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Compare Investment Accounts. The offers that appear in this table are from partnerships from which Investopedia receives compensation. Related Terms Gift in Trust A gift in trust is an indirect bequest of assets to a beneficiary by means of a special legal and fiduciary arrangement. Estate Planning Estate planning is the preparation of tasks that serve to manage an individual's asset base in the event of their incapacitation or death.

Annual Exclusion Annual exclusion is the amount of money that one person may transfer to another as a gift without incurring a gift tax or affecting the unified credit. Executor An executor is an individual appointed to administrate the estate of a deceased person. The executor's main duty is to carry out the instructions and wishes of the deceased. Estate Freeze An estate freeze is an asset management strategy whereby an estate owner aims to transfer assets to his or her beneficiaries without a tax consequence.

Trust Fund Definition A trust fund is a legal entity that holds and manages assets on behalf of another individual or entity. Partner Links. Related Articles. You can either include the bequest when you write your Will or simply add one as a codicil to your existing Will. Types of bequest Bequests can be made in a variety of ways according to your personal situation and preferences.

When you meet with your solicitor It is important that they are aware of the following legal points, which may significantly enhance your bequest. Become a Garvan Partner for the Future By including Garvan in your Will, you can become one of our Partners for the Future , joining a special group of people who have also chosen to support us in this significant way. For more information, please download our helpful bequest resources below:. Find out more about leaving a bequest to Garvan in our free booklet. The Bequest Charter is our promise to you when you decide to leave a gift to us in your Will.

Leaving a bequest will serve to honour your memory and be a legacy of lasting hope for future generations. Just don't. Or, quote great works that often, period. I thought that the outdoorsy setting of Colorado was beautiful, but could have added more to the story. In Proctor's Australia books, the setting is almost a secondary or tertiary character.

Colorado in this book was a mere backdrop. I thought the villain was scary and cruel, but he was absent from most of the story.

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Speaking of, the story drug on for over half of the novel. I also did not care for any of the girls who worked at the brothel at all. They were two-dimensional and flat, except for Sirena, and even then we did not get much closure for her. I would not take the time to re-read the entire novel, but I would re-read some of my favorite conversations between Jordan and Gabrielle.

This has a true western-flavor, in a traditional romantic setting.

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It's very different from her Australia novels. I would recommend this to anyone who likes historical romance westerns. Jul 22, Regan Walker rated it really liked it. Unusual Western Historical Worth the Read! Set in Central City, Colorado in , this story of the post Civil War west makes for a most interesting romance.

Proctor writes well and the story will hold your attention. I do recommend it. Gabrielle Antoine has been raised in a New Orleans convent, believing she is an orphan. Her dream is to some day have a school for girls. Then one day, as a young woman, she finds out her mother only recently died and has left her a house and a business in Colorado Unusual Western Historical Worth the Read! Then one day, as a young woman, she finds out her mother only recently died and has left her a house and a business in Colorado.

Gabrielle is most curious and decides to go there to learn more about her mother. It turns out the house and business are the same—a brothel—and her mother was the madam who, while still a beautiful woman at 40, was murdered. But he can be charming, and he charms Gabrielle. An innocent virgin, Jordan tells her he will take her innocence and leave her with less than she had when he leaves, as he intends to do.

He has no desire to marry again.

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He thinks it will be easy to take her and ruin her. It is and he does. Gee, what a good guy. Then comes a bad guy who wants the brothel to add to his kingdom, and he wants Gabrielle, too. Of course, there are wonderful secondary characters, the prostitutes in the bordello, their children and the villains more than one!

As Gabrielle develops a heart for the women and their children, so will you. We are all a product of our past and these women had very difficult pasts. Proctor writes about Colorado as if she had been a long time resident. She is a master storyteller. Her descriptions of the natural beauty of the place are quite accurate and well done. She will take you back to the west of the 19th century when people were trying to carve a life for themselves out of the rugged terrain and difficult circumstances. Aug 13, Noelle rated it it was amazing Shelves: owned , reads , hero-with-a-tortured-past , herione-with-tortured-past , hero-almost-dies , heroine-almost-dies , historical-westerns , kidnapped , prostitute , widowed-hero.

Gabrielle h great up in a convent in New Orleans, with only the barest memory of her mother. One day she gets word that she has inherited a house and business in Colorado. In the letter it states that there is a partner who wishes to sell and send her the proceeds. She decides to go to Colorado and see to things herself. Jordan H was hoping that his friends daughter would just agree to the sell , her mother never wanted Gabrielle to know that her mother was a whore and that t loved this one!!

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  4. Jordan H was hoping that his friends daughter would just agree to the sell , her mother never wanted Gabrielle to know that her mother was a whore and that the business she was inheriting was a whorehouse. She didn't however, she's here and though he wants nothing to do with her he can't leave her alone and unprotected. I love HRs where the lead characters are not easily tamed and have lots of misunderstanding between them. This book severely lacks those qualities. I don't expect a girl who is raised all her life in a strict vicinity of a convent to forget her vows overnight after meeting the hero and starts lusting after him.

    However, loved the writer but she needs to be little less descriptive. Strictly mediocre. Good romance novels take the cliche and own it - this one just paid a dollar to rent it for a while. And if you're going to quote the Song of Solomon at me, you'd damn well better do it in a better written setting - this turns poetry into schmaltz. Apr 15, Regina rated it it was amazing. I really liked the book. It was one of those books that dared to address a sensitive human issue of prostitution and it gently and yet boldly brought it up to a human factor not a judgmental factor.

    It is more than a love story but a growing up and facing life story. Loved it! Apr 15, Peach added it Shelves: dnf. Jan 07, Trewen rated it it was amazing Shelves: historical , re-read. Mar 07, Zuzana rated it liked it. Oct 12, Saadia rated it liked it. Innocent convent reared heroine ends us running her mother's fancy house and gets the hero.

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    The near-rape is a frightenng scene! Jul 21, Irishgirl rated it it was ok Shelves: romance , western. Not as epic as her other books plus the whole whorehouse setting was just I don't know how else to discribe it. Kim H rated it it was amazing Jun 24, Amy rated it it was amazing Sep 03, Cristina rated it liked it Jun 13, Lena Donan rated it liked it Dec 21, Tina rated it really liked it Oct 22, Jo Ann rated it really liked it Apr 05, Jane Mizrach rated it really liked it Dec 29, Mskychick rated it liked it Aug 28, TheMelorry rated it really liked it Jul 01, Marissa Joyce rated it it was ok Dec 10, Jen rated it really liked it Mar 12, There are no discussion topics on this book yet.