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For the first few weeks after birth, baby sleep may be all over the map. They may sleep so much you find yourself wondering why other new mommies seem so tired. Or they may never sleep for more than minute windows leaving you wondering how you can possibly make it through one more night.

Most newborn babies are extra fussy for a few hours in the evening, often from PM — PM. Somewhere between 2 to 6 months your baby will consolidate their naps. However regardless of the configuration of their naps many small vs. Ferber, M. Weissbluth, M. Keep track of how much your baby is sleeping for a few days. Use the chart as a guideline.

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This is probably the 1 sleep problem that trips up parents with babies under 1. People think babies will simply fall asleep when they need sleep. It would be great if babies worked that way. It would also be great if babies were born knowing how to use the potty. Sadly neither of these is the case. But I AM saying that the chart gives you a pretty good idea of how much sleep your child needs. This is the 2 sleep problem people run into. Typically it is caused by two things.

The first is that younger babies under 6 months tend to take naps late in the afternoon or early evening which means their bedtime is fairly late PM — PM. Whey they stop sleeping in the late afternoon their bedtime should be moved up closer to PM parents forget this step and keep the original late bedtime. The second cause is that babies generally wake up far earlier than you would like to.

Parents will do just about anything to try to get their baby to sleep past AM and they often think that keeping them up later at night will do the trick. If your child is under 3 they almost always need to take a nap. Naps are your friend. Two year old kids are challenging boundaries all day long and are likely to challenge naps as well. I used to believe that there was no such thing as a kid who sleeps too much. In fact I always wanted to be the parent of one of these kids. Both of which are totally manageable conditions. This chart is pretty handy she pats herself on back so you may want to download and print out a copy to keep on your fridge for future reference.

My three month old little girl is a wonderful sleeper at night she goes down awake at 9pm and is up at 8am with no night feedings. My issue is naps! She does not want to nap any where in her crib, bassinet, or swing only place she sleeps is in her car seat when we are out. Can cry it out be used for naps? I know she needs naps because she gets so fussy. Seriously need help My daughter will be 7 month old on Saturday and I am struggling getting her off the breast. She refuses cups and bottles. She will NOT sleep unless I feed her to sleep or rock her to sleep she wakes up every 10 minutes screaming to be rocked back to sleep I have tried everything I can think of.

She screams so bad that im sure the neighbours think we are murdering her.

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Also she only has a morning nap and only if I breastfeed her to sleep I cannot get her to sleep without breastfeeding and even then she will not have more than one nap in the day. Please help From seriously tired mummy and daddy. My son has just turned 4 months old. I generally put him down just before 2 hours, swaddled, with his pacifier and a loud fan right next to him. He is a sleep fighter.

So, my? Also, he nurses about every 2 hours, which lines up almost exactly with his nap times, so he almost always starts to fall asleep while nursing. I try to let him finish, then wake him to swaddle and put him down. Is this the right approach? Alexis, my son is 7 months and sleeps around hours per night. Issues: 2. Note we also have sleep sack HALO , white noise, and occassionally pacifier if needed.

THEN we find ourselves in pacifier heck, because if it falls out we have to put it back in etc…. Also- do I let him wake up himself or should I wake him?? Usually first nap in AM he ewakes himself but the second not so much.. I KNOW the window closes at 6 months, and things get a lot harder.. Hi Alexis, My 17 month old son used to sleep really well. I put him to bed at and he would play in his crib for 45 min happily before falling asleep. He would wake at am and have one nap during the day from Now he is a nightmare.

He wakes up at and refuses to go back to bed. I have no idea what has changed. He looks so tired and he is so crabby. Ha ha my son is 20 months old and he sleeps less than 6 hours in a 24hour period, he screams from 7pm till about 12am every night finally screams himself to sleep then is up by 6am and I have tried to force day naps on him which results in hours of screaming. Sometimes kids just dnt want to sleep. There are underlying medical conditions that can lead to significantly diminished sleep — this SOUNDS scary but most are treatable and temporary. Things like apnea, restless leg syndrome, sleep-phase disorders, etc.

Pediatric sleep MDs can typically diagnose these things relatively quickly so it might be worth looking into? He just hyperactive is all. He will sleep eventually ha ha. He also going through bad bad sepersation anxiety. He would sleep all night if I was to allow him to sleep on me.

Unfortunately its a phase he will grow out of. Autism or any neurological disorder can definitely lead to sleep issues. But I would still see a pediatric sleep dr. You may never achieve hours a day but possibly get significantly more than 6? Good luck! Quick question: my son just turned 8 months yesterday.

He typically takes a nap about 1. However, it is now taking him much longer to fall asleep for that morning nap. What do you suggest? About how long should an 8 month old be staying awake in the morning before a nap? I have a 3 week old who does nothing but sleep! Normal and temporary. Newborns sleep a lot — some as many as 22 hours a day. It drives me crazy because when I try to keep him up for play, tummy time etc… he gets extremely fussy until I swaddle him and put him back to bed. Little lazy man. Just a lazy, sleepy baby. My daughter was that way.

One 30 minute nap once a day! Its a big change and I wanted to know if that was normal he is now 8 weeks old. I am confused about translating the sleep chart to the reality of my baby. So lets take a baby having 9hrs at night. He should have at least 3hrs of nap time per day. Well, those naps are going to be far further apart than 2 hours — more like 4hrs apart. So if a baby is on this schedule, is it ok?

He fits the total sleep requirement and number of naps, but spends a long time awake. Getting the total daily sleep in any pattern? Having long naps with long awake periods, or short naps more often? My 5 month old started sleeping 12 hours a night at 3 months and immediately started screaming to go to sleep if we had her awake for hours of sleep.

So what is more important and putting back to sleep after they wake up is that advisable. Need some advice…I feel like we are going through some inconsistency issues with my 6 month old. Wake between am and feed formula sometimes a fruit too. Play, songs, activities until she has been up for around 1.

Wake and feed formula and fruit or veggie. Playtime, walk, run errands, etc. Playtime, errands, etc. At 7p we start bath and bed routine. She gets her bath, then a bottle, then put down by 8pm at the latest usually closer to Dream feed always offered between 10pp. Never know when she will take it or refuse it. Sometimes she takes a bottle and sometimes I just need to pat her back or rock her back to sleep.

Last night for example she cried at 2am.. Other things to note…I always try and put her down fully awake for naps. This is hardly ever an issue with her morning nap as she will usually put herself down.

Should you wake your sleeping baby for a diaper change?

Today I tried putting her down awake for her middle nap and she was NOT having it.. My husband puts her to bed and he always puts her down in that drowsy but awake state and she always goes right to sleep. Bedtime too early or too late? I guess my biggest issue is the waking in the middle of the night which she never used to do. I will add that for the naps, lately she has not been staying awake a full two hours before getting sleepy.

She usually is ready to go down for her nap after being awake for 1. He goes down around 8 usually and wakes up around He gets a dream feed at midnight. A good nap will last an hour and a half. He usually falls asleep after about 2. So he will go ish to 11ish, ish to3ish Ina good day. But when he has two good naps he almost always skips his last nap. We do his routine and put him in the crib and he just hangs out and babbles happy as a clam for an hour.

What should we do? Need help. My daughter who is 5. My problem is she is on the heavy side and is getting too heavy to be rocked and at the same time she only wants to be rocked while lying down horizontally and only by that particular nanny. She would actually cry and twist her body around if rocked by other people. Because of this among other reasons we want to start sleep training her. Would you recommend CIO at this point?

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  • Im worried that she just might not sleep with CIO. My baby is 10 months old and we started CIO 11 days ago. So far so good, but recently has has not been taking great naps which causes nights to be semi-sleepless. He has been waking up from his last nap aound 3 and goes to bed at p. Is this too much of a gap? Also, I have always heard naps no longe rthan 2 hours but if he is sleeping good still, can he nap longer? My daughter is 6 weeks old and will not sleep At night she is in a swing we have tried everything!!

    This sounds exactly like my daughter. Would you mind telling me what happened or what you did to get her to sleep?? Sounds like my daughter. She is six weeks tomorrow and driving me bonkers. It is driving me insane — I am SO tired and impatient. Honestly — I learned that up until 3 months you are just in Survivial mode. Do what you gotta do to get the little one asleep. I was in the car driving around aimlessly for the first 3 months of her life — just so she would sleep. The more sleep during the day the better night sleep she will have.

    Have you tried the swing? Worked wonders from 3 months till 5 for naps until she started trying to get out of it — saddest day of my life. OK my 10 week old has finally figured out sleep mostly so my question is a little different…. My baby regularly sleeps hours after bedtime which is 10 pm. Have tried for earlier to no avail! I love your site and have been very excited about the results swadding and white noise have given us.

    The chart indicating normal waketime has been helpful as well. Thank you! Quick question…. Why, as the days goes on, does it get harder and harder to put baby to sleep, ending in a very difficult bedtime? My 7 week old can put down awake for the first nap, second nap a little more work involved, third- more work, fourth even more…and then bedtime…it seems as though any little noise will cause him to stir.

    It does get a bit harder to put them down for naps as the day goes on because I think 1. Also, at 7 weeks, your baby is still really little and sorting lots of things out! You are doing a great job. Afterthought: He is still organizing his sleep and things will get smoother once he is down to 3 or 2 naps? She was napping about I live in Japan and they are just NOT popular here. So now, she is getting swaddled, sucking on her pacifier, listening to white noise blasting, in her swing, with the curtains drawn.

    And she is napping like gangbusters. She is sleeping around ish hours at night and 5 and a bit during the day, on average, which is great! On paper. But now… last night, for example, she woke up less than every 3 hours. Is she still adjusting to the newness of her sleep cycles with the swing and this will even back out??? Is she maybe going through the 3 month growth spurt but she is not eating all that much at night when she does wake up…??? Anyone have any suggestions or advice?

    My original plan with using the swing for naps was to slowly start turning the speed down a speed a week? Juanita, First, thanks for your reply! It seems like our little ones, mine now 11 weeks old, have similar daytime sleep habits. I have to run my preschooler to various activities and we try to stay busy every morning. I reserve the afternoon for Nate so he can catch up on any daytime sleep lost in the morning. I have decided to let go and relax about where he sleeps and just be happy that he sleeps.

    Therefore, if he naps in the infant carrier on the way home from an activity, I let him stay in it and finish his nap. While I do believe it might not be the best way to get sleep, at least it IS sleep.

    Why Sleep Training Didn't Work - Precious Little Sleep

    That said, I DO feel that it is important to put down baby awake. I know mine did. I still use white noise because I think it is an easy cue to use and if needed I can travel with it. My son, goes down for bed around 8 as well. That is also, after a quick sometimes only 20 minute nap. I am not positive as to how he is able to do this what I feel is early, but here are my ideas. Maybe some will help you. Our morning begins with a wake-up time around am. I do wake him now for the day if needed.

    I am careful to watch his hunger signs and feed him as much as he will take at each feeding. I will keep an open mind however, and watch for signs that he is ready to go longer, watching to see an increase in each feeding, ability to stay awake longer.

    My Sleep Training Novella

    But the point is, I think it is important to teach daytime verses nighttime sleep. The day is for being awake, eating, playing…night is for sleeping. No matter where he can get his sleep, he must nap every cycle. As the day progresses, you are right in my case, he can stay awake longer, hence the shorter naps, and cumulative sleepiness- preparation for nighttime sleep.

    So, he takes 4 naps before bedtime. Lastly, and what I feel has been the most effective, and this might receive criticism, but here it is. I am flexible with how I put him down. So, we back sleep, stomach sleep, whatever works. Stomach sleeping? It did with our first too. My mind says this is okay even though I know I am going against the current advice of back is best, because my Mom had 6 kids and we were all stomach slept. Wake time is especially important after feedings so he can get all of his burps out, be comfortable on his tummy.

    When your little one wakes in the night, have you tried giving her a pacifier? Also, you should know that we formula feed. I know my sister, who breast fed all of her children, was feeding around the clock for a while. I do believe breast is best! Good for you. I think there is a lot we can do as parents to help our children develop good sleep habits, but I also think it is important to be flexible, relax, and keep your stress level down.

    Thank you so much for taking the time to reply to my post! I am going to try to stay strong, calm, and work with her to hopefully get her sleeping in longer stretches at night again, and to tank up during the day as much as possible. She has been super distracted and jiggly during her daytime feeds lately…. I appreciate you sharing your tips and advice with me.

    I have been wanting to phase out swaddling, but after watching her first few naps in the swing without it , she is SO active kicking and flailing her arms around that I thought she still needs it to get to and stay asleep. That time she did sleep in her crib for 30 minutes after I flipped her on her back and helped calm her down, but I think just because she had cried herself to exhaustion.

    Help please! I would say on average he gets hours of sleep in a 24 hour period. I KNOW that is not ok! How do I help him nap, especially during the day? Oh you poor thing. If so I personally would carry him constantly for a few days, so he can catch up on sleep a bit and not be so terribly overtired. When you have a difficult baby, weeks is the hardest. I promise you it will get better! You have lots of time to make changes later when the super fussy stage ends. My baby is 11 weeks old and her schedule is still all over the place. This will all pass so quickly The best thing you can do for him is get him on a schedule and stick to it no matter how inconvenient it might be at times.

    I know these first weeks can be completely overwhelming and difficult, but scheduling is a must. Plus, note-taking. Write down when he eats and how much. Write down diapering activities. And write down how much he sleeps and when. Good luck!! This is what both my kids suffered through until they were diagnosed. Write down everything- it will help you get tacken seriously by the pediatrician. Ask for referral to a pediatric GI if reflux is suspected A regular peed may be somewhat helpful, but this is whY a peed GI does day in and day out.

    I totally feel for you. Call in reinforcements - grandparents, aunts, uncles and friends. YOU need support and sleep in order to be able to help your child. To help make it through try wearing baby in a sleepy wrap. They are cheap, easy and comfortable.

    Good luck!

    For a greater understanding of the encultured brain and body…

    If it does end up being reflux, memail me, i could totally write a book on the subject and I'm happy to share what I've learned about treatments and tricks. Ugh, taken seriously. He's breast fed, I'm Dad, Mom is also here. He's awake and fussing. He just won't go down at all. He seems better at night, and apparently last night got 6 hours, so he's on course for 9 hours total today.

    I'm just frustrated because he'll get calm on my chest and seem to be asleep, but Mrs Metheglen says his eyes are open. Then 15 minutes later he'll move around. I'm probably bring paranoid, but I just want him to be happy. A swing like this saved my life when my boy was little. You need a swing that's got a seat that's very cradled, and that goes side to side, not back and forth.

    And Nthing Happiest Baby on the Block. I hate the moby for an older baby, but for a lil one it can be a lifesaver. Probably the last person who should advise on this but only a little tidbit because this reminded me of something a friend went through: It is apparently not impossible for infants or even adults to sleep with their eyes open sometimes.

    There was a name for it, but I do not remember it off the top of my head. Something to look into, though. Definitely use the information from Happiest Baby on the Block. It worked wonders for my son. I also recommend Healthy Sleep Habits, Happy Child by Mark Weissbluth, though that information is really for kids who are of sleep-training age 4 months and up. I'll also second SoftSummerBreeze's suggestion to get your baby on a sleep schedule as soon as possible. At one week, he isn't quite ready for a schedule, as he hasn't really developed his own internal clock, but this is definitely something that should be done sooner than later.

    I wish I had started sooner. The only way I could get my baby to sleep for long stretches when he was little newborn until about 8 months was in a swing with a radio set to static or some other white noise. I also put a thick blanket over his window to make his room totally dark during the day, so naps were easier.

    I'm not sure the type of swing matters, but I recommend getting the kind with a timer. It'll swing for 30 minutes, which is plenty of time for baby to fall asleep, then stop. Hopefully, baby will stay asleep, and stopping the motion will get him used to sleeping without the swinging. It was really hard to get my baby to adjust to not swinging at all, so this seems like a good way to make the transition easier. You may need to soothe him into the "second half" of the nap when he gets near the surface of sleeping after 40 minutes in his sleep cycle.

    When ours would only sleep upright on someone's chest and was super-fussy he had reflux , my husband would just park him on his shoulder, slouch a bit, and go work on the computer. My obstetrician told me with his youngest he'd sit up half the night playing video games because the little dude would only sleep upright at first, and video games are a good "hold the baby while doing something fun" thing to do. But definitely call the pede and get help there. And call friends who would love some baby snuggle time, even with a fusser, so you guys can go take naps while the friends hold him and soothe him.

    Father of a 5 week old, and brother, I feel you right now. Here's where we were about 4 weeks ago, and in a similar state after a 3 day labor and all the associated lack of sleep: - Pediatrician to check weight, latch, etc, moms milk should be in at this point. Newborns at least ours couldn't stay awake without being really unhappy for more than 45 or so minutes.

    It's so hard right now when you're tired, ours would sleep with her eyes open at that age and that took us a while to figure out. If they aren't wiggly and seem content, let them be where they are even if it looks like they are wide awake. Get friends and family to help and be on your program, even if it's just holding an awake baby. Ours still tries to pull the 45 minute deal, which now looks like she's just shifting sleep levels, often if you can get them through that it's fine and they'll hunker down for a better stretch. Anecdotally, skin to skin with my little one laying on my chest seemed to help tremendously with her getting in some longer sleep periods, especially at weeks.

    Email is in profile, or memail, happy to offer what I can. Here's the secret. Go to Target or wherever and invest in one of those 20 dollar yoga balls. Inflate it. Now cradle your boy in your arms swaddled tightly , sit on the ball, and start bouncing. We invested in everything else -- wraps, swings, carriers -- but my son hated it all.

    But not this. He loved this. I've given this secret to many people and most have reported back with success stories. Hopefully you will too. Sing "go to sleep, go to sleep" over and over in your deepest baritone with the baby on your chest. They seem to like that low hum. Try lying in bed, maybe a little propped up with a pillow, and let your kid fall asleep on your chest.

    The warmth and your presence may create sufficient sleep-rays to put your little one out for longer. Of course, I post this and he goes to sleep. Iamabot, what's the app? Nth-ing the recs for the Happiest Baby on the Block. A tight swaddle, some firm swinging and loud shushing, as well as a binky, were usually required to get my daughter to sleep. I can't recommend the Miracle Blanket highly enough. It makes a tight swaddle and so much easier than using a large flannel cloth though, that worked quite well too. I firmly believe that until a baby is weeks old, you should do Whatever It Takes to get them to sleep.

    My daughter slept best when someone was holding her, so we held her. We co-slept, we wore her, or we swaddled her tight and nestled her on the couch between us. I promise it gets better. Hang in there, papa. Your baby is doing what he is supposed to do. Everything is new and weird to him right now, and he needs to eat really frequently. Google "double swaddle" if you're already swaddling him and he can break out of the wrap. I think that trying to schedule anything with a newborn is rolling a boulder uphill and totally unnecessary.

    He just got here. In the meantime, nurse him whenever he seems mildly interested and hold him all the time. He'll sleep when he needs to sleep and eat when he needs to eat.

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    • If he can't stay asleep very long at night, give serious thought to bringing him into bed with you or at least putting him in a sidecar-type-setup. A lot of babies who can't stay asleep when they're out of contact with mama do fine when they can feel their mother's warmth and hear her breaths.

      The first few weeks are crazy whether you try to schedule your baby or not , and they also get better on their own. Not getting any sleep yourself is very, very hard. But it will improve. Two things that brought me solace early on: Trixie Tracker , the ultimate in parental nerd action. Ask Moxie's sleep archives. Her motto for baby sleep is "by any means necessary". She is very sensible. I also highly recommend co-sleeping. Oh - now that I am on a computer rather than a phone: 1 Happiest Baby on the Block - we have. They get the interception in the endzone, and Little M is asleep It's been so good to see that I am not alone even though I knew I wasn't, it's still nice to have it proven We're aiming for a couple hours now See you all at 3am!

      Do you put him down in a darkened room? Blackout shades, heavy curtains I used the total baby app on the iphone to track everything. I disagree, sort of, with the scheduling people. We did a sleep-eat-play-sleep-eat-play "schedule" where we didn't so much time things. The "sleep" was ofter 45 minutes during the day. I think this might have been the baby whisperer book. I was a fan of letting the baby sleep when and where she would. Others are big fans of the-baby-sleeps-in-the-crib-only "sleep hygine" kind of people.

      You need to figure out what is going to works best for you and your baby. In all seriousness, I think babies feed off the feelings of their parents. So if you're nervous and agitated, he will be too. I think that's part of what makes the first couple weeks so hard - of course your anxious. Just wait - soon he'll sleep a whole bunch and you'll wonder if you should wake him up! Which is to say, it's all gonna change, and then again, and then again. Good luck : posted by dpx. My 5 week old will not sleep for long periods without his SwaddleMe blanket.

      He was breaking out of the hospital blanket swaddles on day 2 like a little ninja. We sleep with the baby in the bassinet part of his pack n play at the end of the bed when dad is home at night, but now that he's going back to work tonight 3rd shift, so I'm on my own! It keeps him near me, but safe from rolling into blankets, pillows or me. Good luck. I got a 4 hour stretch of sleep las night for the first time in a month and we snoozed all afternoon between feedings and I feel like a new person. It will get better!