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The Battered Black Briefcase

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The Beginner's Bible. Christianbook Communion Cups - Plastic 1, The Action Bible. Related Products. Vicki Dincher. I had stuffed rolls of film, camera lenses, crossword puzzles, do-dads, presents for my wife and son, and who can remember what else inside it, and then over the years the briefcase had slowly turned from a loved and pampered steed to a poor old burro, good only to lug around a bunch of crap.

Holding the briefcase up for a few moments that day brought back a wave of memories, nostalgia I suppose. The old briefcase made me think about times past and people and events that were all scrambled, some eventful while others were just random slices out of time. Looking back, holding that old piece of leather I thought it amazing how so much of my life had been formed around the connective tissue that came from working in animation.

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I suppose plumbers could find an old pipe wrench in the back of their workshop and undergo the same sweep of feelings as they held it or maybe a musician picking up a forgotten instrument…. Who knows? I do suspect that the older you get the more you are prone to feeling nostalgic or sentimental — Hard for an eighteen year old to long for the good old days or lost friends or recall with fondness something he or she did twenty years past…. I remembered the first time I flew into Manila. A cameraman named Bob Jacobs who had worked for me here in the States had been sent by Franco Christofani to meet me at the airport.

I had flown in from Hong Kong on the short flight and arrived mid-afternoon. Bob had quickly found me and told me that we were going into Makati to meet another old friend, Chuck Fleckel who at the time was working for Jerry Smith at Fil-Cartoons. Nigel had a Richard Burton type voice and worked all over the region doing voice-overs but Manila was his home. For the next two hours rain came down in buckets and we talked, laughed and drank frosty cold beer served by a smiling waitress by the name of Elvie. It was one hell-of-an afternoon and although nothing actually momentous happened, the memory of our laughter and the joy of just sharing that time with one another in a Monsoon — has stuck with me over the years.

We had finished our meal and there was a group from Saban Paris a few tables over, so we invited them to join us for an after dinner drink, an invitation they happily accepted.

Leaving the others at the table my wife and I went outside to take a stroll and heard music coming across the small road from Hotel Abbey de Talloires. It was beautiful and we walked around the corner to see a string quartet playing in the courtyard. There was a wedding celebration being held and then suddenly fireworks began, rockets soared and exploded in a profusion of colors above the lake.

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It was breathtaking and we just stood there together and watched — It was the perfect close to a perfect evening. I could go on and on as the longer I debated what to do with the old beat-up briefcase the more memories returned. I remembered so many old friends, so many laughs and so many good times over the years I lugged the briefcase from one hotel to another, from airport to airport and eventually back home again.

So it sat for several weeks on a table in my office and I kept looking at it wondering why in the world was I keeping it? Now comes the end of my tale- I picked up my beautiful black, reconditioned briefcase last week and it looks as if it were new. The handle was repaired, the leather conditioned, dyed and patched to the point I have no idea where all the punctures, tears and rents were before it was repaired. So what good is an old leather briefcase really?