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Because these will support you whenever you feel down. Just think to yourself : I am enough. And repeat it every morning. Enfin, pour certains, surement lol. Et ca ne signifie pas que vous ne pouvez pas progresser!

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Vous pouvez. Skip navigation! Story from Health. Body positivity and self love — no, not that kind — are all the rage among a subset of Instagrammers at the moment. They're the ones opening up about the "flaws" that ensure they don't conform to society's impossible beauty standards.

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  • The trend is obviously great news for all of us — the more varied and unedited bodies we see represented, the easier it is to silence our own self-critical internal monologues once and for all. But, for many of us, maintaining a positive body image is easier said than done.

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    It's just not realistic to love everything about ourselves at every moment of the day. So, we're grateful for one fitness Instagrammer's reassurance that we're not letting the side down with our niggling negative thoughts. Louise Aubery recently shared a split-image photo with her 50k followers to highlight the stark disconnect between how others see us and how we see ourselves, and remind them to "not be so harsh" on themselves.

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    The post shows two identical images of the Parisian science student, with arrows pointing out the difference between how others see her and her own body image. In the first, she emphasises her "big nose", "back fat" and "cellulite", while in the second she focuses on her "big smile", "long legs" and "strong butt".

    Yet, when she looks at pictures of other people, their flaws are by no means the first thing that spring to mind. So why not do the same with yourself? I am going to work on it, and I hope you will too," she added. The post has received more than 8, likes at the time of writing, with many commenters praising Aubery for her candour and saying they regularly have similar thoughts.

    Positive body image is all about readjusting our thought processes over time, she told Metro. We underestimate our ability to send it signals and influence our behaviour. It is primordial to overall happiness," she continued. What better time to inject some self love into our own thinking than the present? Smith , Subjective well-being: Three decades of progress. Diener, R.

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    Sarrazin, and F.

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    Dropplemen , Revised manual for the Profil of Mood States , Miller and G. F , Pearson and A. Pervin , The stasis and flow of behavior: toward a theory of goals , Nebraska Symposium of Motivation , pp.

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    Ruehlman and S. Wolchik , Personal goals and interpersonal support and hindrance as factors in psychological distress and well-being. Seligman , Learned Optimism: How to change your mind and your life , Bilard, G. Ninot, and D. Terry, A. Lane, H. Lane, and L.

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    Keohane , Development and validation of a mood measure for adolescents , Journal of Sports Sciences , vol. Tubbs and S. Vealey , Current status and prominet issues in sport psychlogy interventions , Van-der-does, D.