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Those are the kinds of experiences of B-cognition we will be discussing here. This particular experience is recounted by a woman in her early thirties. She is describing a walk in the little woods just outside her home, a woods that she walked through almost every day. But on this particular day she saw it with entirely different eyes than she had ever seen it before.

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She writes:. I felt I was there with God on the day of the Creation. Everything was so fresh and new. Every plant and tree and fern and bush had its own particular holiness. As I walked along the ground the smells of nature rose to greet me - sweeter and more sacred than any incense.

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It is worth noting that people often resort to using religious metaphors in their descriptions of these B-perception experiences. Religious language is a language of fullness and ultimacy and often seems the most appropriate kind of language for portraying these experiences. The woman continues.

Between the trees I could see the sun sending down rays of warming benediction upon this Eden, this forest paradise. I continued to wander through this wood in a state of puzzled rapture, wondering how it could have been that I lived only a few steps from this place, walked in it several time s a week, and yet had never really seen it before. I remembered having read in college Frazier's Golden Bough in which one read of the sacred forests of the ancients. Here, just outside my door was such a forest and I swore I would never be blind to its enchantment again.

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During my college years I often worked summers in a lumber mill and one summer my job was to grade sheets of plywood as they came rolling slowly by on a chain. I would pull them off into various piles depending on their grade. About half way through one long drowsy night shift of this work, along the chain came a stunningly beautiful piece of plywood, with unbelievably striking and well-defined grains and colors. I pulled it off the chain and put it in a special place just to enjoy looking at it for a while.

It truly was so beautiful it just amazed me, and I looked at it for the longest time. But then it occurred to me later that perhaps it wasn't the board itself that was so uniquely beautiful, but that maybe something had changed in me, in my mode of perception, that had allowed me to see the beauty in that one piece of plywood. I wondered if maybe some other sheets of plywood were perhaps equally beautiful, but that I had just not been in a state of mind to see their beauty. So I began specifically to examine other sheets as they came down the chain, and sure enough, just as I expected, many others were equally beautiful but I had just not had the eyes to appreciate them.

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  • And this is exactly Maslow's point. Our ordinary daily mode of perception, what Maslow terms Deficiency perception or D-cognition simply is not focused on seeing a thing as it truly is in itself. It is focused instead on seeing only those aspects of a thing that it is necessary to see for meeting the needs and interests of daily life.

    Maslow believes - like Schopenhauer - that human beings like all living organisms are a bundle of needs which have to be met so that the organism can go on living [Maslow's psychology is famous for his "needs hierarchy"]. In order to meet our needs, i. On your way to and from your work, for example, you may pass by three "pre-owned" car lots and have never noticed them.

    But when you suddenly need to buy a car, your consciousness immediately starts picking up on things like used car lots, "For Sale" signs on cars, and certain ads in the newspaper. All those things were there before, but you had never noticed them because you had no need to notice them, and no interest in them.

    Your consciousness simply screened them out.

    In This Quiet Space for Contemplation, a Fountain Rains Down Calming Waters

    That is the way our daily D-cognition perceives the world: it takes note of things in which it has an interest, and it picks up on only those aspects of things in which it has an interest. Gilnet fishing is a night fishery, so you're out on the water all night long. One of the first nights we were out there was a particularly calm, warm night, and the sea was flat like glass. A gilnet is a long webbed net that hangs down from a floating corkline strung along the surface and is weighted down with a leadline strung along its bottom.

    It hangs in the water like a curtain, and the idea is that salmon will come along and accidentally swim into it and get tangled up by their gills. We then drummed the net aboard after a couple hours, pick out the fish, and re-set the net. My son, Tom, and I had just gotten our net out in the water this particular night, so it was hanging nice and straight there in the water fishing. I was keeping an eye on things from inside the cabin, and Tom was out on deck in the bow. After a while he motioned me to come out for a minute. When I got out there, he showed me what was happening in the water.

    It was this amazing stuff that I later learned was called phosphorescence. Tom had been hanging over the bow moving his finger through the dark water, and wherever he stirred the water it lit up brilliantly. So for the next several moments he and I enjoyed playing in the water. We threw a bowline overboard and swished it through the water, watching the water light up all along the path of the rope.

    We wrote our names in the water with our fingers. We urinated in the water. We threw coins in the water and watched them stir up light for as deep as we could see. A curtain call occurs at the end of a performance when individuals return to the stage to be and its conductor at the end of the curtain call. Luciano Pavarotti holds the record for receiving curtain calls, more than any other artist. Definition of curtain call written for English Language Learners from the Merriam- Webster Learner's Dictionary with audio pronunciations, usage examples, and.

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