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Oh My Girl – Crime Scene

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More from this album Repeat Shuffle Crime Scene Earth [Words By: Lynch, Music By: Lynch] Let's begin and tell the story from the first When Adam took the deadly bite That began the curse Now the yoke of sin and hate Lurking at the door With one mans sin we shall die The sacrifices pour Crime scene Earth See the cattails ripping off His flesh Crime scene earth Where the nails were pound and His side was pierced Crime scene earth Hear His innocent blood scream forgive Crime scene earth The prophecies of ancient days Have now been complete The veil has ripped the serpent crushed Pummeled in defeat On a cross of shame he hanged A sore for eyes to see A sacrifice of love to man And in the Son you're free If the devil only knew His cross would break the curse He would have fled 10, miles instead he gave his worst 6.

Too Many [Words By: Lynch, Music By: Johnson] I've read the book of mysteries And pondered by the sea About a world broke in two And how it came to be When guidelines set before us From The Ancient of Days In time we took the easy road And went out our own way Too many People Living in darkness and fear Too many faces Refusing to look in the mirror Too many leaders Forgetting the foundation laid Too many preachers Forgetting the price that was paid And through the ages We have seen morality decay The way the world the flesh the devil Has pulled us all astray We turned our backs on righteousness We are men with out guile We spared the rod spoiled the child We're living in a world gone wild And the world is spinning out of our control Our liberties and justice all but gone And as liberalism flourished and abound We flew the flag of our own choice And wonder what went wrong 8.

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And as I stood there mesmerized I heard my spirit scream Invader, invader nearby Invader, invasion is nigh This is the first of more to come in carefully planned attacks If it is so we must prepare defenses to fight back The call is out throughout the world United we must stand To build a line, strategic force, they will not take a man Invader, invader nearby Invader, invasion is nigh When they come to take control every man must play his role They won't take our world away when the children we leave Will have to believe in today We warn you now you things out there Whatever you may send We wont give in without a fight, a fight until the end With vigilance by day and night our scanners trace the sky A shield is sealed upon this earth, a shield you wont get by Invader, invader nearby Invader, invasion is nigh 9.

Bended Knee [Words By: Lynch, Music By: Lynch] Take a look inside yourself Now what do you see Are you fool of greed and lust Well you're just like me Grace falls onto a bended knee At His feet upon the skull Grace fall onto a bended knee To the cross I want to crawl As you serve your selfish needs Is your conscience fine Are you squirming while you pray Your prayers are just like mine Mercies freely given Do you hear the call Yes your going to stumble He'll catch you when you fall Take a look inside yourself Now what do you see Are you full of God's own grace Well you're just like me Thanks to marcellomam for sending these lyrics.

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All lyrics provided for educational purposes and personal use only. Or browse results titled :. Streaming and Download help. Younge remasters and reissues his Wax Poetics debut, a super bad OST inspired by blaxploitation soundtracks of the s. Something About April by Adrian Younge. An imaginary soundtrack album filled with cosmic funk, boogie, and disco; both highly electronic but also heavily organic.