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Heart of Hearts 2. Ratcliffe Highway " No. LP Orange vinyl, download code. The second record from former Heatmiser co-frontman Neil Gust. Remastered for vinyl first time available with 2 bonus tracks, the last of which features Elliott Smith recording and playing as well as John Moen Decemberists on drums.

The artwork is being redone and this will be limited to copies on orange vinyl. It might smell something like Noise Addict. Like the real life stars of some sort of choose-your-own-adventure book about pursuing rock stardom, few bands ever led a more charmed existence, springing from the Sydney suburb of Bondi into seemingly overnight international fame as friends and collaborators of Sonic Youth, Fugazi, and the Beastie Boys. Through a combination of relentless drive, luck, and an admirable lack of self-doubt, Noise Addict spanned puberty to surpass the haters and join Radio Birdman and Nick Cave as a strange but permanent piece of Australian punk history.

Cover art doubles as a working chalk board chalk not included. The show itself is on a 12" picture disc featuring shows from the gig. This debut release includes 3 stunning original band creations recorded in 94 and A sublime tune, full on passion and riding high on a gut full of great British pop rock. One Summer were on the verge of a major label deal but the label folded in between talks and these recordings have remained unreleased until now. Julie Christie and Donald Sutherland are a married couple mourning the death of their young daughter, clinging on to her memory through a meeting with a mysterious psychic in Venice.

Native Venetian composer Pino Donaggio was discovered by a producer on the film and his music appealed to director Roeg. It became his debut film score, launching a long career and a close working relationship with Brian De Palma. The film, hailed as an early classic of the sci-fi genre, begins when excavating workers discover five million year old skeletal remains in the London Underground tunnels, followed by a metallic object they believe to be an unexploded bomb.

When rocket scientist Professor Bernard Quatermass examines the finds they conclude that the object must also be five million years old and Quatermass suspects the skeletons originate from Mars. Events take a sinister turn when the object begins to emit a powerful telekinetic force causing those affected to go on a violent rampage in the streets of London.

His interest in electronics began during his time in the Royal Navy operating radar equipment and he established several early electronic studios, including the Electronic Music Studio Ltd. The full soundtrack to the film, a tense and atmospheric score for full orchestra, is available on a separate release. This vinyl release features the full soundtrack to the film, a tense and atmospheric score for full orchestra. The electronic cues from Quatermass and the Pit are available on a separate release. But I had three kids, all of which were at fee-paying schools, so I needed every penny I could get!

The movie stars William Marshall in the title role about an 18th-century African prince named Mamuwalde, who is turned into a vampire and later locked in a coffin by Count Dracula in the Count's castle in Transylvania after Dracula refused to help Mamuwalde suppress the slave trade. Two centuries later, in the year , two interior decorators from modern-day Los Angeles California travel to Castle Dracula in Transylvania and unknowingly purchase the now-undead Mamuwalde's coffin. Later unlocking the coffin, the decorators release Mamuwalde, becoming his first two victims as a vampire, turning them and others he encounters in his bloodthirsty reign of terror into vampires like himself.

The music for Blacula is unlike that of most horror films as it uses rhythm and blues as opposed to haunting classical music. We celebrate 45 years of Blacula-terror by releasing a limited run of 1. To honor his legacy, Music on Vinyl have selected 12 distinctive and classic Morricone albums. These 12 soundtracks will be released throughout Each album is pressed on high quality gram transparent vinyl, individually numbered and packed in an exclusive super-deluxe soft touch jacket with silver foil finish and PVC sleeve.

The film is inspired by Novecento, a monologue by Alessandro Baricco. The Legend Of was nominated for a variety of awards worldwide, winning several for its soundtrack. This sought after OST is released on vinyl for the first time and only 1. Reissued in the UK in , but currently unavailable. Packaged together here a s a double gatefold 7" single. The pair reworked and reimagined existing tracks of their own, alongside two new Penguin Cafe songs. Lyrically this is a collection of unique tales with cinematic imagery - from kitchen sink realism and social commentary to technicolor splendor.

The album, in the main, was recorded in the studio built for Kirsty MacColl by Steve Lillywhite in their family home in Ealing.

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The studio resonates with musical history and Phil was also lucky enough to be able to use guitars previously owned by Kirsty. Piano and Drums also make a brief appearance but nothing is overplayed giving the entire album a beautifully understated feel. Phil Odgers and producer James Knight made a point of only using real instruments and live performances — no auto tune here, this is as real as it gets folks! A full UK press campaign is under way with key reviews already confirmed in all the major magazines.

Tracks 1. The Train, 2. No Getting Over You, 4. Mist On The Water, 5. Moving On Again, 6. Too Cold For Me, 8. Long Stem Rose, 9. Tomorrow Will Be Fine, Eddie Was, Pink Floyd designer Peter Curzon will be creating artwork. Black vinyl, gram, track on one side only, reverse side plain. Including fold-out poster and postcard. Originally released in on CD only, it will be released for the first time on vinyl exclusively for Record Store Day This 12" picture disc is limited to copies only.

Popol Vuh influenced many other European bands with their uniquely soft but elaborate instrumentation, which took inspiration from the music of Tibet, Africa and pre-Columbian America. Originally released in , this is the first time the soundtrack gets a well deserved vinyl re-release. Originally released in , this is the first time the soundtrack gets a vinyl release outside of Europe. Out of print since , now back available as a gorgeously packaged deluxe vinyl edition, exclusively for Record Store Day Strictly limited to copies on green vinyl with printed insert and extensive liner notes.

A necessary purchase for both Popol Vuh fans and Herzog collectors. Thankfully John Perry is still with us. Keith Richards used it to listen back to live Rolling Stones shows. The echo chamber was a favourite of Bob Marley. Unlikely combos of musicians from Steve Winwood to Peter Tosh jammed together there. The Tall Stories track that resulted took Palmer in a new, grittier direction. Sadly record company politics prevented the release of this track and the tapes were mislaid until , when a cassette version turned up.

Careful tape transfer and remastering has polished this performance into a jewel that does all three protagonists great credit. The B-side instrumental was cut at the same session.

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Guitarist GL Jaguar joined soon after, and bassist Taylor Mulitz completed the lineup the following year. The band had existed for one week, and the trio had written four songs. On Tape Two the band was eager to showcase their fuller sound as a newly expanded quartet. Repress of the second album which has been out of print for a long time. Mining the rich territories of The Velvet Underground and The Beach Boys, their debut album proper "Wooden Head" features fourteen thrillingly taut and melodic pop songs with a deep, dark undercurrent.

Oldham had produced a record by Claps' Argentinian band of the time but the group had fallen apart in a mess of drugs and acrimony and Claps' family were attempting to intervene by sending him to a mental hospital. The only option seemed to be to flee the country. As Claps recalls, "The day before flying to the UK I got run over by a car and had to escape hospital in order to make it so I arrived with bandages and my head all stitched up. However, the shop assistant and the would-be accomplice bonded over a mutual love of the Velvets, Love, Felt and West Coast pop and began writing together, taking their name from a song by the pioneering soft psych band The Free Design.

Their new album was recorded at a studio in Hackney, as well as at home in their old flat in Whitechapel on a broken 8-track reel-to-reel bought off eBay from an angry guy who threatened to shoot them and chop off their balls when they attempted to return it - a terrifying experience for a pair of skinny indie boys.

With "Wooden Head", The Proper Ornaments prove that it is still possible to create an album of pure pop perfection. Max's girlfriend may not have stolen the boots, but The Proper Ornaments are about to steal your heart. Band have previously supported Metronomy and Toy on tour. UK tour scheduled for Autumn. Gone 2. Sun 3. Ruby 4. Now I Understand 5. Magazine 7. Stereolab 8.

Step Into The Cold 9. Tire Me Out Always There Summer's Gone What Am I To Do? You Shouldn't Have Gone Following the release of Foxhole in January of this year, Tough Love will issue on vinyl for the first time The Proper Ornaments debut long-player, Waiting for the Summer: a compilation of their first 10 songs, originally released on CD in What they said in … Is perfect pop still possible?

Waiting for the Summer 2. Are You Going Blind? Who Thought? Drop Off 5. Recalling B 6. You Still 7. Shining Bright 8. Riverboat 9. Nervous Breakdown Digitally re-mastered from original masters. Original monoprint sleeve design by Ana da Silva. Kurt Cobain. It will also include a set of custom, 1 off slip matts. All pre US singles by the Ramones. Our local store Love Music Glasgow has sold a ridiculous amount of our album and split single from last year and have asked us to be part of RSD in Diskomo 2.

Diskomo 3. Twinkle 2. Disaster 3. Plants 4. Farmers 5. Limited to numbered copies on Beautiful Transparent Red. Also excited to be doing my first 10'! First time on one Vinyl package. Deluxe tri-fold with exclusive poster featuring the original labels of Johnson's 78RPM singles. We are hoping to create a special package with white vinyl, picture sleeve and a booklet OR photo insert.

Charlottes Song alt Version. Deluxe 2xg LP gatefold sleeve, gold foil outer sleeve design, spot varnished inner-sleeves. This is a story based album narrated by the renowned British actor Michael Jayston. It is made up of songs intersected by narration tracks set to music. A mix of dark humour and social commentary on current themes.

The comic is illustrated by the Spanish artist Francisco Maldonado. Flexi disc format. On Yellow transparent Vinyl. First Vinyl release from the band and first outside of Korea. Originally released in short press runs, these rare early recordings have been very hard to find for nearly five decades. Track listing: Side One 1. Boll Weevil 2. Acha Raga 4. Love Machine 5. I'm a Woman 6. Venus 7. California Here I Come 8. Poor Boy Side Two 1.

Long and Lonesome Road 2. Love Buzz 3. Butterfly and I 4. The band was founded in and after recruiting vocalist Mariska Veres they soon became huge. With their single ""Venus"" they became the first Dutch band ever to reach the first spot on the American Billboard Hot The band had a series of subsequent hits but decided to call it a day in At Home contains both ""Venus"" as well as ""Love Buzz"".

Furthermore this legendary album features 4 bonus tracks that were previously available as b-sides on various long out of print 45s. In celebration of Record Store Day , the album is pressed on coloured vinyl for the first time ever. The limited edition of 2. Although never fully embraced by the punk fashionistas down in London, The Dogs embodied the British sound more than anyone knew it. Interference proudly presents the cutting edge of British punk with what is arguably, the first ever punk rock recordings made in England in Coupled with outtakes, demos, live tracks and their rare debut single, this edition also boasts rare interviews and background liners.

The CD was first issued in The book is all new. The 7" was never released as such. CD: 1. Treat Her Like A Prostitute 2. The Ruler's Back 3. Featuring Steve Marriott's wonderful and insightful interview with Brian Matthew, only recently found in America. Also including a reel-to-reel tape that a young fan had used to record one of his favourite bands as they performed on the radio. The Small Faces show was broadcast in September from the Stadthalle in Offenbach and finds the group at the peak of their career doing versions of their four current hits along with an energetic interview in English and German with Stevie Marriott.

Band Introduction Side Two 1. We have chosen 1 key title for the first 5 years of the label to reissue a vinyl release for Record Store Day Press on clear vinyl. This peaked no 36 in the UK top 40 in Jan but is a rave classic. All tracks except interview recorded live at Offenbach, Germany, December The record consists of Spacemen 3's first ever recording session from The music itself sounds like a primitive version of what the group were to become; the dominating sound of the record is a slow, droning psychedelic blues performed with sparse instrumentation.

A drum set is matched with a pair of distorted electric guitars, all of which provide a swirling foundation for Jason Pierce's vocals. The album's liner notes replicated here are actually an early review of the band by Gary Boldie, where he contemplates the city of Rugby and finds it an odd source for this new sound, and he declares Spacemen 3 as the "all singing, all dancing answer to the problems of a grey Things'll Never Be The Same 2. Walkin' With Jesus 4. Fixin'To Die 8. Catastrophe 7. Things'll Never Be The Same alternate mix 7.

Walkin' With Jesus alternate mix 4. Presented in a shrink-wrapped limited edition 1, copies only on heavyweight gram solid red coloured vinyl with printed card inner sleeve exclusively released for Record Store Day I Love You 4. Set Me Free Reprise Side 2: 6. Feel So Sad Reprise 7. Hypnotized 8. Sometimes 9. Adjectives that come to mind are unrelenting, punishing, psychedelic.

The razor-blade riffs lead you into a sonic underworld of alienation, desolation and raw power Presented in a shrink-wrapped limited edition 1, copies only on heavyweight gram transparent orange coloured vinyl with printed card inner sleeve exclusively released for Record Store Day Honey 2. Come Down Softly to My Soul 3. How Does It Feel? I Believe It 5. Revolution Side 2: 6. Let Me Down Gently 7. Suicide 9. Lord Can You Hear Me? Side 1 1. Rambling Rose 2. Please Do Something Side 2 1. My Baby 3. The legend that is The Stooges is gaining weight. Now is the time to ensure we document what exists.

No, there was a sense of purpose…. Heavy Liquid,.. The live show has never been available before on vinyl. Sun Ra Hello Mr. Remastered from original tapes, featuring g vinyl and all original artwork. From the SFA album 'Radiator', This marks the first time Cup of Sand has been released on vinyl.

This was done to give fans something special, but also to help us realize our dream of one day releasing a three-LP set that somehow has eight fewer songs than Sandinista! Fader Rules, Never Too Young to Smoke, Detroit Has A Skyline [Acoustic], Does Your Hometown Care? Everyone Gets Crushed, Beat My Guest, With Bells On, Clover, White Noise, Thin Air, Scary Monsters and Super Creeps , The Length of Las Ramblas, Becoming a Speck, The Hot Break, A Collection of Accounts, Freaks in Charge, Blending In.

Multiple exclusive remixes that are being released a year to the day that the official album came out. Suzanne Ciani Fish Music 7" Crystal clear one-sided vinyl. The EP of all new material leaves the political to focus on the party. A limited edition white vinyl available in all good record shops on 22nd April Rex Rock N Roll E. A collection of singles, demos, outtakes and rarities that was intended to mark the band's breakup in had they not got back together again so soon.

Interpretations of some well-known Western songs. Gurdjieff and Russian composer, Thomas de Hartmann. Gurdjieff traveled for twenty years in the Middle East and Central Asia to discover and develop the teaching which now bears his name. From to , Thomas de Hartmann worked closely with Gurdjieff at his Institute for the Harmonious Development of Man outside Paris, translating into European notation the music Gurdjieff composed from his travels.

The original tapes containing these tracks were recorded in the s under informal circumstances with rudimentary equipment, never intended to be heard by the public. As for the instrumentation, the performance is stripped down to nothing more than a single piano played by de Hartmann but lacks absolutely nothing; rather de Hartmann uses the negative space between notes to revel in resonance, in turn capturing remarkable depth and meaning.

Jazz pianist Keith Jarrett, who recorded the album G. Gurdjieff: Sacred Hymns for the ECM label in , is among the artists to interpret this music since, but the tracks presented in this five LP box-set are the only recordings available of de Hartmann himself playing the music he and Gurdjieff composed.

Exclusively available for Record Store Day , the single has been remastered by Matt Colton at Alchemy Studios and pressed on gram white vinyl for an incredible sound! The custom picture sleeve and fully-printed inner sleeve feature photos and memorabilia from the original Celluloid promotional press kit Time, The What Time Is It? So it seemed the perfect fit for Trembling Bells next single. It's like Band Aid but without the bon homie. Or career-cementing charity scams. Upgraded gsm thick Lp Jacket Limited pressing of copies. The Dark Crystal: The Original Sound Track features Trevor Jones' musical score written for the film, arranged specifically for an album listening experience.

The album was recorded by the London Symphony Orchestra at the legendary Abby road studios in The album has been reissued on CD in various countries throughout the last 35 years, but this is the first vinyl reissue since the film's original release. With sources newly re-mastered by Bill Inglot in LA, this is the first time these classic albums have been issued on vinyl since ! The gatefold sleeve, issued for the first time in the UK, features photos of the different bands.

They also found time to contribute the distinctive falsetto background vocals to the T. The Joshua Tree went to 1 in the U. The gatefold vinyl comes complete with a period British tour programme which has been recreated as an exact replica to accompany this deluxe RSD release. U-Roy was a true reggae pioneer, dubbed The Originator for good reason. Previously issued on CD and LP. Available digitally, but physical formats are out of print.

Last offical vinyl issue was around Seminal, rare and classic tunes collected together here for the first time ever. On picture disc for the first time. Please note: is the 35th anniversary of the original release of Blade Runner. Built around a series of improvisations, each piece soundtracks your adventures in dreamland. Between 57 and 35 years later it is inevitably impossible to find mint copies of these great songs on vinyl.

Guitar anthems and riff and a big sound, big hair, leather and denim. The ten specially selected double AA side 7"" singles in this box pull together twenty of the biggest and most icon tracks of the golden era of ROCK. Forty years later it is inevitably impossible to find mint copies of these great songs on vinyl. Essentially a hippy movement in the USA the influence on the music of the era was huge across the world.

Fifty years later it is inevitably impossible to find mint copies of these great songs on vinyl. A trip back to the halcyon days of British daytime television when the test card and music was the order of the day.

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Gatefold with printed inner bags. This compilation delves into the archives and focuses on the lesser well known bands of the time and shows the various styles of punk recorded between Some were recorded in studios and some recorded on a portable four track. None of these bands reached the status of bands like The Buzzcocks, Joy Division and The Fall but were an integral part of the Manchester music scene of this period.

Volume 1 was a BBC6 music compilation of the week. Eugenio is selling the best macaroni in town at King Bomba. Soho is full of the kind of temptation Lucifer would offer for your soul …. Hell take me now! You are an Internationalist! Transatlantic baby! The nearest you can get though, is Soho and its West End jazz clubs.

Blue Denham Dave Lee Orchestra 4. Fidel Shake Keane Quintet 5. Jeannine Don Rendell 6. Tubbsville Tubby Hayes Orchestra. Soul Sister Harold Corbin 3. Back then it was a few of us distancing ourselves from those dinosaur Teds with their bootlace ties and multi-coloured suits. What a gas! Being a bit older, our crowd stay away from that whole Disneyland element. The Scene club is now full of kids with that beach fighting mentality. The Flamingo is still good but has pretty much given up on jazz.

Strange days indeed. A smile comes across your face. This is the life. Who says jazz is dead? You either get the famous Side One on its own, or occasionally both sides squeezed together with a two-second gap between them, so DJs need two copies in order to play them consecutively. Here for the first time are a bunch of fab instrumental records heard in all their unfettered glory, just as the musicians played them in the studio but never previously heard on record.

The full five minutes — no gaps, no clicks — all the music. Instrumental two-parters, like it says on the tin. Enjoy responsibly. Texas was one of the few areas where the old styles of music were still strong and this album showcases the way that the fascinating battle between old and new were being played out.

Gospel based vocalists were coming more to the fore than hitherto, but blues based instrumentation and arrangements still predominated. So here it is, the very best of Texas Soul from No No Baby - Kurtis Scott. Tame Me - Al Haskins 5. From Me - Tommy Williams 6. Pity Me - Bell Brothers 7. A majority of the songs here bear witness to his talents, as he was a partner in several labels including Nola Records, with its array of subsidiary concerns such as Bonatemp, Whurley-Burley and Hot Line. These and other small companies were the musical heartbeat of the Crescent City all seeking that big, big hit.

Over singles were issued in the year and this album collects the pick of them. We were definitely spoilt for choice! Tip Toe - Robert Parker 3. Bases Are Loaded - Jesse Thomas 4. I Got Love - Jackie Avery 7. By , when soul was the dominant musical form, New York was THE recording centre of the US, with more records produced here than anywhere else. This is the sound of the streets and the clubs. These grooves speak to the feet and to the heart — what more could anyone ask for? Git Ta Steppin -JR. Lewis 2. Down - Billie Dearborn 3. Baby Cakes Loretta Williams 7.

Only Time Will Tell Icemen 8. The s saw huge popularity for the Charleston, Blackbottom, and Lindy, and in the late s the rage began for wild jitterbugging to swing bands. But none of these dance crazes could match the early s for their sheer variety of dance fads. This album covers some of the most distinctive and entertaining dances of the era up to the dance-crazed peak of Most of the music here is being reissued for the first time.

Comes with an illustrated cover by French illustrator Sanghon Kim and a booklet detailing the history of Black and Latino contributions to American rock music by leading music historians and collectors. There was a bootleg of many of these selections, but that was in The people of the West African nation of Nigeria have long been not only voracious consumers of country music, but fairly enthusiastic performers of it as well. They did exist, though; mostly in thes and 80s, but they were rarely heard outside the country, and in the intervening years, most of their output has fallen through the cracks of posterity, forgotten even by ardent music fans at home.

To the best of our knowledge, only in Nigeria. All recorded between Collectors of punk always like to hear unreleased tracks so RSD is the perfect day to release this compilation. Manhattan, the model and actor's final film, gave some indication of why she inspired such devotion. In the film, Sedgwick is Susan Superstar, a New Yorker who winds up living in a drained Santa Barbara swimming pool in a narcotic daze, life and art just a hair away from each other. Shot over a five year period, Sedgwick died of a barbiturate overdose at the age of 28 before filming wrapped in Never before released in any format, this long-overdue pressing includes all of the above plus selected dialogue from the film, each snippet like a beat poem in its own way.

The Village Voice once called Ciao! The tremors of the s French Ye-Ye explosion could be felt briefly, but have since disappeared back into obscurity. Now you have the chance to top up your glass and get drunk on vintage garage etiquette. Past and Present invites you into the exotic and sometimes, bizarre boudoir with 17 sonic blasts of Freakbeat Chic Featuring obscure artists from France, Quebec, Belgium and Montreal with expansive liners, a wealth of rare, archival photos and professional re-mastering.

Record Store Day 2017: The full list of 563 exclusive music releases revealed

One of the earliest psychedelic compilations and probably the strangest is The Magic Cube, which appeared inexplicably in in hip record emporiums around the world. A limited edition 9"" flexi disc housed in a card envelope. When it was opened it unleashed a pop up psychedelic cardboard cube emerged to mystify and confuse. Now reissued in the original but improved packaging and pressed on 10"" soft lilac vinyl the Magic Cube awaits once again to pop up and plunge into your fragile eggshell mind.

Taste the cube this coming record store day…. With the eventual rise of bands such as Dara Puspita and an overall excitement and impatience to form a band, the Asian continent stirred with the sound of rock and roll thanks to the arrival of The Beatles and the Rolling Stones. Assisted by Rediffusion and various other British colonial networks, the sound and the fury were being absorbed by a new generation. Or an indescribably baffling masterpiece of Chinese Bubble-gum? Toss away your potential pop prejudice and absorb the hidden treasures of life in an esteemed selection of forgotten 45s from the Far East.

Past and Present presents an Oriental twist on pop with professionally re-mastered original audio, expanded liners and a plethora of rare archival photos. This specially designed box set made to replicate the original soundsystem contains fifteen rare Studio One singles as well as a poster, booklet, 45 adapter and a keychain, and is compiled from the extensive Studio One catalog to honor the pioneering Jamaican soundman Clement Dodd who started recording in the early 's. Featuring singles with the original labels this collection mines the rich history of Studio One and is a true testimony of the label's greatness.

With over 45 years behind the turntables, if anyone knows what little extra touch a record needs to work on the dancefloor…it's Danny! Taking his editing skills to four classics from the Salsoul vaults , Danny delivers once again. As Sparque says Lets go dancin'. Only missed the last six. Special inch our first! Tom Noble, material here. Call it a remix swap twofer.

Many of the tracks were later included on the iconic Ethiopiques series of albums and compilations, which brought the treasures of the Ethiopian music scene of the 60s and 70s to a wider audience. Rather than beat them, Numero joins them with our answer to the iconic East Side Story series. Eschewing our classic look and standard-bearing copious notes for sardonic artwork and impeccable selections, Numero is proud to present a 'bootleg' you can be proud of because it's all licensed. This time we've set our sights on the most unique of soul cultures: the irreplaceable melting pot of San Antonio.

Included here are all songs never before issued other than in minuscule pressings on 45, never distributed outside of Bexar County limits. This could be a greatest hits of DJs like Henry Pena, who began his rein in the s and continues it today with many of these same selections. On 'Texas Crude' colored vinyl.

Various Artists Northern Soul: 20 Original Classics 2LP More than 40 years after it first started the Northern Soul scene continues to entice new listeners and keep long standing fans enthralled. The 20 tracks here will give you an idea of just what all the fuss is about. RSD Back then, brave artistic directors would sign leftfield acts in order to rival the British Kings of progressive rock and the new wave of US psychedelia.

Track List: Side A: 1. Les Masters - Mon chameau 2. Rado Testen — Wendy 4. Triangle — Bungalow 5. Guy Skornik - La route 6. Jean-Pierre Castelain - La petite auto 7. Michel Zachra — La dame nue 3. Patrick Roche - Le cavalier des vagues 5. Double 12". The release was limited edition and numbered. The title comes from the first track "Come to the Sunshine", performed by Harpers Bizarre.

Includes previous unreleased tracks as well as rare and collectable punk gems. First time on vinyl for 40 years. Limited red double-vinyl. Jaw droppingly good". Features Lou Reed. In Victoria Williams toured with the Loose band.

Finally they reached a town hall somewhere and this Record Store Day set was created. No Depression at the time enthused about a live show where 50 people were in touching distance of greatness. It was the perfect platform they believed, trying hard to still keep Victoria their own personal secret. This live set, with its laissez faire feel and impromptu vibe is as close as it gets to a personal performance. This is a limited edition press on transparent g heavyweight vinyl with a dark inversed tilt on the original iconic artwork.

Captured live at the Penthouse jazz club in Seattle in , the LP includes rare photos and many essays and interviews including those by Pat Metheny and Kenny Barron. White Zombie Gods on Voodoo Moon 7" Recorded in two hours at the cheapest studio in the phone book, White Zombie's sophomore single Gods On Voodoo Moon is back in print on 45 for the first time since bassist Sean Yseult hand-photocopied copies at the Parsons campus print shop in Limited to copies and split between black and zombie blood vinyl. Limited Edition only copies pressed on gm vinyl.

Illuminations is the 17th studio album from classic rock band Wishbone Ash recorded during Yes Limited 1 x 12" picture disc album Bestselling album from Yes '' originally released in , it will be available on picture disc for the first time for RSD An Introduction To The Zombies. Side Two 1. All rights reserved. Facebook Twitter Flipboard Reddit Email. New Top 40 charts announced in Year How Do You Sleep? Available for very first first time on vinyl and pressed on Ltd Picture Disc format, these two 12" vinyl records, set back to back in the same packaging, are being released specially for Record Store Day Single sleeve, white poly-lined bag, 2 holes, with insert, shrink wrapped.

Transparent blue vinyl. Adam Franklin Swervedriver covers Bowie and Lemmy. Montreal bedroom pop artists Homeshake aka Peter Sagar and Alex Calder dig into their vaults of unreleased music for a good cause. Rare live unreleased 9 minute solo harp improvisation recorded in Poland in for the Coltrane Lagacy… features etched lotus flower B side design… numbered 1 - Remastered and pressed on g vinyl this special Limited Edition 'Happy Birthday' double album for Record Store Day, the bands debut album features a bonus disc of seven extra tracks.

First release on Vinyl of this Beatles cover originally aired in a Nike advert. Blacky heavy vinyl. One off pressing for Record Store Day featuring g coloured vinyl and a DVD featuring the short film Abdullah housed inside a gsm sleeve complete with a download card. Red Vinyl.

This special edition release for record store day revisits moments in the history of The Art of Noise. A side is an unreleased song, B side is the unreleased acoustic live version of Warmth which is on second album— White coloured 7" in a holofoil spined sleeve with holofoil inner sleeve.

Limited edition 7", Download Card. White Vinyl, Download Card, only.

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Clear Vinyl, Download Card, only. Purple Vinyl, Download Card, only. Deluxe Gatefold LP, gram black vinyl. Recalling the early spirit and danger of rabble-rousing rock heroes, Biters have faithfully built upon their punk heritage and their love of 70's rock to deliver music that ignites, incites and excites in equal measure. Glow in the dark vinyl, black light cover, double LP, sticker, poster, download card. Limited to units, hand numbered, pressed on translucent cloudy clear triple vinyl, re-formatted packaging, 10 year anniversary, includes 8-page booklet with full album lyrics, free digital download card, bonus lp containing 8 additional tracks from b-sides and 4-track demos of previously un-released material.

Transparent Red with an Etched B Side. The Byrds made a few live broadcast in and for US TV shows such as Hullaballoo and Shindig and this is what they sounded like. Tambourine Man Dylan. White sleeve in a standard single pocket 10" jacket. Limited edition 7", DL card, only. Limited 10" vinyl featuring previously unreleased recordings of Ciaran Lavery interpreting 5 original Bonnie Prince Billy songs. Silver vinyl with download code. Brand new artwork by long time collaborator Iker Spozio. Clear vinyl in gatefold sleeve with download code. Unavailable on vinyl for several years, Les Ondes Silencieuses utilises the rare stringed instrument the viola de gamba, acting as the hub to this highly personal, baroque-influenced album, which also features spinet, clarinet and classical guitar.

Gold vinyl with download code. Comet Fire orange vinyl with download code. Commemorationg the 40th anniversary of the original release. Pink vinyl pink 12" feat remixes of The 17th taken from the Mapping The Rendezvous top 5 album , plus a new acoustic version recorded for Today FM. Red splatter effect vinyl. Limited Gold Vinyl edition exclusively for Record Store Day, contains download card and fold-out poster insert. First time on vinyl for the Cure's acoustic rendition of their Greatest Hits. First time on vinyl for the compilation.

LP packaged in a gatefold comic book. At the age of just 26 Danny Worsnop has already accomplished more than most can only dream of. Twenty years after their debut album, five of the finest female vocalists and songwriters - Christine Collister, Melanie Harrold, Julie Matthews, Helen Watson and Chris While - have reunited to record a second album. Peaceville are releasing this special picture disc edition of 'Arctic Thunder' for Record Store Day, which includes a variation on the original cover design and alternate band photography on the sleeve. Heavyweight g vinyl.

Timing in anticipation of new Dave Clarke studio album coming in the fall, Under Embargo. A previously unreleased live recording from Los Angeles on 5th September, , this was a pivotal gig in the transition between the Diamond Dogs tour and the Philly Dogs tour. Originally released in and has never been released since the original. Cut at 45RPM for 12". Recorded in '78 as a follow up to "Pacific Ocean Blue". Double g splatter with two seperate colour schemes vinyl gatefold — 12"This is a special edition vinyl to celebrate the album turning 10 years old.

This is the first time the record has ever been pressed on vinyl and the band will be touring the UK around the release, playing this classic album in full. Released in , the Diana album was Diana Ross' biggest selling album. Pink vinyl. Not since the days of the teenaged Tubby Hayes had the UK jazz scene witnessed a young musician with so frighteningly advanced a talent as Dick Morrissey.

In the s roentgenizdat — or X-ray publishing — became a trend in Soviet Union counterculture. This is one of the earliest recordings to be released by Dolly Parton. First Release of this high demand LP on g vinyl. The album will contain a download code to a previously unreleased track 'Twenty Pence Rd'. Available physically exclusively for RSD 17 on g pink robot vinyl. Comes as it did original with fanzine and flexi disc.. Track on felxi disc is diffent form original.

Replica of sought after NME covermount flexi-disc though with rigid clear vinyl. Featuring gatefold card sleeve, as per original and Brain Salad LP. Limited orange gram vinyl LP. White vinyl in clear PVC bag. Previously released only on CD, first time on LP. Zappa Records celebrates RSD with an exclusive 10" clear vinyl release featuring The Petit Wazoo, a piece band heavy on horn instrumentation that Zappa toured with in late Comprising a total 48 tracks, 35 of them are new or previously unreleased. Yeah Babe Bonus track ".

The filth and the fury is all theirs ". Limited 1 x g 12" picture disc EP. Cover versions of Metallica, Twenty One pilots and Whitesnake amongst others. Signing Out Harry South. Limited edition, hand-numbered, gold vinyl 7" for Record Store Day includes band logo sticker. Ike's vocals breathe with an astonishing naturalness, dripping honeyed and golden-tongued into the ears with angelic ease"" - mutant sounds ".

Deluxe 3LP Boxed Set. One of the rarest and most sought after releases in the On-U Sound catalogue and cited by many writers as a bonafide dub classic. Never Gonna Change Isbell ". The last recordings made by John Renbourn, the final tracks made just days before his death on 26th March First time on LP Vinyl in over 40 years. Gold vinyl, including 2 previously unreleased bonus tracks from Best Newcomer at the Icelandic Music Awards. Born January 6, , in Plant City, William was killed in in the Lyme Pit disaster.

This is chronicled in the book "Hell under Haydock" Rose then when on to m Hello Don I came across the Wilkinson Tatters debate and wondered if as a result you may have a connection to a member of my wife's family tree a Wilkinson Tatters married on 7 Sep one Isabella Mosca, Colorado Both killed in the Washington F Pit disaster Aug George child age 4 my gr-great grandfather. Any help welcome! Re: Microsoft is sorry for the inconven Re: Henry C. Scott in Van Zandt. Scott 15 yr George W. My Great grandfather was Eli Henry Scott and he is not on this list.

He was born in Re: Allie B. Dear eric, In a reply to an earlier message a poster gives you the census listing the parents and siblings of yur Allie Belle Brooks Snape. I have some information from the Northampton and Seeking any and all information on Thomas Pit t man born about in Monmouthshire.

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Thank you, George Purvis. I working with a number of Pit t man families in the US trying to make a connection with Pit t man researcher in the UK and also Germany. Joaaron Thank you very much for your posting. Harrison Wells was born in Arkansas Territory in and died in They have children:Malcolm, 14, Margaret, 12, Neil, 10, and Archibald, 1. They are living with the Pit Foreman, Peter Johnson and his young family. This James McCollom and his children, including Neil, John is your offer foe free help still open.

I have traced my line back to a Capt. Thomas Pit t man born about in Monmouth. I would very much like to take this line back farther. George Purvis. Dear Ms. Whitehead: Thank you very much for your posting. Harrison Wells was born in Arkansas Territory in Wilhelmina Henrica wv. Makken Hendrikje wv. Borsheim, having in his hand a rough diamond half as large as a hen's egg which he had picked up in a gravel pit near Denver, where he worked last summer.