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Error rating book. Refresh and try again. Open Preview See a Problem? Details if other :. Thanks for telling us about the problem. Return to Book Page. Preview — Teen Girls Only! Teen Girls Only! This book of daily meditations for teenage girls offers inspiration, hope and comfort to those in the midst of the turbulent teens. For girls ages 14 to 18, each meditation explores a relevant issue and models a healthy way to cope or explore, celebrate or reflect.

Approximately twice a week, the meditation closes with an idea for a writing or journalling excercise. In thi This book of daily meditations for teenage girls offers inspiration, hope and comfort to those in the midst of the turbulent teens. In this way, teens are provided with a concrete way to process or reflect on what they have read. The other meditations close with a thought for the day. Anthony and others. The meditations are designed to help teen girls be more conscious and aware of developmental, cultural, and personal factors affecting them.

The importance of friendships, of dreams and goals, of respect for other family members are among many topics. The particular hazards and joys of being female are explored: for instance, how does the role of beauty in our culture affect girls coming of age? Written by Patricia Hoolihan, who has been writing about family and spirituality for over ten years, the book is sensitive, gentle and hopeful: a lifeline to be tossed to any girl young woman? Photo Credit: William Pringle Rodman. Get A Copy. Paperback , pages. More Details Original Title.

Other Editions 1. Friend Reviews. I could see my grandmother, my mother, my mother-in-law in her. But she was a fully new and ancient creature, this exposure of the mother in me. To know these children I have been entrusted with has become a central heartbeat. To love and launch them well has been the cadence of my years, through the freshness of my twenties, through the fatigue of my thirties, through the pragmatism of my forties, and now, having just crossed the threshold of my fifth decade with young children still at home, the wonder that I've had the honor to have had this life's work.

So, yes, to know these children, this is motherhood. But it is also the mystery and the mission that I have come to know me. To know more of the why behind what drove me as a child, as a teenager, as a young woman. To know why those competing forces of fear and courage beat strong even then. To know why those enemies of drive and contentment lived in an easy peace even then.

To know why more fully I chose the man I did, the man who would be their father. To see more completely that the making of me was the making of them, and the making of them was the making of this me. Motherhood is me. Listen to more of Julie's wisdom on the Modern Motherhood Podcast. It is a refiners fire in the most beautiful, hardest sense. There have been many times when I'm not sure how I'm going to make it through another day of morning sickness, another day of utter exhaustion, another day of so much to clean, another day of so much to teach.

Yet at those same moments I'm taught the greatest truths and wisdom.

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I'm given a moment of clarity and insight. That combination of desperation, humility, love and truth changes me to the core bit by bit. The moments that bring pure joy into my heart. The moments when I think I love this life that we are building. I cling to the hope that this time of around the clock loving and serving will result in my greatest friendships and relationships with my children, that I'm raising my very best friends. I also hope that I'm becoming a better person through all the challenges and hard that come with the joy of motherhood.

Motherhood is the lesson and our children are our teachers. Motherhood is testing every ounce of patience and confirms the power of deep breaths. Motherhood is the reminder that while you have the great responsibility to care for others, you have an even greater responsibility to care for yourself. Motherhood is humbling. It can be all consuming.

It challenges you to be creative: with routines, with meals, with work, with how you entertain your children - and with how to find harmony in juggling all of the things. Motherhood is identifying what fuels you - what keeps you motivated and driven and inspired. Motherhood is weird.

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Motherhood is needing space, but also feeling alone. It causes me to question my worthiness while simultaneously making me feel like the most important person on Earth. Motherhood is something I always wanted. Motherhood is something I could never have prepared for, no matter how many books I read or experts I sought out. Motherhood is what makes me feel all the feels - a grand spectrum of emotions. Motherhood is unconditional love. After the passing of my father in , I've learned that life doesn't give you coincidences; everything happens for a reason.

My fiery little red head daughter was just 10 months when he passed. My son was just shy of turning 3. Looking back at the 3 years of having kids while my dad was alive, I wholeheartedly believe that my son was his best friend. The look he got in his eye every time he saw him or brought him a surprise was the highlight to his day. Then there is my daughter's connection to my father. A connection that someone of her age should not be able to process. She knows of things we never told her regarding him, his illness, or his life.

She sees him in her dreams. It is these talks with my daughter about my father that has brought me to wish for 5 more minutes with my dad. In some ways, my daughter has allowed me to go through the five stages of grief of losing a parent. A 3-year old child has provided a year old adult the wherewithal to process grief, denial, anger, depression, and acceptance. It's with this, where I truly believe that motherhood is an infinite amount of moments in which we are constantly saying "just 5 more minutes, honey".

I work full-time from home for a company I've been with for 15 years. When they're not at the babysitter, my mom is gracious enough to spend time here.

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But there's always occasions when it all falls on me. Sick days. Snow days. And it's work, 2 kids, the house, my side gig of representing a direct sales company, and a dog. And it always comes with a response of "sure baby, in just a few minutes". And inevitably, I forget or they forget about me.

93 Mindfulness Quotes for Work, Life, and Love

And it's me that's asking "will you just sit with me for 5 more minutes". It's crazy how life can turn the tables on us. We climb in bed where we pass a picture on her dresser of my dad holding my niece which is just right below a clothes hook that my dad made for me as a little girl.

Take 5 more minutes to love the people in your life who have made you the mother you are. Laugh 5 more minutes a day. Motherhood is the most demanding, rewarding yet unrewarding, fulfilling, draining, exhausting, exhilarating, and exciting jobs you will ever have. Your boss is relentless.

Never lets you sleep in. Makes you late for family gatherings. But smiles the most innocent smile at you. Will give you a hug when you are secretly crying on the stairs which apparently wasn't so secret. Motherhood is accepting your failures as accomplishments. It is demanding to the point of tears of frustration, exhaustion, and pain. Motherhood is 5 more minutes.

It's a lifelong holy vocation--an opportunity to daily see both miracles and flaws. It's the most exhausting and exciting journey of my life. As an active duty military spouse, that's saying a whole heck of a lot. Motherhood is my choice to pause, connect and play each day. Every single day of motherhood I mess up and reconnect with my kids and try again. Motherhood is full of laughter and moments of absolute panic. Everyday, I'm presented with a view of the most sacred that life has to offer-- a whole person unfolding-- and I'm thankful for this nearly thankless job.

It's opened my eyes to what self-care actually is, and how to be both serious and funny. Every single day motherhood gives the opportunity to practice being the type of adult I pray deep in my soul my children will become. Motherhood has taught me how to give grace to my own imperfections and love myself fully as I grow shoulder to shoulder beside my own children.

Motherhood is a verb-- a daily showing up with playfulness, attachment, kindness, and love for everyone in my house. Listen to Christy on the Everyday Motherhood Podcast. It is both hard and it is lovely at the same time. It's a season of conversations with our kids when it feels like all we do is teach and correct and lecture- but then there are those fun conversations when our kids turn up their personalities full notch and we nearly pass out with laughter at how funny and witty they are.

It's leading by example, yet freeing ourselves to make mistakes right in front of our kids. It's learning humility in the truest sense and realizing how inept we are to tackle motherhood without community and support. Motherhood is scary when we think of our life-long responsibility and commitment Join Demetria this month at the Mompreneurs in Heels. Motherhood is hard. It takes twists and turns that I never, ever expected. Motherhood is being a safe place for when my kids make mistakes, not being afraid of those mistakes, and strategizing with them to help them learn from their mistakes.

Meet Kristen on the SuperMom Podcast. It teaches you patience, selflessness, humbleness, grace, humility, and unconditional love. Motherhood is the job I always knew that I wanted. I know now that it is the hardest job and best job anyone could ever have. Motherhood is the best thing that ever happened to me.

Join Nina at Baby Chick. Before becoming a mother, I thought motherhood would be my purpose and define me. But honestly, as I look back, it hasn't. I had a purpose and still do separate from being a mother. What it has done, is given me that extra push I needed to truly fulfill my purpose and live out the life I am meant to live.

At times, my son drives me crazy, but he is also what drives me to go so hard at my own dreams. The privilege of having that motivation is unmatched. I want him to know that his mother is more than just a mom. I am also a woman of God, a wife, a daughter, sister, friend, motivator, podcaster, writer, and lover of eating out.

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Motherhood is tiring, sometimes we are unappreciated, and it can be lonely. But, it's so worth it, because it is also full of inspiration, allows for creativity, and plenty of hugs and kisses. Listen to Rachel's Mommifaceted Podcast. Every single day I learn more about myself as a person and the mother that I want to be. But in this motherhood journey I have learned that I have to be willing to 'fail forward'. Every day I show up to life and motherhood with the expectation that I will learn and grow.

Every single day I will fail and succeed all in the same 24 hour period. I will have wins where I am on top of the world and feel like an amazing mom and moments where the mom guilt takes over and I feel like I can't handle it. Motherhood is the journey that lets me be my best and try my hardest and no matter what, allows me to show more love than I ever thought possible.

It allows me to be for others and give more than I have but every single day, I always seem to have enough for my kids. Because to them, I'm their superhero. To them, I'm their rock. I'm the person that is there for them no matter what. We love those babies more than anyone else on earth possibly could. They bring us joy and laughter and our hearts could almost burst when we see them hit a new milestone. Mothers love like no other, but we also serve like no other. The role a mom plays in a household is irreplaceable. Many moms often struggle to find time to sneak in a shower or sit down for thirty seconds, much less actually rest.

Moms are the boo-boo kissers, chauffeurs, schedulers, advice givers, organizers, cleaning ladies, homework helpers, cooks, sock locaters, problem solvers, and defenders. He patiently hunted and then would lose himself in the colorful pages of books too numerous to count. His book bag, crammed full of treasure, caused him to tilt to the side as he walked to the check-out line. Signing his name in big print on his very own library card marked a milestone and a day of celebration. Jonathan insisted he return the library books all by himself.

He stood on tiptoe as he opened the mysterious metal door off to the side of the main entrance to the library. He would reach into his book bag, remove a few books and slowly close the door. When he opened the door again the chute would be empty, ready for more books. Over and over he stood peering into the chute and looking on the sides trying to unlock the mystery of the contraption that magically ate up library books.

I watched from the driver seat of the minivan. Sometimes in awe at how quickly he was growing. Sometimes with impatience when he took a long time trying to figure out the door. And then I blinked. On his last day here in Mission Viejo before he left the next day for college, he had books to return at the library. We were running a million errands. Tears formed behind my sunglasses as I flashed back to him on tiptoes.

A young man twice the height of the little boy now stood in the same spot stooping down when his hands touched the handle to return the books. We travelled clear to the other side of the country to drop Jonathan off for college. He had a reception to attend, so we drove into campus to drop him off at the Engineering quad.

The clock tower bells played overhead as we jumped out of the car across the street in the parking lot under some shade. His younger Julia hugged Jonathan a long, long time. We took a quick photo under the massive trees. I noticed when I went to hug Jonathan goodbye, it was I who was on tiptoes reaching my arms up to hug his neck on his six-foot frame.

A quick goodby and he disappeared into the crowds. Motherhood is a goodbye both gradual and shockingly quick. It began the day he learned to crawl and take his first steps away from me, to his first attempts at tying his shoes. I watched him walk through the doors of Kindergarten, then on to the school bus for the weeklong Science Field trip in sixth grade.

Each time a little longer time, a little farther distance. He was ready for this new adventure. We did what we could with what we had for each new move away from us. And for his life up to this point. My feelings covered the spectrum. I felt excited for him, proud of him, happy for him. But for the first ten miles driving away from the campus toward the airport returning us home, Julia and I sat in silence in the car except for our crying.

Connect with Vivian and hire her to speak at your event: VivianMabuni. Motherhood is a universal sisterhood that connects every woman and infuses her with the protectiveness, strength and ferocity of an entire army when it comes to her children. Motherhood is wisdom, intuition and a superhuman ability to survive on two hours of sleep for extended periods of time.

So my answer is that motherhood is enough. And not just enough… that moms are a force of nature and one of the most powerful influences on the planet. Each journey of motherhood is different and my plea to all moms would be to respect the uniqueness of each journey and to support other moms rather than judge them. Join Katie at Wellness Mama. Because the second I became a mother, there was an invisible string that connected me to my son and he is now a vital part of me living outside of my own body. My goal is no longer that I should live and be happy and thrive, but that WE should live and be happy and thrive and there is no other option now, whether I like it or not.

So that is on me. These tiny beings have a way of revealing our own humanity. Becoming a mom is exactly that. Our culture is so obsessed with perfection and because of that, we often miss the fact that the very things that make motherhood difficult are the exact spaces for our growth and personal evolution. Connect with Randi at Beyond Mom. There's not a day that goes by that this heart-journey of motherhood doesn't ask the very most of me, stretching me far behind what I think myself capable.

The awe that comes from watching four little people grow into big people amazes me. While it's not easy watching them navigate life sometimes, I still wouldn't trade it. Who knew that when you became a mother, you're one for life? Your children never outgrow you. Motherhood is a life full of big wins and near misses, full of learning to let go of mom-to-mom comparison and wrangling that inner critic who points the finger telling me that as a mom, I've not been good enough.

It has been enough. I've been enough. And I count myself lucky to be a part of it all. Join Gina on her podcast Mommy Jammies.

No one told me how hard motherhood was going to be. I thought it would be like any other job up to that point—something that was easy to excel in and manage but nothing could have been further from the truth. In fact, if was actually a job, I would have been fired or quit right from the beginning. I have never been more beaten up, spoken down to, dog tired and at rock bottom more than in parenting. I have never wanted to quit something more than parenting.

But at the same time, this hard thing, has been the exact thing I needed to push me to become more of who I needed to be. I suppose that is true about any hard thing we face. You see, I want to be someone who is vulnerable, courageous and loving. And parenting my girls has been the training ground that I needed to become that sort of woman. So even though motherhood is not what I expected, it is exactly what I needed.

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Check out what Sarah does at Surviving Sarah. Motherhood is wiping up the the wet spots on the floor of a child that -almost- made it. Motherhood is dancing the Itsy Bitsy Spider song on a messy floor. About trying to be a good example. Motherhood is the all encompassing lifestyle of raising kids while providing in each and every way for my 5 unique human beings.. Orange County Moms.

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Papa Jack for that inconvenient comment. During the surgery, I remember waiting, waiting, waiting an impossibly long time to hear her cry. Eventually, she let a war whoop loose! The umbilical cord had wrapped around her little neck several times. I was in incredible pain for days following the c-section. Nearly a week in our couch-surfing, I began to develop a mildly burning rash. Eventually through process of elimination I realized the cause of the stingy rash was the intoxicating, smelly-good, baby detergent.