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She was Isis once in ancient Egypt, a priestess of Hathor with a life of magic and intrigue behind closed Temple doors. A few well-placed rubs and Isis is back on the Nile with River God of bronzed flesh and snowy linen. But Isis has a destiny.

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This is not your typical romance. One man is not enough for Isis. Or two. Or three. And Isis is a woman with many needs. Who says a woman should only have one man? Who says there is a Mr. One life and one man are not enough for Isis. She has the Power. Read more Read less.

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Also check our best rated Historical Fiction reviews. Not Enabled. No customer reviews. But before they can, they have to figure out what happened to their fellow camper Amanda, who was found bludgeoned to death in a rowboat 20 years ago. We watched the protagonist jump into new adventures in Eat, Pray, Love , but the latest novel by Elizabeth Gilbert takes a look back at the past. Vivian, a nowyear-old woman, finally shares her love story from the s.

A combination of lust, scandal, and fun, this is another novel you won't be able to put down.

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Sylvie Lee flew to the Netherlands to see her ailing grandma one last time. Then, she disappeared. And when Amy takes it upon herself to retrace her sister's footsteps, she uncovers family secrets that turn her world upside down. Ivy Gamble isn't exactly like her estranged sister Tabitha. She has a relatively stable job as a private investigator, but she doesn't possess the same magical gifts as her sister. Their lives intertwine yet again when Ivy is hired to solve the mysterious murder of one of Tabitha's coworkers, and it forces Ivy to take another look at who she's become.

We walk through the life of Little Dog, a now-late something writing a letter to his mother who cannot read. Those who have read the book say it's gripping, powerful, and an honest depiction of grappling with your identity. Natalie Tan returns to her childhood home in San Francisco after news of her estranged mother's death. They often fought about Natalie's dreams to become a chef, so there's an additional shock when she learns she's inherited her grandmother's restaurant.

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One Goodreads reviewer suggested that you read it on an empty stomach, because you'll devour every word. We go back to the s, following the lives of two sisters, both then and now. They attempt to navigate the ever-changing world around them, and like Weiner's other novels, this one is simply unputdownable.

What if you started having memories of moments that didn't actually happen? Kristen Petersen just met the perfect guy, but he wants to have a big family. You can expect to laugh and cry during this one, as the protagonist grapples with her decision to stay or go. Goodreads reviewers are already calling this one of the best books of the year.

Set in with a series of flashbacks, we learn about the unparalleled, perfect relationship between Marilyn and David. And while their love story is idyllic, their four daughters haven't had such luck. Their individual storylines come together to show how complicated it is to love those closest to you. All those sunny summer afternoons could use a little darkness.

When Jules Larsen takes a new job as an apartment sitter, she has no clue that she'll eventually try to solve the disappearance of her coworker. While many of the books in this list are fictional, we couldn't resist this "nonfiction literary masterpiece" We're trusting Elizabeth Gilbert's words about it. Over the course of eight years, Lisa Taddeo unveiled the lives and desires of three real women living in the United States. A housewife in Indiana, entrepreneur on the East Coast, and a high school student in North Dakota have revealing and all-too-relatable stories to tell.

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Journey back to the Bahamas in , where a recently widowed woman named Lulu is reporting on the lives of the Duke and Duchess of Windsor. They have plenty of drama already, but there's even more when Lulu discovers the ugly truth behind the couple's marriage. During all of this, she falls in love with a man who vanishes. All in all, we're looking forward to this inevitable page-turner.

When a black boy is sent off to a reformatory school called The Nickel Academy during the Jim Crow-era, he soon learns that it's a terrifying, abusive place.