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They see things as they are, and accept life as it is.

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What matters in a block universe of this kind, where change is an illusion, is logic—the principles of reasoning that are assumed to be unchanging and unchanged—and its seeming opposite, fashion, which is a kind of artificial form of progress that works its way round through changes that constantly cycle. The New Look will always be followed by another, Newer one. Fashion, a crucial word for her, means in Steinese something more like ritual, the elements of surface excitements that give life novelty without pretending to finality.

This truth, for Stein, is reflected in another French peculiarity, genuinely unparalleled elsewhere, even in Italy: the extraordinary respect given to artists and writers and intellectuals.

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It is not that style is all, but that style is susceptible to general agreement in a way that, in France, politics and religion are not. The logical thing to do, she insists, would have been to let whole families off, so that the women and children would not be alone. Heroism, in this view, is dangerously emotional. This love of logic in the face of piety is maddening to Brits and Americans, but it is responsible for the inner ease of French life. This view of France, and of Paris, is limited and partial.

Indeed, I have postponed mentioning what might, to that hostile reader, seem essential to understanding this book: that it was published in , on the cusp of the black hole that would swallow up and scar so much of the French civilization that Stein celebrates.

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And, though we know that Stein will survive it remarkably intact, we also know that, at this moment in French history, she is about to become not a detached American but another dubious, if not doomed, Jew. Real artists and writers write out of images and convictions that are mostly immune to the specifics of the political moment. What does she mean by it? Different things. At times, it means the possibility of viewing life with detachment, as a thing other than just an accumulation of appetites.

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