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I thought it was fascinating the way the street cooks would cut everything up into equal pieces, throw it in a wok, and make an amazing dish out of it. The relaxed way fascinated me most. Throughout the years it has become clear that we like to combine fruits and vegetables in one dish. Iwan, my cousin and I ran a small restaurant together for 4 years on Lake Lucerne. One morning, in the third year, Iwan asked me if I wanted to go with him during the winter break to Australia for a couple of weeks.

As spontaneous as I am, I said of course. The next day Iwan came to me and asked if it would not be better to incorporate some culinary projects. He thought just going from point A to point B is a bit boring. So on that day we decided to write a travel cookbook. We were both really excited about the idea and nothing was going to stand in our way. Much later did we realize that we cook everything with a maximum of two pans… and thus came the name and concept.

Yves: That is a bit of a long story. To make a long story short, each of us has our own reason for doing this. For me, it was a health basis, and to come closer to nutrition in general. I had by then battled cancer twice and wanted to look to much more than only taking medication. So nutrition as a theme was a priority. That was the reason I switched to a vegetarian and vegan lifestyle. Shortly before our flight to australia I had my last piece of meat. So, now that the cookbook is done: What was the most difficult thing in making your successful cookbook?

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Yves: If I am honest, I never found it hard to do. I think the most time consuming thing was to bring across the recipes so that anyone at home in their kitchen can do it. I think the hardest part was the trade-offs you have to make when working with a publisher, but we were also very lucky that we probably wrote the right book at the right moment. The cookbook market is saturated and so many great ideas never make it to the book shelves. Iwan: Originally we wanted to do more. By the end of it we kind of needed a vacation from the vacation.

The Experience

Although in hindsight we completed the project at exactly the right time. Drive, imagination, the courage to throw yourselves out there and two pans were the recipe for this fantastic cookbook! What did you guys miss the most Chef-wise? Which appliance or spice etc…? Iwan: A bit more space in the camper. The longer the trip took, the more the plates and stuff piled up.

Okay… Honestly now, what did you miss from the Swiss cuisine during your travels? The good cheese? Do your ideas and the success of your book spur you on to do further culinary projects in other countries? Eventually the lane reaches open country and becomes a track and then a path leading up Broadstone Clough with its small stream. Keep on the left hand side of the stream and reaching the top bear left on a clear path to the trig point on Broadstone Hill m , perhaps having a break to enjoy the view. To continue, retrace your steps to the top of Broadstone Clough and follow the clear path ahead along the ridge.

Pass the gritstone outcrops of Slades Rocks and Shaw Rocks. The path soon reaches a round boulder The Sugar Loaf from where you trend towards the eastern side of the ridge to enjoy views over Dove Stone, Yeoman Hey and Greenfield Reservoirs. Once on the eastern edge, turn south following a well-worn but narrow path towards Alderman's Hill. Located at the southern end of the ridge this is a fine viewpoint. Turn back and make for the obelisk, which commemorates Saddleworth's losses in the two World Wars. This fine monument can be seen from the valley and offers a wide panorama west towards Manchester.

Close to the obelisk is the 'Pots and Pans stone'. This has a number of natural circular cavities which some say look like cooking utensils, which can only be seen by clambering up on to the stone.

The onward route is a little sketchy and requires a reasonable sense of direction. Just to the north of the obelisk is a spot height m on the OS map. The suggested route is to find a narrow path on the western flank of this small hill and descend in a north-westerly direction towards Birches. The path eventually becomes much clearer as you descend. You reach a junction of paths where you turn north and contour across the side of Primrose Hill to the small group of cottages at Pob Green.

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Turn left down the main access drive to this small settlement continuing downhill to reach a road. Turn left and at the next junction go right and you should be parked along this road. Go to full list of Peak District Walks. For an easy to print version of this walk description and outline map Click Here.

Ordnance Survey Map showing starting point of walk - Click Here.

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