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District of Squamish Government organisation. RideHub Tour guide. Vancouver Rock Climbing Book. Squamish Environment Society Environmental conservation organisation.

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While it was a little breezy and cool, we managed to have a good play out on the water and everyone managed to stay mostly dry! Bring on the hot hot and sunny days! Hey everyone, check it out!! The next instalment of Squamish Rock Cl This is your definitive guide to Squamish sport climbing with a whole bunch of new areas previously not available in a guide book! Come by and get your copy today!

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Hey Valhalla Pure fans! I hope the rocks are treating you well so fa A funny, sweet trilogy about three girls and the friendships and romance they find working summer jobs at a water park! Whitney's Summer Goals: 1. Throw the best parties ever at the water park -- and avoid backstabbing nemesis Marci.

Stop eating so much ice cream from Jake's ice cream cart. Who cares that he's really cute and sweet? Figure out Caitlin and Robyn Work on tan. Quit looking at Jake!! Pool Boys. Erin Haft. There's the filthy-rich spoiled princess lounging in her Versace gold string bikini. The uber-hot pool boy who never has his shirt on.

The poor-but-beautiful girl stuck working behind the snack bar. The handsome tennis star whose even better at kissing. The tight pack of best friends who've been spending summers at the Club forever. AND the mysterious newcomer who throws everything off whack.

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This summer, their lives and loves will all intersect in the most juicy ways imaginable. Because, in the Club, no rules apply. Jane Breskin Zalben. Daniel says: life caused me to grow up fast. Real fast.

Like overnight. Krista says: The real me—the one who knew I should treat Daniel the way I'd want to be treated—was angry at the other me.

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I just didn't want to lose Bobby by taking sides with Daniel. Daniel and Krista used to be inseparable. Now that they're older, they've drifted apart—but when an accident leaves Daniel temporarily paralyzed, he needs his old friend more than ever. And Krista wants to help him. Only it's not as easy as it seems, not when Krista's feelings for another boy, Bobby, keep getting in the way. And it doesn't help that Daniel and Bobby were both star swimmers—before Daniel's accident, that is.

Making a Splash #2: Caitlin

Growing up is hard on everyone, but it's up to Krista to prove how strong friendship can be. Similar ebooks. The Baby-sitters love getting new clients. So when the Lowells contact the club, everyone is thrilled. For Mary Anne, sitting for the Lowells is a snap, and the kids are adorable and obedient. But when Claudia meets the family, Mrs. Lowell will barely look her in the eye, and the kids are downright rude! The next time Mrs.

Lowell calls the BSC, she requests another sitter--anyone but Claudia. Claudia has no idea what she did wrong, but the BSC won't rest until they find out! Stoneybrook is going to have its own playground camp this summer, and six counseling jobs are up for grabs. When nine BSC members apply, the competition heats up to the boiling point!

When the Hatts, a family that disappeared years earlier under mysterious circumstances from the old Stoneybrook lighthouse, suddenly return and move in with the Kishis, Claudia wonders what secret they are keeping. Dawn thinks studying ecology is so cool. For a science project, she and Stacey are even teaching an ecology class for some of their baby-sitting charges. It's fun to get kids excited about cleaning up the Earth. But Dawn isn't through yet.

ISBN 13: 9780545045414

She wants to start a recycling center at SMS. The BSC is all for it, but Dawn needs a lot of help. And lately she's been so busy lecturing people about being environmentally responsible that no one can stand being around her.

Poor Dawn. She's trying to do a good thing--but she's driving everyone crazy! Kristy's newest sitting job is challenging. Ten-year-old Erin was recently blinded in an accident and is not ready to rely on people.