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Plus, drinking more water will also improve your health, which means less in health care costs too! Fill up a reusable water bottle and you can stay hydrated, cut down on waste and save cash. Gas mileage drops considerably when you go over 60 mph. According to the Department of Energy, you pay about 20 cents more per gallon for each 5 mph you go over Excessive accelerating and heavy breaking can also make your car less efficient, so make it a smooth ride.

104 Ways to Save Money

When you get a manicure or pedicure, choose a color you already own so you can do touch-ups yourself and make it last several weeks longer before needing to go back. Adding trees to the south, east and west side of your house shades your home, keeping it cooler. That means savings of up to 25 percent on your home cooling costs. People usually budget for food but leave out a drink budget. Keeping a log shows you what food you have, reminding you to eat it before it goes bad.

Make a resolution that every time you take cash from the ATM, transfer the same amount to your savings account. Cut your electric bill by turning off the television, and all other electronic devices, once a week — even if just for a few hours. Enjoy family time by playing board games, or head outside for a bike ride. Recipe Rating:. I used to spend a lot of money on greens. So i bought two planters, and started growing my own greens.

Now I pick only what I need. The chards come in many colors so they are very decorative. I save a lot of money this way! Then take that amount and squirrel it away. To spend on non-necessities ie. These are absolutely great ideas and suggestions. I have trouble making some of my payments without sometimes rolling something non-urgent to the next month. Thank you so much for sharing your wisdom and brilliance with all of us. Can we talk vacations?

21 Ways to Spend Less and Save More Money

We live frugally. When your husband is an accountant it comes naturally. Obviously, the trick to having any credit card is to not spend more than you can afford to pay off when the bill is due. We never, ever, carry a balance. It is paid in full each month. No exceptions. All of our spending earns rewards for free nights at any Best Western. When shopping for groceries etc. I prefer generics.

Dana Case, the director of operations at MyCorporation. You can also save money and contribute to your local community by leveraging social media. Post your requests on your social media channels such as Facebook. This is a surprisingly simple way to save on energy. Knowles chose an office space with a lot of natural light. In addition to energy savings associated with a naturally well-lit office, he found the space offers a positive working environment for employees.

Creating marketing content for your website can cost you in both time and money. Then create the blog graphics for the year using the preset titles. Once the articles are written and graphics designed, you will have months worth of content ready to schedule on your website and promote in your newsletter and on social media.

Talk about a time and money saver! Carter uses a multi-pronged, cost-saving strategy that includes both vendors and employees. Vendors can save you money with more than just price cuts. Work with green vendors to save money. This means we pay them less, and they pass on the savings to us. Telecommuting saves your business money and your employees time.

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Not only that, but for many, telecommuting improves the quality of their life and increases employee engagement and satisfaction; and that increases profits. All of our teammates work from home, other office spaces they have access to, co-working spaces, coffee shops, parks, and the beach! Too many small business owners limit their growth by not hiring. This is great for productivity and employee morale. Sometimes free perks are better than expensive benefits.

They also have an in-house travel agency specifically for their workers and clients. And finally, they are currently testing shared Spotify accounts, with the possibility of adding Netflix next. Rather than charge clients, Chateau recommends exchanging one service for another. She even shares a personal example. The contractor assisting with renovating her home office is a barter-client of her firm. She built his website and handles his social media pages, when he requests it.

She also assists with event planning and hosting for him. Today there are dozens of small business coupon sites that can deliver on savings for the items you purchase most. A few of them are: Retailmenot. Often vendors will offer generous discounts to their partners. A dripping faucet or leaking toilet valve can waste more than 1, gallons of water per year.

Programmable thermostats are low-cost, easy to install and can save you anywhere from 10 to 15 percent in energy costs. You can save an average of 45 percent and as much as 75 percent in energy costs by automating lights when no one is using the room. Blackout curtains can save as much as 25 percent on energy, and they can also help block up to 40 percent of noise, making it easier to work and concentrate.

Use double-sided copies by default and reuse any single-sided copies for notes or as scratch paper. Reach out to local high schools, career centers and colleges for students looking for internships who will be thrilled to lend a hand — and gain experience in the process. Save money on marketing and advertising by doing your own social media updates. If your employees are willing and social savvy, ask if they would like to post updates.

Instead of spending on newspaper advertising, encourage customers to leave reviews on Google. Passively track your mileage with apps like MileIQ. If you have meetings outside the office or go to networking events, be sure to track and deduct those expenses as well. Create partnerships with other small business owners and save money on supplies and services that you all use.

You can join associations or local groups, or create your own network. Save those face-to-face meetings for when it really matters. This kind of "shopping' is a very dangerous thing to do. I'm not suggesting that you never buy anything again, but that your spending should become a planned act, purchasing the goods and services you need, not spur-of-the-moment, impulsive spending.

Photos: asnagpal, Alton Ryder. Retailers are well aware of the statistics that prove that you will spend at least 30 percent more if you are in a store with a credit card, debit card, or checkbook than you would with "cold hard cash. Because they know how cautious and non-impulsive the cash buyer is. Photo: Martha. A spending record makes you really think about your spending habits.

It will provide proof of your challenges and progress. First, keep a daily spending record for thirty days or one month. This is simply a written account of the money you spend during a specific day.

21 Ways to Spend Less and Save More Money: 22 Steps

Writing it down is the only way to find out where all of your money is going. Each time you spend cash, write a check, use your credit card, or use your debit card--write it down. Accumulate seven days of spending records for one week. Accumulate four weeks of spending records for one month. Then you'll be able to create your monthly budget based on what you've spent over the last month. It takes only a few seconds to log on to GasBuddy. Check your car tires weekly to make sure they're properly inflated, holding the exact amount of air pressure as recommended in your owner's manual.

In this particular manual, the recommended tire pressure is 35 PSI.

A grocery shopping list is your game plan. The food industry spends billions of dollars a year to weaken your resistance to spend more money with fancy packaging and compelling displays. Create your list according to the layout of your grocery store, only buying those items that you need. Photo: Bruce Turner. Staying loyal to a specific brand might cost you a lot of money in the long run. If you're willing to go with what's on sale, the store's brand, or the brand for which you have a coupon, you're likely to keep more of your money in your wallet.

An oz. That's a difference of 42 cents!

50 Painless Ways to Save Money in Your Business Operations

Imagine how much you could save if you switched all of your name brand products with the store brand. Photos: hectorir, chapendra. Plan your meals and shopping list around what's on sale this week.

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  • Collect the sale ads that come in the mail and in the weekly newspaper. Use coupons only for items you'd buy if you didn't have the coupon. Always buy the smallest qualifying size when using a coupon. If you are really serious about slashing your grocery bill, here are some web sites that can help you find good deals: coupons. Photo: Hobbies on a Budget. Paying your bills online through your bank's or an independent bill paying site will save you a lot of time and money.

    You won't have to pay postage and you'll have an electronic record of your banking activity. Photos: Christophe Langlois, fiserv. Use only automatic teller machines ATMs that are networked into your bank's system and for which you will not be charged a transaction fee. Photo: Don Spaulding. If you're like most families, the bulk of your laundry is only lightly soiled.