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Yes, this story is thankfully bereft of the pages and pages of expository monologue often found in this type of story, so you never really know how she is feeling except through her vague and muddled commentary on her surroundings and the goings on around her. How she feels about a meatball is more honest than how she feels about herself, and therein lies the irony. I thought it was an honest story and very realistic. Personally, I felt the ambiguity suited the situation.

I remember my struggle trying to define myself as a woman, so I can only imagine how difficult it was being in your twenties right smack in the middle of the feminist movement when sexual liberation was the order of the day. Apr 08, Elizabeth rated it it was amazing. I was a little skeptical when I first picked this book up -- well, unwrapped it, since it was sent to me as a giveaway prize. I was skeptical because there are already so many books concerning finding your own true self in some remarkable fashion or another, and the sight of the "Little Mermaid" statue on the cover was something that made me sigh, wondering if huge revelations would be made and if the character's life would be tied up in a pretty little bow by the end of it.

Really, "The Metal Gi I was a little skeptical when I first picked this book up -- well, unwrapped it, since it was sent to me as a giveaway prize. Really, "The Metal Girl" was not at all what I had expected. Though it is short, the story sucks the reader in and feels like a much longer novel than it really is, putting one into the shoes of the narrator easily.

What struck me is that this woman could be anyone -- and I think that that was entirely the purpose of the nameless character. Her voice is one that could belong to any number of women, American or not, and most readers would probably be able to relate easily to the nameless character in her struggles and internal thought processes.

Other reviews commented that there was no plot to the story, and though I agree, I don't necessarily think that this is a bad thing. Again, this adds a degree of realism. How many times, as young adults, do we wander aimlessly, with little to no solid ending to our journeys? Yes, the book ended Sandra took a simple snapshot of a few days of an American woman and framed it for us to see and relate to. No, the woman did not have a startling revelation that made her find the man of her dreams and live happily ever after. Then again, how often does pretty closure happen in real life? If Ms. Sandra's goal was to simply expose a sliver of a struggling young woman's life, she succeeded, and vibrantly.

If not, well, she certainly wrote a fantastic novel. View 1 comment. Sep 26, Boston Book Bums rated it liked it. Sandra gives a matter-of-fact portrayal of a twenty-something woman on the cusp of realizing who she is. Her observations of the locale and the locals are so hyper-real that it feels you may be able to reach out and touch the metal girl, like the protagonist, feel the coldness of the unknown.

Mar 18, Joanie rated it really liked it Shelves: first-reads-won. I like the way Judy writes in memoir type but would like to have a name for the character. She did describe her comings and goings very well while on her journey. An easy read. Feb 15, Arminzerella rated it it was ok Shelves: realistic , adult-fiction , borrowed-from-the-library , donated-to-the-library , somethings , received-review-copy , travel , coming-of-age , denmark.

This review has been hidden because it contains spoilers. To view it, click here. A young nameless American woman who is between jobs and feeling rather lost in life travels to Copenhagen, Denmark, in the middle of winter, to find herself. One night, she makes the acquaintance of some people her own age at a jazz club. She flounders from one thing to another, never really finding what she wants or needs until a couple of days before her imminent departure, an awkward encounter with the swinging owners of the hotel has her finding the next ticket out of Copenhagen.

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Sometimes the only thing you can be sure of is your exit. I found it difficult to bond with the protagonist, although I understood her desire to find her place in the world — she just seemed to be going about it the wrong way. Looking back at this time in her life at the end indicates that she's probably found some answers or has learned to live with her questions , but skips over the part where she actually grows which, for me is the most interesting.

I was more caught up in the easy, open and terribly direct Scandinavians she meets during her travels, wondering more than once if they're really like that or not. I would love to find a good travelogue for Denmark or Norway. I didn't enjoy this. The character development just didn't happen, and the connection between the protagonist and the Metal Girl was tenuous at best despite being over-emphasized at the end.

The writing style isn't bad, however, it just needs to transport readers somewhere more meaningful. Mar 24, Linda Isakson rated it it was ok Shelves: coming-of-age , judy-sandra , first-reads.

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This was a goodreads giveaway gift. Review: This is the memoir of an unamed year-old girl who travels to Denmark, during the 's, in order to overcome her boredom in life. Inadvertently, she rents a hotel room on the outskirts of the red light district, a well-known area for tourist-frequented sex shops. A day or so after she arrives in Copenhagen, an older lady insists she visit the "Little Mermaid" statue, a beautifully sculpted mermaid girl sitting on a rock in a nearby harbor.

Metal Girl

She's tou This was a goodreads giveaway gift. She's touched by the beatuy of the mermaid girl, though why that is significant eludes me. Eventually she meets Elizabeth, a woman with a lot of emotional issues, and her friend Olaf, a nice caring man who is deeply interested in our protagonist. The unnamed girl immediately connects with Elizabeth and has a love affair with Olaf, though she's ambivalent about her feelings towards him.

She meets Elizabeth's ex-husband, a man who tries to force the protagonist to come-to-terms with her unhappiness despite her protestations that she is quite happy on her own. In the end, our protagonist finds Elizabeth in a drunken stupor and decides to spend the night sleeping in Elizabeth's apartment in order to avoid being lonely. The next day she decides to cut her visit to Copenhagen short and promises to always remember Elizabeth. Honestly, I was rather bored reading this book.

Thankfully it was short, otherwise I'm not sure if I would have persisted in finishing the story. The coming-of-age story needs a bit of work. The moment of revelation and it's future impact on the protagonists life is not described nor really even developed enough for the reader to imagine the outcome. There did not seem to be any nexus between the mermaid statue and the girls' discovery about herself, or at least any that I could deduce.

However, the writing style is really beautiful and engaging, apart from the story.

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Mar 17, Linda rated it it was ok. I was really excited to be chosen by the author to receive a signed copy of her book.

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But here's the problem, I didn't enjoy the book and here's my review of course this is just one person's opinion : The point of this book? I haven't a clue. There's nothing about the main characters that draws you to them, makes you care about them; they're not even that interesting.

The characters should be developed more: after the main protaganist has sex with Olaf, she rushes back to her hotel feeling unsat I was really excited to be chosen by the author to receive a signed copy of her book. The characters should be developed more: after the main protaganist has sex with Olaf, she rushes back to her hotel feeling unsatisfied and dirty and scrubs herself clean, yet she agrees to another meeting with him. Why -we are not led to understand her feelings about him? The first third of the book should be edited to get to the storyline sooner. Incidentally, the end of the book seems tacked on to tie into the title.

Mar 23, Susan Abenilla-brown rated it liked it. A quick read that could have been so much more! The story telling was in depth - almost too much at times, and our unnamed protagonist really drags down the story with her introspection.

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If that had led to personal insight that was shared it would be fine, but it doesn't - and trying to tie in the title feels like a cheat. It would have been nice to see some result of the adventures and the soul searching. Since the story ends with her talking about retelling the adventures, hearing what shengained from it would be nice. I left with the feeling that she had lesbian leanings, but no answer is given. The time period choice was excellent and the cultural references were spot on.

I would recommend this book. Mar 18, Earlene Glasgow rated it liked it. I won the book from the Goodreads First Read Book Giveaway, can't wait to start it : Apr 1 read the book, was a very quick read actually. Sandra give a very realistic look at being a "woman of the world" traveller. There are no discussion topics on this book yet. Videos About This Book. More videos Like this? Fuad Alakbarov is a Glasgow-based artist, photojournalist, political commentator and human rights activist. He speaks Search Search. Baby Metal With their manically catchy tunes, this unlikely fusion of pop and heavy metal has made school girl trio Baby Metal an international sensation in the rock and roll industry.

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