trying to learn how to dive. Maybe I was six or so? I stood there on the ladder! Finally, I did and then there was no stopping me. I joined the swim team in a couple of years and swam for two hours straight every morning! I had a great racing dive and I was tall for my age, so did really well! Laurel, you are an inspiration! Thank you for sharing your knowledge and great taste in this fabulous blog! Thanks so much Malkie. Love how that works! Happy new year Laurel and congrats on your well-deserved success! I came across your blog a couple of years ago and your paint colours and in fact all of your posts were so helpful as we downsized from a big family home to our cute, urban townhouse.

Now we are in the process of rebuilding a summer cottage on a lake in Northern Ontario and we will be using your decorating advice there too! I look forward to your posts every Sunday — you have fans in Canada! How fabulous and thanks so much for your kind words! Yes, please send me pics. That will go directly to my regular email. Hi Laurel! Is there anyway I can read the version you were talking about in the post? Please email if you want to discuss privately.

You are the best design blogger out there! I have learned the more from you than any other blogger, both about blogging and design. Many, many thanks! But, I am going to be writing it all out in a guide. One, I have 45 minutes. I know! But if I can do it— anyone can!!! My BFF passed away after a hideous illness in February For November and December I had about 2, views each. Keep going! And thank you for your kind words about Elaine. New Years Eve two years ago was the last time we were alone together and I could clearly see that she was dying.

I miss her terribly. I have started a blog …but it is more of a way to educate and drive interest to my new Home Staging business. It was agony for me to have to write anything more than a thank you note and they were not easy either. And one of my goals is to post 1X week!! Thanks for the encouragement—and I look forward to your post every week!! I only wanted to attract more business in the beginning. But no one was reading it. I mean, I am averaging more page views in one day now than I was getting in the first 18 months!

Posting once a week is wonderful. Keep to it unless someone dies. Never make excuses for not posting. No one cares! One of my biggest pet peeves is when I hear this:. Thanks Laurel You are so right!! I find your blog interesting, helpful and transparent …. However, I find your language oftentimes, to be offensive. Surely you can do better!!!

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I believe you were invited to share a personal goal, not a goal for Laurel! Best of luck in the new year! My goal, like a few others who have commented, is to trust in abundance, including to rejoice in the success of others. That sounds like a wonderful goal. All the best to you! Miss you! This is who I am.

In fact, if you heard me in real-life, you would run for the hills. My suggestion is to stop reading if it bothers you so much. When I opened each for the first time, I nearly wept, overcome by the breadth of information and knowing the extraordinary time it took you to develop the ideas for each and to present the information in such a meaningful way.

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And, your blog is the best resource I have found on any design topic. Blessings on you in Having your wonderful endorsement is an amazing gift. Blessings to you as well! Your encouragement is the food I need to keep going! I needed this post. Thank you. Thank you for being real with us. As another commenter said, you deserve your success. I always learn from and enjoy your blog.

Started following about mid All of them. Please do! Not everyone is a design blogger. A lot of companies send a rep to attend. While I was searching for color ideas for my home I stumbled upon the various color posts from Laurel. Each time I found something really useful Laurel was the author. Thank you for being honest and forthright with your blog posts. For those of us who are just trying to make our homes a bit more comfortable and really have no clue your advice is priceless.

Now if I could only get some really down to earth advice how to get my head out of my butt….. Is your head forward in your butt or a backbend into your butt? You will know when it has been because the pain of living like that will become so uncomfortable that the scary unknown will be far more attractive. Been there. No, my life is not perfect, but at least I can hold my head up high and not live in constant fear of being traumatized. This post, with the comments, has been especially honest, transparent and encouraging. Thank you and all the best to you this new year!

Yes, there will most likely come a tipping point and it will be unmistakable. It took me several years. But just know that no matter what you are going to be okay! You were right. Thanks for your sharing too! Thank you so much for including me in this post as being part of your success team!

The message is much bigger than blogs. Cheers to you and ! I am proud beyond words of you! Here she is everyone! My website goddess!!! Eileen can tell you what a hot mess I was! Child abuser? Farthest thing from it. She HAD to do it in order to keep him alive! Happy New Year Laurel! We honestly all do struggle with our own things.

This year was the worst and best for me on record. My husband had just retired from the military and taken a job that traveled out of the country days a year and I had just had our second girl in two years. I had always been a drinker, but I would only have a glass or two of wine because who drinks alone? Then I found a kindred mom in the neighborhood who liked to drink. Like me. And who was struggling. Other things were introduced and a few months later, I was in a treatment facility with others who were struggling. Just like me. I have been sober 7 months.

My wonderful husband took another job and moved us away to a place where I have support from him and others. I have a disease that runs through my genes like blue eyes or the ability to roll your tongue. Not that it takes pain to succeed, because it could also go the other way. It takes strength and courage to rise up and a conviction that one wants to have a better life. All the best in your interior design endeavors too!

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Happy New Year, Laurel!! You made my day. It is am in the morning on January 1 and you have inspired me to go out and try to be what I hope I can be. I had kind of decided I was too old, unable, etc. BTW, I love your blog…You are so informative but also funny and witty! I love seeing you in my mailbox….. Only when you stop breathing are you too old. Thank you so much for your kind words. It means so much to me! I wrote you earlier in the year and you were so kind to write back! I only wish you were in Europe! I am still feeling like I have design schizophrenia but with your blog, I might just make it!

I try to write to everyone who writes me because I know what it feels like to be ignored. Occasionally someone slips through the cracks. Happy that the blog can help you! Happy New Year to you, Laurel! I wish you all the best for and hope that more joys than shadows will be the constant of the next year. You deserve every bit of good fortune that comes your way.. Thank you, thank you so much— for all of your kind words and support. I took a chance and it paid off. All the best to you as well for and beyond!

Your post could not be more timely as I too struggle with depression Winston Churchill used to refer to his depression as the Black Dog with all of the oh so tiresome symptoms. I have been wanting to start a blog for sometime but have been plagued with similar problems you described before starting my first blog. After reading your blog, I went straight to WordPress and registered my 2 blog ideas …….

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I now have a framework to start…. Finally, as an multi award winning sales professional, just wanted to add my 2 cents as to why your blog is successful. Wishing you much continued success and blessings for ! Brava to you Lynn for taking that first big step! But first of all, you need a self-hosted wordpress blog. I very much recommend contacting Eileen. And make no mistake, I went through periods of being phenomenally overwhelmed.

But now, most of that, I can do automatically! And the more challenging stuff, I get Eileen to help me with. All the best to you in as well. Thanks so much for the advice again….. I follow a number of US design blogs. I do not actually read all of them, for me it is more about the pictures.