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The Merchant of Venice

Supporting Characters - Key Points, Supporting Characters - Essay, Language - Key Points, Language - Revision Essay, Structure - Key Points, Structure - Revision Essay, Themes - Key Points, Themes - Revision Essay, Historical Context - Key Points, Historical Context - Revision Essay. Emily developed her teaching career in the area of SEN, and has a great deal of experience in working with dyslexic and autistic pupils. Emily worked with the University of Brighton as a Professional Tutor and mentor to trainee teachers.

Over the years, Emily has been a regular examiner for AQA.

Anti-Semitism in The Merchant of Venice: Key Theme Analysis

Emily now works full time on writing material and adding to the Revision Rocks range. Jeff Thomas Until recently, Jeff worked as a history teacher, specialising in alternative teaching methods. What changed was that this time, I had a film adaptation assigned alongside it, and strategised my studies so I would have enough time to enjoy it.

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Once I had the general order of events down, the qualities of the words themselves were much easier to appreciate. Secondly , adaptations you a visual reference to the events of the play.

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  8. It can get hard to keep track of a cast of Shakespeare characters with unfamiliar names and little to work from in the way of physical description. As an example of how tricky it can be to distinguish the different characters. Below is a table of my recommended Shakespeare interpretations, with a trailer linked in the title.

    The Merchant Of Venice

    The next step is to grab your pens or your e-reader, whatever and read the thing! Both, however, let me see my own knowledge developing, see what I found the most important lines to be, and keep my ideas down so that I can build on them later. However, the further you are in your study, the more you want to be thinking about what kind of arguments you will make.

    There are plenty of videos online, both professional and amateur, detailed and surface-level, of Shakespeare analysis, often with valuable insights and handy visual cues. Aidan , who does break-downs of the most important sections of the plays. Details like these will help you develop a more holistic understanding of the play.