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Relationships between vocal structures, the airway, and craniocervical posture investigated using magnetic resonance imaging. Considerations for maintenance of postural alignment for voice production. Rev Digital. Rev Bras Fisioter. Rev Soc Bras Fonoaudiol. Association between laryngeal findings and vocal qualities in muscle tension dysphonia with supraglottic contraction.

J Otolaryng Jap. Quantifying vocal fatigue recovery: dynamic vocal recovery trajectories after a vocal loading exercise.


Ann Otol Rhinol Laryngol. Vocal nodules and edema may be due to vibration-induced rises in capillary pressure. A biphasic theory for the viscoelastic behaviors of vocal fold lamina propria in stress relaxation. J Acoust Soc Am.

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A pattern recognition approach to spasmodic dysphonia and muscle tension dysphonia automatic classification. Fisioter Pesq. Outcome of laryngeal manual therapy in four Dutch adults with persistent moderate-to-severe vocal hyperfunction: a pilot study. Immediate effects of voice massage treatment on the speaking voice of healthy subjects. Laryngeal manual therapy: a preliminary study to examine its treatment effects in the management of muscle tension dysphonia. Spectral moments of long-term average spectrum: sensitive indices of voice change after therapy?. J Voice ;19 2 Schwarz K, Cielo CA.

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Barrichelo-Lindstrom A, Behlau M. Chant therapy for treating vocal fatigue among public school teachers: a preliminary study. Am J Speech-Language Pathology. This is an open-access article distributed under the terms of the Creative Commons Attribution License. Services on Demand Journal. Recebido: 13 de Junho de ; Aceito: 04 de Outubro de How to cite this article. O primeiro, relativo ao standard. Lembro, entre outros, o livro de Jeremy Tunstall, The media are American.

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A tecnologia, na forma do cinema e dos discos, canalizou as novas formas de entretenimento de massa, o que teve um impacto mundial. A leitura dessa literatura permite-nos ainda formular uma pergunta. Isso muda radicalmente as coisas. Ortiz, Mas qual seria a cartografia do mundo globalizado? Ele diz:.

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Afirmam os autores:. Barthes dizia que a linguagem era para a literatura o seu ser, e que ela consistia e se concentrava no ato de escrever. Quando falamos de economia e de tecnologia nos referimos a processos que se reproduzem igualmente em todo o mundo. O ritmo desse processo marca inclusive o tipo de material utilizado e valorizado pelo cientista social.

Yitzhaki, Heilbron, Global english torna-se universal english. Chartier e P. Corsi orgs. Cahiers Internationaux de Sociologie , XI. Paris, Seuil. Nova York, Peter Bedrick Books.

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Paris, Fayard. Theory Culture and Society , 16 1. Paris, Plon. Sociology of Education , 64, jan. Cambridge, Cambridge University Press. Bloomington, Indiana University Press.

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Fishman, R. Cooper e A. Conrad orgs. Theory Culture and Society , 17 1. Scientometrics , 35 3. Scientometrics , 46 3.

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