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World Vision trains tens of thousands of faith leaders every year to equip them to minister to the spiritual and physical needs of children and their communities. After-school programs include vacation Bible schools, Bible clubs, church-based camps, and school-based biblical values formation. These programs keep children engaged in positive activities, equip them to make healthy choices, help improve their relationships, and nurture their faith in God.

World Vision provides leadership training for youth to learn and give back to their community and to other children. Globally, , adolescents attend regular groups for support and training. As children and youth grow in their faith convictions, they become ambassadors for Christ in their communities.

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This training equips adolescents to help lead after-school activities including Bible clubs. Younger children benefit from the positive role models of older children, and older children grow in their confidence and their faith. These youth develop important life skills that shape their decisions as they become adults. The truths about why little children need no baptism are important, and rarely does one find a rebuke so powerful as this:.

The Book of Mormon contains the clearest, purest doctrine that little children have eternal life through Jesus Christ and that there is no need to baptize them.

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This precious heritage, that little children are from the Lord, must be taught and nurtured. The Lord was displeased with Eli when he failed to teach and restrain his children see 1 Sam. I remember with fondness when Father and Mother gathered us, their little children, about them in a small home in Mapleton, Utah, in the s and s in what were then known as family nights.

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  7. We enjoyed games, activities, and delicious treats. These memories of home and goodly parents motivated and sustained my wife and me as we faced the challenges of teaching and nurturing our children. As I listened to my father read the Book of Mormon stories, I developed a love for great prophets, missionaries, and servants of God. These men became my heroes, and as a little child I wanted to become like them.

    Goodly parents not only teach but do much, much more. Note the extra dimensions represented in the following texts:. Goodly parents guide with tenderness and firmness. Prior to his death, Lehi gathered all his posterity together and pleaded with them to awake and arise and to put on the armor of righteousness see 2 Ne. Then he gave them his final blessing see 2 Ne. Goodly parents bless their children. These teachings led Enos to pray and seek the blessings of the Atonement for himself.

    Goodly parents teach their children about the Atonement and a remission of sins. What was his text for teaching them? Goodly parents teach their children from the scriptures and encourage them to search them. First he spoke to Helaman, then to Shiblon, and finally to Corianton. Alma complimented Shiblon for his diligence and faithfulness and steadiness see Alma —3.

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    Goodly parents recognize differences in their children and teach them accordingly. Goodly parents correct their children and teach and prepare them to teach the word of God to others. Goodly parents teach their children to trust God. Goodly parents teach their children to build their lives upon the rock of their Redeemer.

    The Book of Mormon concludes with the wonderful parent-son relationship between Mormon and Moroni.

    Little Children and the Gospel

    Goodly parents pray for their children. Goodly parents teach their children the hope of eternal life that comes through the Atonement of Jesus Christ. King Benjamin taught important truths in Mosiah —16 about what parents can do to properly raise children. These truths are oftentimes cited as commands, yet when viewed in their context these truths are clearly the natural benefits, the normal results or consequences that follow from righteous actions.

    The next five verses discuss the results or benefits of following the counsel in verse As we ponder these words, we soon discern that these instructions become a list of some of the blessed consequences resulting from our righteous labors with our children. We more clearly recognize the value and worth of little children, their divine attributes and qualities, and how they are viewed by our Father in Heaven. The reason the world does not know us is that it did not know him.

    Like a child, we should come before the Father, fully trusting in His Word, fully engaged in His Spirit, fully open to His love and His commandments.

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    Then you can come before your wonderful God, arms and hearts wide open, loving and trusting as a child. God wants you to become like a little child View Larger Image. Thankfully, God is everywhere, if we just look around us. The photograph stood out in contrast to the his advanced age and crippling infirmities at death. It was a sweet, innocent photo of a beautiful boy from a more innocent time. Is God going to be there when I need Him?

    1. At home and school — We equip parents and caregivers to provide a safe and caring environment.

    Jesus said, unless you change and become like a child. Whereas an adult is more likely to give up the race, a child sees the prize at the finish line. What Qualities Does a Child Have? A child is innocent. A child is trusting. A child believes without complication.