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They engaged in battles with the inhabitants. The land was ravaged by the civil war between factions of the Incas.

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Unlike the previous voyage, the Spanish did not find the same degree of order and friendliness. They continued their march towards what today is Piura. When they were crossing the Sechura desert a messenger from Atahualpa appeared. He was disguised as an ordinary Indian. He was called Apo and mixed among the Indians who followed the Spanish soldiers as carriers and vendors. Hernando kicked at Apo and on falling the turban, which had hidden his large ears, came undone. When he had stood up, the Indians fell prostrate on their knees. The Spanish realized that they were faced with a royal spy and treated him with caution.

The Spaniards advanced as far as the present-day Lambayeque and when they were near to the cordillera mountain range Apo returned.

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This time he came as ambassador, and was carried in a litter or sedan chair and had brought a gift from Atahualpa, which consisted of a model of a fortress and three skinned ducks. Pizarro was taken aback and interpreted the gift as a sign that Atahualpa was confident in his strength and was threatening to harm them. Furthermore, Apo invited them to Cajamarca to meet the Inca who indicated that he wished to receive them. Toda la agricultura y el transporte eran a pie. This section not yet transcribed or translated - when working on this save your work online regularly so that other potential editors, transcribers or translators can see that you are working on it and where you have got to - delete this sentence when done.

Atahualpa was going to save three of the Spaniards with specific skills. To seize the horses they the Incas would let the Spaniards enter Cajamarca and not finish with them in one of the several mountain passes through which they would journey. The Incas were not afraid. Atahualpa was the son of the Sun and, as such the personification of God. It was thought that his majesty could not submit to any mortal. Atahualpa was at a special moment in his life because he was exalted by his victory over Huascar and did not take precautions, but faced events transfixed by a blind faith in his own magnificence.

The Spanish column went to Cajamarca; as agreed with Apo, the city was virtually abandoned and the square empty. The infantry was with him, another callanca of the square. He did not even glance at them. They did not speak the same language, were incommunicado except for the two interpreters Felipillo and Martinillo two Indians kidnapped as adolescents during the previous trip, that were not completely fluent in either language, as neither Spanish nor Cuzco-Quechua were their mother tongue.

The interpreters were young coastal traders who were on a raft explain balsa: Quechua which had been captured by the conquerors. They had been taken to Spain and now were returning as key people in the enterprise of conquest: the first messengers.

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    Bradford: University of Bradford. University of Queensland, L o conforman los siguientes elementos:. Sus figuras son:. La pluma y el tintero significan los instrumentos con que el Educando Esperancista escribe lo conquistado. Cristo es nuestro maestro, su celestial doctrina;. Ella, dispensadora de las gracias del cielo. G racias por este nuevo amanecer y atardecer. Gracias por este nuevo comenzar y caminar.

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