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    Roadkill by Bruce McDonald, Canada. Sao Bernado by Leon Hirszman, Brazil. Seated Figures by Michael Snow, Canada. Siddheshwari by Mani Kaul, India. Nothing could be more gorgeous He can't ever really decide between them and seems unable to grasp that he should even be thinking in that way, and that there might be problems developing as a result. But Therese, perhaps as incapable as he is of truly adult comprehension or communication, nevertheless is capable of rejection, and she does so in dramatic and final fashion, forcing him to choose by removing herself from the equation.

    Varda deliberately creates a film that is all bold surfaces and colors - bright reds, pastel blues and greens, sunny yellows - and it is her use of color and editing that define the melancholy that underlies the happiness. And he never does. All three characters are fairly shallow, at least the film doesn't explicitly show us anything much to contradict that, and this leads to an extraordinarily cynical feeling, particularly on a second viewing for me - really, she seems to be saying, if we don't think and don't communicate with each other, if all we want is happiness, then what difference does it make if one person drowns herself - if that was her choice?

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    • One woman is as good as another, a new mother can do the same job as the original, let's just go on with our daily lives and forget about the darkness. The sole person who may have actually thought matters through with any understanding, Therese, is ultimately the one who can't exist in this world. Where "Le bonheur" has the rhythmic feel and glossy surface of a musical, the Demy film actually is one; and where Varda's film actually ends up a tragedy - but wrapped up in cozy beauty - Demy's film is only a Hollywood tragedy.

      Did the wife make her savage piece of cynicism in response to her husband's bittersweet romance? I don't know, but it's fascinating to think about the many parallels On the whole, I think "Le bonheur" is one of the key French films of the 60s, it stands for me with the much-better known works of Godard, Truffaut and Chabrol from the decade and it is certainly a powerful philosophical statement about the nature of relationships, fidelity, "happiness. They love each other.

      Van Damme, Charlie

      Seemingly, they are a completely happy family. They love each other, support each other, and for a while they seem like the perfect family. He starts having an affair with her, even though she knows about his marriage. This movie was beautiful if not unusual. It shows what goes on behind closed doors, so to speak, and how normal everyday people try to fill their lives with happiness.

      This causes a search for more happiness, and sometimes the results can be disastrous. I saw "Le Bonheur" decades ago - an experience which was disturbing then but resonates in my memory to this day. Then comes the husband's affair, which seems more like something decided by the gods than the characters. Inevitably, a tragic event occurs. This work initiated my love of quality world cinema.

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