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Many veterans will be watching. Others say they definitely will not watch because they want to avoid the traumatic memories that could be triggered. The filmmakers have been planning the documentary series since — meaning their production process has been about as long as the war itself, from the Gulf of Tonkin Resolution in to the Fall of Saigon in Video by Katie Schoolov. Concerns over untreated PTSD will likely lead some veterans to turn away and cause others to turn toward treatment. The series may be too intense for some Vietnam vets, according to Henry Peterson, a chaplain with the Veterans Affairs hospital in San Diego.

He counsels veterans with post traumatic stress disorder ,PTSD, and he surveyed some of them to find out who will be watching.

A Memory and A Hope: Saigon Then and Now

He said many of his clients will not. Almost anything can trigger the vivid and aggressive thoughts associated with PTSD.

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Vietnam vets are particularly vulnerable. Most of them were not treated early. The PTSD treatment evolved after this group of vets had returned from the war. Books like this reach a tiny number of people compared to movies like The Walking Dead , which are seen by millions of video and cable consumers even when they flop. No, this book tacitly, quietly says, the war effort was a farce, the sacrifice pointless. Now more than ever, we need your support to continue supplying Austin with independent, free press.

The Listening Watch: Memories of Viet Nam by Trudi Tate

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Top Vietnamese War Movie - The Smell of Grass Burning - English Subtitles

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Presidio by Randy Kennedy. For his debut novel, Kennedy creates a road story that portrays the harsh West Texas terrain beautifully and fills it with sympathetic characters. Slacker 's perception of our city's subcultures shows them not to be so marginal after all. The Posies, A. These are the 10 most mentioned songs by the Vietnam vets we interviewed. Realizing, of course, that every soldier had their own special song that helped bring them home.

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Mail call was a sacred ritual in Vietnam and this song captured its importance lyrically and musically. Just before his tragic death in a plane crash in Madison, Wis. Was Otis Redding thinking of Vietnam? Creedence Clearwater.

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  6. But even more than that, his guitar sounded like it belonged it Vietnam, reminding GIs of helicopters and machine guns, conjuring visions of hot landing zones and purple smoke grenades. He appealed to everyone. They sang along with tears in their eyes, because they were the ones saying goodbye to the men who were boarding the planes for Vietnam.

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    6. No one saw this coming. Not the writers of the song — the dynamic Brill Building duo of Barry Mann and Cynthia Weil; not the group who recorded it — The Animals and their iconic lead singer, Eric Burdon; not the 3 million soldiers who fought in Vietnam who placed extra importance on the lyrics.