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They are searching for the fizziest, flashiest, most marvellous science adventures, using experiments to make sure only the top tales make it into the Ultimate Book! Using specially designed interactive technology, storytelling, puppets and music, join them on their quest and get involved with some highly interactive storytelling! Ravi is about to discover something very important about expressing his feelings and making amends.

Make your own ABC bookmark and create your own stories with the author. Join author and illustrator Daisy Hirst to hear about the adventures of Natalie and Alphonse. Or bears? After get a chance to make your own wild cupboard scenes with paper pop-ups! Join Fabi Santiago, author-illustrator of the hilarious Daisy and Bear for a fun-filled storytime and crafts session. Daisy loves the cinema, but Bear has never been and all sorts of trouble unfolds when they get there! Find out how Fabi made Daisy and Bear before getting stuck into your own crafty projects.

Join singer Helen McDonald and Future Groove for a journey though time, introducing little ears to the world of jazz music. Great book series for kids. Alcatraz Versus the Evil Librarians 4 book series. On his 13th birthday Alcatraz receives a bag of sand from his long lost parents, and on the next day his grandfather arrives to tell him why the sand is important and how it will help him defeat the evil librarians, who have taken over society.

Great book series for Grades Spirit Animals 8 book series.

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In the world of Erdas, each 11 year old child must discover if he or she has a spirit animal, a bond between human and beast that brings great power. Four children and their animals must work together to save the world. Pegasus 5 book series. When Emily meets a pegasus who has crashed during a storm, she is thrust into a battle between Roman gods and stone warriors. She ends up on a quest to save Mount Olympus. Magyk 7 book series.

Septimus Heap disappears the night he is born, and his father brings home an abandoned baby girl on the very same day. The heaps raise the girl as their own, but who is she really, and whatever happened to Septimus? Kingdom Keepers 7 book series. Thanks to new technology, five teens are transformed into holograms to direct people through Walt Disney World. When it turns out that Disney villains are threatening the park, the teens must figure out how to save The Magic Kingdom. The Chronicles of Narnia 7 book series. Four bored children stumble through an old wardrobe into a magical land in the midst of an eternal winter.

Can they save the friends they make their from the witch who rules the land? Percy Jackson and the Olympians 5 book series. Soon Percy finds out who he really is and sets out on a quest to the Underworld to prevent a war between the gods. One of the more popular book series for kids to come out in the past 20 years. This timeless fantasy series begins when Taran, a lowly pig keeper, has a run in with a sinister horned rider. Among the Hidden 7 book series. In a future where only 2 children are allowed, third child Luke spends his life hidden in an attic, until one day he discovers he may not be the only one in his situation.

Is he willing to defy the government for a different kind of life? Hatchet 5 book series. Princess Academy 2 book series. And the biggest battle of all is about to arrive.

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Grade Anne of Green Gables 7 book series. Precocious orphan Anne ends up with elder brother and sister Marilla and Matthew by mistake, but they decide to keep her anyway. This classic kids book series has been enjoyed by generations of children! Charming and funny.

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Stranded 3 book series. Far World 3 book series. The two friends must work together to defeat the Dark Circle and save Farworld. A Wrinkle in Time 5 book series. She travels through space and time with the help of her little brother Charles Wallace and new friend Calvin to try to save her father.

Peter and the Starcatchers 5 book series. This fast paced pirate adventure tells the story before the story of Peter Pan, filling in all the questions you never knew you had: where did pixie dust come from and how did Peter get to Neverland in the first place? Lots of swashbuckling action, humor, and a great story. The Mysterious Benedict Society 3 book series.

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Children respond to an ad in the newspaper to take mind-bending tests; the few who pass are sent on a mysterious mission. Expect riddles, villains, and adventures. Holes 2 book series. Cole is unjustly sent to a youth detention center, where the warden makes the boys spend their days digging holes in the desert. Warriors 6 book series.

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He finds it when he joins the ThunderClan, a group of warrior cats. The ThunderClan is in danger from a rival clan, and Rusty renamed Firepaw must do what he can to help his new family. The Incorrigible Children of Ashton Place 5 book series. The incorrigible children in this book were found roaming the woods on Ashton place they actually were raised by wolves! But what else is lurking on the edge of the estate? All the Bellairs mysteries are deliciously creepy adventures set in places like haunted castles or mansions with secret passageways, and feature evil wizards, mummies, and more.

Spooky and fun! Dragon Slippers 3 book series. But the slippers are more than they seem, and it may be up to Creel to save the entire kingdom. Tripods 3 book series.

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Huge three legged machines control the earth and nearly everyone on it. And you can find even more books for kids here: 25 fantastic stand alone books for kids ages Very well writen, very good illustrations like stamped. Please give Diana Wynne Jones a try. Her books are excellent. The Chrestomanci series 7 books is about an eccentric enchanter; a kind of Minister of Magic. I love the chronicles of Narnia.

They are very fin and enjoyable to read,I highly recommend them! The Fablehaven series by Brandon Mull is perfect for this age group. A brother and sister go to visit their grandparents and discover that they are the caretakers of a nature preserve for magical creatures, both good and evil. They discover that someone is trying to loose the evil creatures and take over the world. Can they work together to keep the evil from overtaking the good? The Land of Stories series is great for this age and I believe struggling readers though the books are large will love them enough to read themselves if a parent reads the first 3 chapters to them.

I want to thank you for these posts. My 4th grade son is a voracious reader, and your list has helped me so much to keep up with his reading habits. Thank you!!! The plots are riveting, and the addition of time travel is appealing to this grade level. Thanks for this great list!

My 4th grade son has learned so much about mythology Greek, Roman, Egyptian and Norse and just loved all those books. Check out the database at this website. It is the collection of books curated by the AFrican American girl in search of 1, books about black girls. You can check the books based on reading level, and more. My third grade loves the Frog Princess series. We read together every night and I enjoy them as much as she does. My 10 year old son loves the Kane Chronicles by Rick Riordan. He loved them more than the Percy Jackson and he liked that series.

There are 3. There are also 2 other series by the same author that wrote Warriors. One is called Seekers, the other is Survivors. My son loved all of them, but Seekers was his favorite. Thanks for all the great suggestions!! I was looking for someone else who would suggest this series. The one possession she decided to bring along with her on the trip was the porcelain angel tree topper her father had brought back from England. Her worst fear came true when she lost the angel, but a stranger returns it to her. The Christmas Angel helped two unlikely friends meet. Star Bright: A Christmas Story.

We love, love, love this book. A small angel knows that the baby who is soon to be born is very special, indeed, because all of the other angels are fluttering about, ready to present their best gifts. What can the angel give that could be greater than those? As it turns out, she gives the baby the shiniest, most important present of all. Your email address will not be published. Recipe Rating. About Latest Posts.