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We need imagination to fuel our emotional states, we need to imagine the monsters to feel fear, imagine the scenarios playing out in our lives to make us feel anxious.

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As writers, we need to be aware of our emotions and the emotions of human beings more generally. They just hacked your brain.

Scientists are still deciding what these crazy little night visions are all about — but for those of us that dream, it can be a fun and sometimes scary way to access our imagination. Dreams are great for writers. And I mean genuinely great. I strongly recommend keeping a pad and pen by your bed. As your unconscious mind often deals with conscious problems whilst you sleep — you may find that the answers to your scripting problems appear fully formed in the morning please please please please let that be the case!

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When we retrieve our memories of people, objects and events we use our imagination to regenerate the images. A large part of my writing is memory reconstruction. A lot of who we are and what we do goes into our writing. Memories made flesh. Imagination is key to writing. Imagining is key to human existence, not just for writers but for all of us. The strength of our imagination may be what makes us unique as a species. You have to take active steps on how to keep it running.

But sharing those techniques is for another day and a different article. Today I have a fairly hectic schedule of writing to adhere to.

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Sign in. Get started. Understanding your Creative Engine — the 8 types of Imagination. The real engine of creative writing is the imagination. The ability to create new people from scratch, to put them into scenarios and to tell stories. Allows "thought experiments" about thoughts and behaviours of others 2 Human life history What is it?

A long period of infant helplessness plus an extended childhood and adolescence. May have evolved to resolve the conflict between bipedalism — which narrows the pelvis — and large brain size How does it support imagination? Enables an extended period with no adult responsibilities, giving the opportunity for imaginative play 3 Specialised intelligence What is it?

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  • Imagination | Definition of Imagination by Merriam-Webster.

The evolution of dedicated mental modules to deal with specific types of thought or behaviour How does it support imagination? Allows the combination of different types of knowledge or ways of thinking to create new ideas 4 Language What is it? Strictly speaking, a system of words and grammatical rules.

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Mithen argues that only Homo sapiens evolved true language How does it support imagination? Enables the creation, sharing and elaboration of ideas that couldn't have been conceived of in a single human mind 5 Cognitive fluidity What is it? Using language to more efficiently combine specialist knowledge across cognitive domains How does it support imagination? Allows the creation of novel thoughts and ideas including metaphors and symbols 6 The extended mind What is it?

The use of technologies such as writing and computer chips to store and share ideas How does it support imagination? Allows existing ideas to be built on and improved 7 Sedentary lifestyle What is it? The transition from nomadic hunter-gathering to settled farming lifestyles How does it support imagination?

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On we have presented the first open-air festival called Exploration at Lake Oplatil, Stare Zdanice. Family atmosphere and astounding response convinced us to continue in this project in , which was held in Svojsice, Czech Republic. Imagination was nearly sold out, which convinced us to stay in the venue in and finally become sold out once again. Thanks to the spacious venue, we could offer sufficient comfort to our visitors, new and better stage design and of course huge line-up.

Now you can look forward to the Imagination Winter All the information about the venue, design?

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If you go by car, you can use the parking lot right next to the festival. Join our ambassador program!