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Randy Heiss found a balloon while hiking in Patagonia, Ariz. Attached was a note. Heiss flipped it over. It was a numbered list, all in Spanish. President Donald Trump said Tuesday he would be looking "very closely" at Labor Secretary Alex Acosta's handling of a sex trafficking case involving now-jailed billionaire financier Jeffrey Epstein.

But he also seemed to stand by his Cabinet official, praising Acosta's performance on the job and saying he felt "very badly" for him. Ross Perot, the colorful, self-made Texas billionaire who rose from a childhood of Depression-era poverty and twice mounted outsider campaigns for president, has died.

He was Future President Donald Trump called him a "terrific guy. Thousands of facial-recognition requests, internal documents and emails over the past five years, obtained through public-records requests by The men are reduced to shadows.

Pros:; Association Special Service. The following further dispatches from General Stoessel are published t. I To-day the Japanese were reinforced by from e-ix to ten battalions. All the trenches before the fortress are firmly held with small guns and machine guns, and we arc expecting attacks. The Japanese are bombarding our hospitals with ili-n. The sixth has been wrecked, and the ninth and eleventh have suffered considerably.

Two surgeons and a sister of mercy were wounded, and several of the wounded have leen hit again. Bala- eheff is working untiringly, but it is difficult to attend to the 10, wonI1. We have very few officers. Two hundred fell during October and November.

I am re-placing them by sergeant-majors and I Don-commissioned officers, who are doing heroic service- I could not have got on with- I out them- Dec;emher 16 —At nine o'clock yesterday evening an llin- shell fell on Fort No. Seven other officers were wounded. The death of General Kondratenko has produced a mast painful impression. December 20 —Yesterday I ordered Fort No. Then I ordered the casemates pf the fort to be blown up.

We lost about 20j men on the 13th and 19th. The Japanese tare advancing slowly by means of trenches ion the western front towards Fort No. The ammunition is coming to an end. The deenders are ehowing a bold front. Passed by Censor. The flag of the Rising Sun to-night floats i over the captured citadel of Port Arthur. When the first intelligence of the surrender of the fortress reached the soldiers yester- day the news leaped from month to mouth, and eooo the Japanese drew close to their late enemies and victors and vanquished fraternised freely. With nightfall came great bonfires encircling the camp like a blazing halo, and ringing choruses of Ban- zai echoed through the hills.

The entire garrison and all non-combatants will march out from the city to-morrow to the village of Ya-puthwio, near the shores of pigeon Bay. From that place the officers will be transported to Dalny, and thence they will be conveyed whither they desire. The prisoners of war will be detained in the Russian barracks at the village until they can be removed to Dalnr. The conference at which the terms were arranged took place at the village of Shuiahi at one o'clock yesterday afternoon, and lasted until eight o'clock this evening.

Though the intimation that the Russians were willing to surrende-r was Imown to tihe Japanese staff on the afternoon of the 18t inst. A surrender at the present time came as a surprise even to the Japanese, for the desperate determina- tion and courage of the enemy, even in the most, recent assaults, had indicated that the struggle was one to the bitter end. The Japanese expected that it would require another month toO reduce the positions. It became evident, however, that a. The following teiegraai,. There are 10, civilians and 25, combatants, whereof 20, are sick and wounded. There is some provision, but, sanitary materials being exhausted, the Japanese are busy in giving aid to sufferers.

I The "Matin's" correspondent at Chi-fustates thaA a. The most advanced position held by the Pus-aians during the lagt week consisted of the two trencher. The Russians fought during the day and worked all night, which greatly exhausted them. The death of General Kondratenko con. I Entrv Into Port Arthur! I [Press Association Special Service. I A visit to Wantai Fort makes the reason for the rsurrender evident. The entire 3tramgt. The hills to the rear were unfortified, and were full of cover for the assailants. I A Ohi-fa dispatch, published by the "Matin, I says that 50, Japanese troops are ready to enter Port Arthur when tho place has been evacuated by the Russians.

The Japanese advance parties haw found 80, tons of coal and stores of rice and flour sufficient for two months. The harbour is encumbered with mines and wreckage. The correspondent adds that the Emperor of J a-pan has expressed a desire to see General Stoessel. It is doubted whether the hero of the siege will accept the Imperial invitation.

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There is no disposition to seek for a political motive; it is sufficiently I explained as an expression of English courtesy and kindliness. I [ [Rewter's Special Service.

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The British steamer Nigretia, whJch was arrested while endeavouring to make for Vladivostok with the captain and lieutenant of t. On an inquiry being signalled to her asking if she intended to enter, she replied in the negative. She also refused to state whether she was or where she was rroceading, and finally put to.

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I A supmeincntnry agreement concluded between the Japanese and Russians in con- nection with the capitulation of Pore, Arthur, provides that civil officials who have not served as volunteers shall be released wtih- I out being required to give their parole. I The Czwr has cabl. The Japanese cmiaprs i't5'Bhima. Japanese gua. The destroyers whicui lay on guard in the harbour last night went out at the expira,tion of 24 hours, returning immediately afterwards.

Other destroyers have been in and out of the harbour intermittently. This evening, however, all the vessels withdrew from the harbour and lay iu the offing, where they will, probably, remain until the I disarma. The Japanese booty at Port Arthur is stated to be little, except 80, tons of coal and two months' rice rations. Of the 27D naval officers who were at Port Arthur at the beginning of the war have. Many of the casualties occurred while the officers were serving in the forts. Wednesday 5. The cumber of prisoners capLured at?. IIt I Arthur is 25, The tot?!

There are altogether I 20, sick and wounded. The request of the Russians for doctors, l food, and medicines for the sick and wounded I has been granted. The prisoners who afe well number 10, Non-combatants will be allowed to return to Russia. Itzu-shau, Antzn-ehan. The date of the march out of the prisoners has, at their request, been postponed till Thursday. Four torpedo-boate and one small transport were allowed to escape to Chi-fu yesterday. General Stoesfel yesterday informed General Nogi that he had telegraphed to the Czar informing his Majesty that he had been forced to capitulate, as the, Japanese had gained possession of the eastern fort ridge.

The supplies of foud and ammunition were short, and there were 20, sick and wounded in hospital without medicine, proper food, or attendance. I I The Russian Ambassador to-day pre. Impending Revolution in Russia. Prince Troubeskoy, President of the- Mos- cow Z-emstvo, has addressed to Prince Miraky, Minister of the Interior, a remarkable letter respecting the reform resolutions recently disctiased by that important body.

The Prince sayes:—Russia is now in a state of anarchy. I recently had the happiness to see the Emperor, and I reported to him truly and in sincerity the preaent state of public opinion in the country. I tiled to explain to his Majesty that what is now proceeding is A revolution. It is my strong belief that if the Emperor will himself unite the national forces around him he will relieve Russia from the terrors of an impending bloody revolution.

If he will do so the nation will support the Emperor afld his autocratic power. It is impossible to keep silence when the country is in a dangerous position. We must think of the family and of the children. At yesterday's est tins of tie Committee of Ministers the view was expressed tj. The Cracow journal, "Novo Refoa-ma, reports that the mobilised reservists in I ithuania, are causing considerable trouble.

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In some cases Orthodox Churches have been plundered. The journal adds that the popular excite- ment is steadily growing, and it is generally feared tha. A friendly Power says a Copenhagen dispatch has given information to the Rus- sifti. It has not yet been discovered where the weapons have been hidden, although house- to-house search has been made in the sus- pected districts. Dynamite bombs have also been brought over the frontier. Petersburg, Thursday. The report of a.

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Seventeen rncnibeM of the council at once declared their intention to resign, and left the hall amid applause from the public gal- leries. Yesterday lie was charged at Waltham Cross and remanded till next. Petersen is a young Swede, who for three weeks has been in the employment of a fel- low-countryman, a florist, at Walt-ham Achey.

On Sunday Inspector Jones, of the Waltham police, arrested him on a charge of then from the florist.


Close to old Waltham Abbey the prisoner broke away. Very quickly he out-dis- tanced h,-s thirty odd pursuers, for he is a man of exceptionally fine physique and extraordinary strength. He is only 5ft.

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The police ware baffled, but, next mcfrning they heard that a stranger in a long, plum- coloured coat and cap, and brown gaiters, had been soon at Sawbridgcworth at ten o'clock the previous night. Hot in pursuit they traced the man to Broxbournc, only to learn that he had taken a ticket for London.

There was a. So the Waltham police, who had never relaxed the pursuit, triumphantly took back the" flying" Swede. The lad strayed from his mother's side, got under a tram, and his leg became entangled in the pro- tector. The driver tried to lift up the engine, but the jack wa-s too long. When the engine was.

Man fulfills Christmas wishlist sent by balloon from Mexico

Lifted the child was got out, st-ill ailiive, after lying entangled for uea-rly half an hour. Carmiehael Thomas one of the proprietors of t-he "Graphic" showed upon a screen, in a leeit,ure yesterday to the Society of Arte, the quaint wcodieut, It ilIListatt-d:- Wofull News from Wales, or the lament- able loss of divers Villages and Parishes by a strange and wonderful Flood within the Ooumty of Monmouth in Wales, which happened in Jau.

A new development arose with the appear- ance of the first regsila-rly-published, paper, the "llercurius Civicus," which introduced portraits; on one page Charles I. The illusfcra- taans in the "JacoMte Journal" marked a great advance, and then the "Observer" marked a great, advance, and then the began to introduce pictures of current scenes and events of popular interest. One of these, atfi unwieldy steam carriage, which was thrown on the screen, might be described as the rade forefatlier. A little boy, named Charles Scott, four ycaiv, of age, was knocked down by a.

Alfred Morgan, in Commercial-street-, Newport, last night. He was taken to the hospital, where lie was detained. The nature of the injury ia unknown. Alfred Defer, who resided with I M. Dufio, a butcher, was bitten by an inn- keeper's dog. He took no notice of the bite.

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On December 1, however, M. Dufio ajid his sou were also bitten. The dog was then examined, and it wtas discovered that the animal was suffering from hydrophobia. Dufio, and the latter's son afterwaINis went to the Pasteur Institute at Lille, vrhere they were treated. Defer resumed his work as if nothing had happened. But he became strange 'in his manner on Sunday, walking backwards and forwards, and threatening those he met.

He girashed his teeth, and attempted to bite any person wfho approached him. On the way he bit the face ci-nd hands of 'M Duflo's son. There was no room in the, hospital, and he had to be shut up in a room connected with- the mayoral offices. There he suiTered great agony.

With foaming mouth he rolled on the floor, and shouted for someone to kill him. He died airter suffer- ing thus for twelve hours. Thomas Graham, J. P, of Wolverhampton, who was with Mr. Car- negie in Scotland at the time when the labour riots took place at Homestead, Pitts- burg. United States of America. Carnegie was the man who ordered out Pinkerton's police force to fire on his workmen v. Carnegic- was taking a quiet holiday in Scotland, and had left the abso- lute control of the works in the hands of his partners.

In no way was he responsible for I the action then taken. As to the charge made against Pinkerton's people they were brought into Pittsburg to protect the works, because of the failure on the part of the local police authorities to maintain order. I Nor did Pinkerton's people fire until after some ol their own men had been killed by 1 the strikers.

T'hera were 'hat-ween and pressent, taking part in the game. The party proved the most interesting a-nd enter- taining yet held in the Fame room. Adre, Mrs. Warren, Mrs. Fraaer, Mrs. You can't turn away from that," Heiss told the affiliate. He also figured out something else: The balloon was most likely released from Nogales, Mexico, about 20 miles to the south. So Heiss had his wife Marcela translate the note. What caught their attention was the very last line, which read, "Traeme lo que tu puedas. Barron knew exactly what to do.

So on December 19 he used social media and the station's airwaves to bring a little Christmas magic. Randy quickly responded and said, 'We have to deliver her the presents as soon as possible. The next day they all got together at the radio station to meet Dayami, 8, and give her the presents. In a video of the meeting shared by Barron, Heiss' wife told the girl that Heiss found the letter and sent it to Santa, who asked the couple to help deliver the presents.

Dayami's parents, Cristian and Damalis Leiva, told Barron their daughter was taking part in the family's annual Christmas tradition when she released the red balloon with her Christmas wishes. Dayami, along with some of her cousins, each wrote two letters to Santa.