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Bleiler 1 E. Geach 1 E. Risden 1 E. Rider Haggard 1 H. Gregory 1 Harold Hobson 1 Harold W. List this Seller's Books. Payment Methods accepted by seller. AbeBooks Bookseller Since: March 23, Stock Image. Published by Cambridge University Press, Save for Later. About this Item Large paperback, a clean, attractive copy with one remarkable flaw: a moderate bend to the cover, the binding is tight and square and the contents are fine, "This comprehensive textbook conveys the basic physical ideas and laws used in the study of the outer layers of a star" ; pages.

Bookseller Inventory Ask Seller a Question. About this title Synopsis: Volume 2 contains the basic physical ideas and laws used in the study of the outer layers of a star including stellar magnitudes, spectra and temperatures, radiative transfer in a stellar atmosphere, line formation, the spectrum of hydrogen, spectral analysis, and available structural components.

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David Bohm made many suggestions about how quantum theory might be relevant to understanding the mind and its relationship to matter. Already in his textbook Quantum Theory , he proposed that there are striking analogies between quantum processes and thought. Yet there is a sense in which the Bohm theory, too, opens up a new way for understanding the mind-matter relationship. When Bohm reflected on the mathematical form of the quantum potential Q in the late s, he noticed that Q only depends on the second spatial derivative of the amplitude R , i. This means that Q depends only on the form or shape of the quantum field.

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This form typically reflects the form of the environment e. This suggests that the particle is not being pushed and pulled mechanically by the quantum field, but rather that the particle is able to respond to the form of the field, or is literally IN-FORMED actively by the information contained in the field. Thus, Bohm called this type of information active information.

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There exists potentially active information everywhere where the quantum potential is non-zero, while the information is actually active where the particle is see Bohm and Hiley It is the form of the DNA molecule which informs or guides protein construction. Bohm noted that what is typical of mental phenomena is activity of form as opposed to activity of substance. When we are reading a newspaper, we are abstracting the forms of the letters; we do not need to eat the paper.

These forms are taken up by the nervous system and eventually give rise to an experience of meaning. The meaning, in turn, can be active e. Also, when we are reading a map, an information content builds up in the mind and guides our activities in the territory. Thus, there is at least an analogy between active information at the quantum level and active information in human subjective experience.

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  7. Bohm did not want to reduce the human mind and consciousness to the quantum level, but he also wanted to avoid dualism. In this way, say, when I move my hand, the information content in my thought could act down the hierarchy all the way to the level of the quantum field, which latter could then control particles e. Such effects could then be amplified to control macroscopic neural processes.

    He wrote a paper on the subject Bohm which ended up associating consciousness with an infinite tower of pilot waves, each one piloting the wave below. Does the goal of comprehension constantly recede as we try to do this? They further suggested that the infinity of levels is analogous to the poles of a magnet, which are a feature of linguistic and intellectual analysis, and have no independent existence outside of such analysis.

    At every part of a magnet there is a potential pair of north and south poles that overlap each other. But such potential poles are convenient abstractions that we introduce in order to think about the actuality, namely an unbroken magnetic field. Henry Stapp has proposed a view which tries to reconcile the orthodox interpretation of quantum theory and our sense that we are free agents. This is an elegant approach but it is unsatisfactory in a crucial respect.